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How to Optimize Your Website to Generate More Leads?

Your website is more than just your business card on the internet, or at least it should be more. Many years have passed since the internet has shifted from favoring advertisers to favoring consumers instead. People are empowered with plenty of tools and an ocean of online content to choose …


WooCommerce vs Magento – Which is Best for Online Shop?

This time, we are going to compare two of the most popular eCommerce platforms, Magento and WooCommerce. If you check out the list features that each of them provide, you will instantly realize that it is not going to be easy to decide which one is better. In fact, you …


How to Find out if a Website Is Running on WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management Systems on the Internet. Over 30% of all websites are powered by it; this means that more than 60 million people chose this software over the time. You might find out if a website is running or WordPress and you can …


What is Self-Branding? How to Build a Personal Brand?

We have already over mystified branding, thinking about it only in relationship to companies. So what does it mean to have a personal brand then? For starters, branding can mean a symbol, a name, a sound, reputation, people, a color and so much more. Your personal brand is what you …


HostGator Free SSL Certificate Overview & How to Install It

Once again, we see a huge step for HostGator. The company recently announced that all their shared hosting packages will include an extra Let’s Encrypt SSL, making it an even better deal for their clients. It became so important for website owners to have an SSL that they are going …


Good Hosting Plans to Start Your First Website Today

Having a bomb of an idea is what lets you win on the World Wide Web. However, it won’t really blow up if it doesn’t have the necessary foundation. A lackluster hosting service can easily ruin what you’ve built up. It might not be fast enough or maybe you’re experiencing …


Is BlueHost a Good Choice for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the most used eCommerce platform that is widely used on the Internet. Its biggest advantage that you can make your e-store only in a few clicks, based on great Internet software called WordPress. The first WooCommerce version was launched in 2011 and the product was bought by Automattic, …


How to Start a Successful Book Review Blog?

Do you enjoy curling up with a good book more than going to a party during a Saturday night? Do you love the idea of making a living out of reading books and writing about your experiences? Well, running a book blog or a book review website might just be …


WooCommerce Review – Why to Consider it for Your Online Shop?

If 10 years ago somebody was thinking about creating an online store, it’s quite sure he wouldn’t have chosen WordPress. It was mostly used to create blogs and simple websites. But everything changed drastically. These days you can make your own online market using just WordPress. Why is that? Because …