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InMotion Hosting Reviews

In this InMotion Hosting review you will find information about the company such as pricing, features, tech and customer support, server uptime and performance as well pros and. You will find customer reviews of InMotion Hosting at the end of this page.
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InMotion Hosting offers a wide range of hosting packages: different shared hosting plans, VPS packages, dedicated servers and reseller hosting. The company focuses providing first class services by using the latest hardware and software technologies and a well-trained team.

The company is aiming at business and corporate users, who can afford to pay a little more for top class support and reliability. InMotion has a 100% customer satisfaction policy, offering 90 Days money back guarantee for contracts that are longer than 6 months.

InMotion has been providing hosting solutions since 2001, today having two data-centers, one in Virginia Beach and one in Los Angeles. In case of the VPS and Dedicated hosting packages the client can choose the location of the server.

In our experience, InMotion managed to stay on top of the web hosting game, thanks to their strong sense of ethics. They simply won’t give you anything less than your money’s worth and make the deal better with bonuses that no other hosting providers give. Such as the SSD storage you don’t have to pay extra money for and free automated backups. The world of web hosting is a world filled with pricing tricks, upsells and contracts that try to tie you down even if the company offers a less than satisfactory service. In this world, InMotion is a beacon of hope, giving their clients the high-end web hosting services for truly affordable prices.

There’s a good chance that you’ve come across InMotion, thanks to their ads. That’s because it’s a huge company, storing more than 300,000 domains.

What’s Good About InMotion Hosting?

Affordable Pricing: from a high quality web hosting service provider you might except to be expensive. In fact, InMotion is very affordable. Their business hosting plan start from $3.49 /mo while while the WordPress optimized hosting at $2.95 /mo, beating most of their competitors.

Trusted and Recognized Company: InMotion has proven its trustworthy and its dedicated to provide top notch service over the years. It has been a CNET certified hosting company 10 years in a row, and has been accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+ service rating (A+ being the best and F being the worst rating).

Long Money Back Period: The company stands behind their services, and they will guarantee that all their customers will always get reliable hosting service and the support they need. All hosting plans that have 6 months or longer contract period are covered with the 90-day money back guarantee. All monthly billed packages are eligible for a full refund within 30 days. Check out InMotion’s terms for full details.

24/7 Premier Support: it is included for free with every hosting package and is committed to helping its customers no matter the time of the day of the day of the year. The support is available through phone live chat and email tickets. For do-it-yourself type of customers a huge collection of online tutorials are available and also a community based Q&A support that is usually answered within 60 minutes.

Reliable, Fast and Secure: With their two highly secured datacenters located on the West and East Coast, which are monitored 24/7, InMotion ensures that their network is up 99.99% of the time. The MaxSpeed Zones ensures that your site runs as up to 6 times faster than on normal hosting accounts.

What’s Bad About InMotion Hosting?

Longer account activation: newly created accounts are not instantly activated; they have to be confirmed by phone. This may not be an issue for US customers but could cause problems for non US based clients.

InMotion Overview

We’re off to a strong start here right? But don’t let my enthusiasm fool you. Let’s look at what exactly does InMotion Hosting has to offer to its clients. First I’ll look at each type of hosting plan they offer and the prices associated with it.

The technical aspects of InMotion’s hosting plans aren’t something to be forgot about either. We’re here to tell you just about those in this review as well. We’ll examine every aspect of InMotion’s service and see how well their servers perform according to statistics taken for over a year.

The Plans & Pricing at InMotion

InMotion offers numerous types of hosting with at least three different packages for each. I’ll start with the cheapest ones and move up to the most expensive ones.

Shared Hosting Plans – On their site, they refer to this as “Business Hosting” to make it sound catchier. Each tier of their shared hosting plans offers more websites databases, parked domains and subdomains than the last. InMotion’s shared plans include the Launch Plan for $3.49 / mo, the Power plan for $3.49 / mo and the Pro Plan for $7.49 / mo. The Pro plans offers unlimited websites, databases and domains, so if you need as much resources as possible, than you know what to go for.

