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12 Best Free & Open Source Database Software

There is database software behind every application you can imagine. These are used for storing information such as product details, customer data, finances, or anything else that might be important for a business. Users on social media have all their information stored in databases. Even hackers use databases regularly for …


cPanel vs Plesk – Which is The Best Web Hosting Control Panel?

Nowadays, managing servers is much easier for website owners with the abundance of helpful features available. Today’s standard is to provide control panels that are fast and easy to understand so that users can focus more on other tasks like generating content, implementing marketing plans and driving more traffic. The …


What is Online Marketing? Why is it Essential to Your Business?

Finding customers and establishing a brand image is one of the most important things in running a business today. You don’t see Nike having so many excited customers and selling so many shoes simply because they are making great products. Their success is mostly due to their branding and the …


How & Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names?

When launching a website, it’s only natural that you’ll try to find the best deals on hosting, design, and even domain names. Cutting corners to fit into a budget is something that many businesses and individuals are all too familiar with, especially when launching a new project. Because finding the …


8 Most Ridiculous Web Hosting Features

Web hosting is a massive industry with very intense competition. Companies pull all kinds of tricks and display all kinds of “benefits” to lure their customers in. Sometimes they do it with the most ridiculous and insane features that will make you put your hand on your belly and laugh …


How to Find the Best Cheap Magento Hosting Provider?

There are a lot of solutions to choose from when it comes to building an online store. You can do it with Shopify, WooCommerce (a WordPress plugin), BigCommerce, Volusion and so on. Although all of these are great platforms, Magento is also a very good solution for building an online …


How to Start a Web Hosting Business – Beginner’s Guide

More and more businesses create their own websites day by day and every one of them needs a reliable web hosting provider. There are big names in the web hosting business and some of them have tens of thousands of servers available. They earn lots of money with this increasing …


Static vs Dynamic Websites – Which Should You Choose?

Nowadays it is not a question that having a website is quite important. But there are key differences between the sites, and one of them is the way how they serve the visitors with content. Basically, content showing can be static or dynamic and, in this article, we are going …