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In this InMotion Hosting review you will find information about the company such as pricing, features, tech and customer support, server uptime and performance as well pros and. You will find customer reviews of InMotion Hosting at the end of this page.
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InMotion Hosting offers a wide range of hosting packages: different shared hosting plans, VPS packages, dedicated servers and reseller hosting. The company focuses providing first class services by using the latest hardware and software technologies and a well-trained team.

The company is aiming at business and corporate users, who can afford to pay a little more for top class support and reliability. InMotion has a 100% customer satisfaction policy, offering 90 Days money back guarantee for contracts that are longer than 6 months.

InMotion has been providing hosting solutions since 2001, today having two data-centers, one in Virginia Beach and one in Los Angeles. In case of the VPS and Dedicated hosting packages the client can choose the location of the server.

What’s good about InMotion Hosting?

Trusted and recognized company: Inmotion has proven its trustworthy and its dedicated to provide top notch service over the years. It has been a CNET certified hosting company 10 years in a row, and has been accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+ service rating (A+ being the best and F being the worst rating).

Long Money Back Period: The company stands behind their services, and they will guarantee that all their customers will always get reliable hosting service and the support they need. All hosting plans that have 6 months or longer contract period are covered with the 90-day money back guarantee. All monthly billed packages are eligible for a full refund within 30 days. Check out InMotion’s terms for full details.

24/7 Premier Support: it is included for free with every hosting package and is committed to helping its customers no matter the time of the day of the day of the year. The support is available through phone live chat and email tickets. For do-it-yourself type of customers a huge collection of online tutorials are available and also a community based Q&A support that is usually answered within 60 minutes.

Reliable, Fast and Secure: With their two highly secured datacenters located on the West and East Coast, which are monitored 24/7, InMotion ensures that their network is up 99.99% of the time. The MaxSpeed Zones ensures that your site runs as up to 6 times faster than on normal hosting accounts.

What’s bad about InMotion Hosting?

Longer account activation: newly created accounts are not instantly activated; they have to be confirmed by phone. This may not be an issue for US customers but could cause problems for non US based clients.

Uptime and Performance Results with InMotion Hosting

We have been monitoring InMotion for over three months now and we believe that it is time to reveal our uptime record and performance test results. The tested website is built with WordPress and is hosted in their West Coast data-center in Los Angeles on a shared hosting server.

From our test resulted that InMotion has a very good uptime. For the last three months the uptime of the monitored website was 99.99% and in the last 30 days it was 99.98%. If we take in consideration that the website is hosted on a shared account, these results are very good. The average response time is around 496 milliseconds. The conclusion being that InMotion provides a consistent and reliable web hosting service. The following screenshot was taken from UptimeRobot, the tool we used to track uptime:

inmotion uptime march 2016

InMotion – Uptime March 2016

The response time is very good. But we also want to know what the load time of the actual website is. To test this, we used the website speed tool from Pingdom. For this we choose two websites, one hosted on the east coast and one hosted in the west coast datacenter. We performed multiple tests through Pingdom, testing from Dallas, New York City and San Jose also.

The results of our page load time tests with Pingdom are as follows:

 Pingdom’s Server: Dallas NY City San Jose
IMH East Coast 1.24 s 1.14 s 2.09 s
IMH West Coast 1.41 s 798 ms 2.36 s

These results are very good, considering the fact that the tested websites are hosted on shared servers and each website fully loads under 3 seconds. Here are some screenshots taken from Pingdom with the worst results:

inmotion east coast pingdom test

InMotion – East Coast

InMotion - West Coast

InMotion – West Coast

So what is the conclusion? From our tests and uptime record clearly results the fact that InMotion performs really good even with shared hosting. The 99.99% uptime is a very good results also, meaning that in the last three months the monitored website was unavailable for approximate 12 minutes. These results are beyond most other shared hosting providers, therefore we highly recommend InMotion to all of you who are looking for a reliable business hosting plan.

Is InMotion Good for PrestaShop Hosting?

From our tests and research we found InMotion to be one of the best hosting providers for PrestaShop stores. If you want to start you online shop fast, with InMotion you can request that PrestaShop to be installed to your website right on signup. This will save you some time and your shop will be ready to be used once your account is activated. Sure you can choose to install PrestaShop later, using the Softaculous one-click installation tool in the control panel. We highly recommend InMotion for creating any eCommerce website.

Conclusion – Is InMotion a Good Hosting Provider?

It is truth that InMotion is not the cheapest web hosting company. However if you can afford paying few extra bucks, with InMotion you can ensure that your website’s uptime and performance will be excellent. We highly recommend using InMotion hosting for growing websites, online shops and other types of business sites.

InMotion Hosting Reviews Updated on: January 8, 2018
Company: InMotion
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Price from: $4.89 / month
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Pedro on Jan 12, 2018
I have been using the VPS-1000 plan from InMotion for 2 years now, and have contacted their tech support several times with different unusual requests. All my requests have been carried out to a good end.

Mostly, I have been using the live chat to get some help. If I remember correctly, about 5 times they asked me to submit my request via email, because it was too technical and they couldn’t handle it. I sent an email, and within one hour a specialized technical staff has replied.
In the last 10 years I’ve used many different hosting providers and different packages. I’ve only stood with InMotion hosting for so long. They know how to make their service stand out.

I would recommend this hosting company to all those small business owners and my friends.
Jim on Apr 01, 2015
Inmotion is the best hosting provider I used so far. They do a really good job to keep my websites running and helping me with any issue. I have asked for help several times, they were always very kind and every time left me with a better impression. Sure, there are some things that they are not good at, but with servers and hosting they are just top notch.
I prefer to pay more and have professional support instead save a few dollars and be by myself if I get a question. I highly recommend Inmotion.