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invest premium domain names

Should You Invest in Premium Domain Names?

We’ll here’s a question for every business to tackle. Especially small businesses and startups have to think through whether it’s worth spending a quarter of their budget on a premium domain name or not. The answer to that question is rarely a straightforward one, because it depends on what kind …

weebly volusion bigcommerce

Weebly vs Volusion vs BigCommerce – Compare Top Store Builders

Selling stuff online is threatening to replace old, face-to-face shopping completely. Sure, some things will always be better to buy in person, such as tailor-made clothes for instance, but for some other product groups, like for instance electronics, there is not a single reason why you should waste your time …

enable gzip compression

How to Enable GZIP Compression on Your Website?

Speeding up your website is a must, especially since Google announced that website speed is playing a big factor in their ranking algorithm. Although the new Speed Update will only affect mobile searches, speed is also very important in desktop searches. Obviously, you don’t make your website load faster only …

wix vs wordpress

WordPress vs Wix – Which To Choose for Building Your Website?

If you have made the decision to build your own website, for whatever purpose, then you are certainly facing another important decision – which content management platform (CMS) should you use to build your website? There are many reliable and smart options available, but probably the best two options that …

create adult membership website wordpress

How To Create an Adult Membership Website With WordPress?

Did you know that one of the first fossilized objects ever found was a dildo? An object that helps a person enjoy the sexual stimuli she desires. Ever since the dawn of mankind, sex and perversion were always somewhere on the top of our list after we were through with …

301 redirect guide

301 Redirection Guide – How to Redirect Your Website Properly?

A domain or page URL change in a site has multiple ramifications in terms of SEO and web traffic. For starters, previous visitors will no longer find your new domain or new URL, and your domain authority is bound to take a hit. Here is where a 301 redirect comes …

inmotion hosting pros and cons

InMotion Hosting Pros & Cons – Is InMotion Hosting Still a Good Choice?

When choosing a web host for your website, many factors come into play – the reputation and reliability of the web hosting company, the types of hosting plans available, the hosting features offered, the guaranteed uptime, customer support, and of course pricing. Finding a web host in 2018 that checks …

http error 503 service unavailable

What is Error 503 Service Unavailable in WordPress – How to Fix It?

An Error 503 Service Unavailable is not an error inherently associated with WordPress sites, it’s an error that can appear for any type of website. In this article, we’ve chosen to discuss potential fixes should this error appear on a WordPress website, so you’ll be prepared and know what to …

big data benefit small business

How to Use Big Data to Benefit Your Small Business?

With today’s technology such as cloud computing and clever software that can process huge amounts of data within a few seconds, big data is really not too much to ask for as a business. It’s completely affordable and you can use it to your advantage even if you just started …