Each of these storage plans offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth and plenty of time for testing.  Every plan comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to decide whether you want to stick with it or not.

WordPress Hosting – It’s almost the same as shared hosting plans in terms of hardware, bandwidth along with the number of websites, databases and domains. The difference is that this hosting service is fine-tuned for WordPress. It offers useful features and plenty of support that make running a WordPress site a lot more easily and efficiently.

Cloud VPS Hosting – You can also have your virtual private server if you need more server resources than what a shared plan can offer. It’s fast, powerful and comes with an arsenal of features, one of which is the cloud-powered infrastructure that ensures a constant, unbreakable uptime throughout the year. This state of the art Linux based SSD VPS hosting servers are always managed by proficient hands, ensuring you get the best out of them. It isn’t a hard thing to do with SSDs providing a 3 times faster access to all your data.

VPS hosting at InMotion comes in three different tiers. The VPS-1000HA-S which offers 4GB RAM, 75GB storage, 4TB Bandwidth and 3 IP Addresses for $29.99 / month. The second tier is the VPS-2000HA-S, which offers 6GB of RAM, 150 GB of storage, a 5 TB bandwidth and 4 IP addresses. Finally, the highest plan, the VPS-3000HA-S comes with 8 GB of RAM, 260 GB of storage, 6 TB bandwidth and 5 IP Addresses.

Dedicated Server Hosting – If you have a big website and really need to go all out, than InMotion has one of the best solutions for you on the market. Their dedicated servers can be configured to perfectly fit your every requirement. They can give you a single and dual processor server with free SSDs, providing you with all the flexibility and reliability you’ll ever need. The servers are fully managed, so someone is always making sure that your performance and data stays intact. There are 6 tiers among InMotion’s dedicated server plans, with each offering double the performance of the previous offer. Their prices start at $99.99 / month and move all the way up to $489.99 / month.

Reseller Plans – If you want to open your own web hosting business, with your own label and brand, InMotion offers some solid possibilities for you. You can launch your business for as little as $22.39 / month, with a plan that offers 80GB of storage space, 800 GB bandwidth, free dedicated IP and unlimited cPanels. There are 5 more plans with double, triple and even more resources that go all the way up to $84.99 / month.

InMotion’s Features

InMotion offers a truly feature rich line of service with plenty freebies and tools that make your job easier. But first I’m going to talk about the basics, which are the most important. Server uptime and speed are what you pay for. InMotion definitely have us covered throughout an entire year in those regards.

Uptime – It’s damn near perfect, since it rarely drops from 100% to something like 99.98% throughout the year. It’s truly reliable.

Fast Servers – Today’s internet is all about speed of access. Having high-speed loading for your website isn’t just important from a user experience perspective, it also counts as an independent ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Which is why it’s great that InMotion pretty much lap’s the competition, making websites load in less than a second. You can expect loading speeds somewhere between 460 ms and 770 throughout the entire year.

Free SSD Drives – Most hosting providers charge separately for high-performing SSD storage. You can usually have them in their advanced plans, but InMotion offers SSD storage for free even within their most basic plans.

Free Website Migration – An increasing number of hosting providers offer free website migration and InMotion is no different. They will move your website to their servers for free. You can have 2 hours of their system administrator’s time, whom with you can quickly move your website and all your files from one place to another.

Free Backups – Creating backups of your website and files is the ultimate security measure. You can create duplicates of all your files every day, ensuring that you’re always prepared to handle any security threats that may arise.

Free Premium Sucuri Plugin – If you’re using WordPress, than you’ll be glad to hear that this premium plugin comes for free. It regularly scans your website for any security risks and exploits, lets you do remote backups while also protecting your website from spam and viruses. You’d be paying $16.66 per month for this product otherwise, but with InMotion, you get it for free.

cPanel and WHM – Having an industry-leading control panel and Web Host Manager is mandatory for a hosting provider in today’s market. InMotion has this in check with a user-friendly interface and some great web-apps.

