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PPC vs SEO – Which Should I Choose for My Business?

When you’re launching your new website or online business, you have to invest a significant amount of attention, energy and resources into your marketing. You have an immense number of options when you’re looking to boost your online presence and make your website more popular. But it usually boils down …


How to Build Your Online Reputation Using Social Media?

Building a solid, long-term reputation with your target audience has become one of the core elements of an online business. With people relying more and more on their own research to make purchasing decisions, it’s important that you keep up. This is why successfully managing your online reputation is an …


6 Tools to Edit & Create Video Content for Your Business

In the past few years, video advertising became so popular and effective that now essentially every business should provide its own video content on a regular basis. You simply can’t afford to leave it out of your repertoire, otherwise your business will suffer the consequences. There are plenty of big …


12 Benefits of Using a Chatbot on Your Website

The world is changing rapidly and as technology develops you either have to adapt to it or get left behind. More and more human jobs are being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence and soon enough, it will happen to support jobs as well. One of the most powerful evidence …


How To Make Money With YouTube?

We’re living in a world where anyone can become a YouTube star. They can become self-made celebrities by earning an audience through creating great content. It’s a dream come true because they get to teach, entertain, and review the citizens of the internet. Top YouTubers earn millions of dollars every …


Why Internal Linking is So Important?

The two most important aspects of SEO are link building and content development. Through content development, you can optimize your content to match specific keywords and the chance that your audience will find it. Through link building, you can add authority and more relevance through your site. It’s a form …


20+ Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Do you have a flair for writing and a blog that you love from the bottom of your heart? Or are you thinking about starting one and maybe even earning a living from it? Well, either way, knowing how you can monetize your blog and what methods you can implement …


WooCommerce Security: How to Protect Your Online Shop?

If you want to run a successful WooCommerce store, you need to make sure that it provides maximum security for your customers. Whenever they buy products on your website, they need to share sensitive information and it should be treated accordingly. The data shared by your customers is the most …


How to Generate Website Traffic with $0 Marketing Budget?

Getting a business up and running is not easy, no matter how motivated you are. The higher your budget, the easier it is to give your website the kick start it needs.  Starting out with a 0$ marketing budget doesn’t make your job easier by one bit. It also involves …