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How to Make Your Website GDPR Compliant?

Cybersecurity has always been an issue ever since we started sharing our personal information on websites. Even large reputable companies have fallen victims of hacks numerous times over the past few years, making the information of trillions of users falling into the wrong hands. Which is why investing into cyber …


How to Start a Web Hosting Business – Beginner’s Guide

More and more businesses create their own websites day by day and every one of them needs a reliable web hosting provider. There are big names in the web hosting business and some of them have tens of thousands of servers available. They earn lots of money with this increasing …


Why the Majority of Your Website Visitors Stay for Less than 5 Seconds?

Developing a new business website usually takes a few weeks of programming and design. The purpose of your website is to attract potential customers, popularize your brand and, of course, sell products or services. The fact is that you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your …


How to Accept Bitcoin Payments on Your WordPress Website?

Today, we have reached a point when pretty much everyone has at least a slight idea about what cryptocurrencies are. There are quite a few popular digital currencies available right now, but Bitcoin is still the one with the highest value. When people talk about cryptocurrencies, they talk about Bitcoin …


Static vs Dynamic Websites – Which Should You Choose?

Nowadays it is not a question that having a website is quite important. But there are key differences between the sites, and one of them is the way how they serve the visitors with content. Basically, content showing can be static or dynamic and, in this article, we are going …


How to Generate Traffic for Affiliate Marketing Website?

Building your own affiliate marketing business is really exciting. Figuring out your niche, your products and getting your website up and running is enough of a challenge indeed. But it’s only the first step and you still have to put in a lot of work to get the show on …


How To Build a Professional Responsive Website?

A website is only a simple domain that consists of web pages, yet it is crucial for any business to establish oneself. Having an online presence opens up new opportunities and benefits that otherwise wouldn’t be available. A website could play a key role in your marketing strategies and can …


Best Ways to Improve Your Blog Right Now!

It’s easy to think that getting your blog to perform better will take a whole website audit and weeks or even months of work. That is actually quite far from the truth, but it depends on how your blog is doing so far. But most of the time, you can …


Divi Theme Review – Probably the Best WordPress Theme?

We have finally reached a time where building astonishing web pages without learning to code is more simplified every day. Divi is a powerful multi-purpose theme that does just that and more. It combines a customizable theme with a very practical page builder. Thanks to this, it’s possible for anyone, …