Support For Major Content Management Systems – You can install WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! and other content management systems in a single click. This lets you create a website from scratch within the first few hours of using InMotion’s services.

Root Access Allowed – You can have root access to your server without any problem.

eCommerce Optimized Service – eCommerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Petrashop, Siteground , run really well on InMotion servers, thanks to their optimization for speed and reliability. The process of integrating a payment processor is made infinitely easier with having help throughout each step. This huge headache is made into a walk in the park.

Google Apps Integration – You can connect just about any Google App through a neat little three step wizard.

Powerful Smartwall Threat Defense System – There’s an ever present danger of DDoS attacks with so many invisible cybercriminals lurking on the web. InMotion has partnered with Corero Network Security to provide its clients with this unique security measure against DDoS attacks.

InMotion’s Customer Support

InMotion states that they’re the leader in customer support on the web, and that they offer an exceptionally “human” experience. While this is a really bold statement to make, they’re definitely entitled to make it.

Plenty of customer support representatives seem like people that you wouldn’t like to talk to within any other situation. Some even make things worse by turning a small routine problem into a multi-week fiasco that requires numerous phone calls and emails to settle. But InMotion doesn’t let that happen.

They became the leader in customer support because they take around 2 minutes to respond in live chat and get to solving a problem after you told them what it is. Our experience with the customer support team was delightfully pleasant all the way. With a fast response time and a helpful individual doing everything to make sure you’re all set to work, is all customer support is about. InMotion makes sure that you can enjoy it every time you have a question or a problem that needs solving.

Uptime and Performance Results with InMotion Hosting

We have been monitoring InMotion for over three months now and we believe that it is time to reveal our uptime record and performance test results. The tested website is built with WordPress and is hosted in their West Coast data-center in Los Angeles on a shared hosting server.

It has been a while since we posted any news on InMotion Hosting’s uptime and performance. Now it is time to reveal more info. We’ve been constantly monitoring our test websites for the past two years using UptimeRobot and here is our result.

inmotion hosting uptime february 2018

InMotion Hosting – Uptime February 2018

The average response time is around 200ms, while the uptime for the last 30 days is 99.99% (3 minutes downtime) – amazing results.

Now let’s see how our website performed with Pingdom speed test:

inmotion hosting website speed performance

Again, the results are fantastic. A very image heavy website, with a page size of 1.4 MB fully loads in under 3 seconds. Fantastic! We could achieve better results lowering page size and optimizing the page with leverage browser caching and CSS and JS minification, but for our test this works also great.

Another website hosted with InMotion got even better results with Pingdom’s speed testing tool:

inmotion hosting pingdom speed test february 2018

It is true, that the second website has a much smaller size and it is a static website, not a WordPress site like the first one, but the speed is just fantastic: fully loaded in 0.3 seconds!

Old Uptime Results:

From our test resulted that InMotion has a very good uptime. For the last three months the uptime of the monitored website was 99.99% and in the last 30 days it was 99.98%. If we take in consideration that the website is hosted on a shared account, these results are very good. The average response time is around 496 milliseconds. The conclusion being that InMotion provides a consistent and reliable web hosting service. The following screenshot was taken from UptimeRobot, the tool we used to track uptime:

inmotion uptime march 2016

InMotion – Uptime March 2016

The response time is very good. But we also want to know what the load time of the actual website is. To test this, we used the website speed tool from Pingdom. For this we choose two websites, one hosted on the east coast and one hosted in the west coast datacenter. We performed multiple tests through Pingdom, testing from Dallas, New York City and San Jose also.

The results of our page load time tests with Pingdom are as follows:

 Pingdom’s Server: Dallas NY City San Jose
IMH East Coast 1.24 s 1.14 s 2.09 s
IMH West Coast 1.41 s 798 ms 2.36 s

These results are very good, considering the fact that the tested websites are hosted on shared servers and each website fully loads under 3 seconds. Here are some screenshots taken from Pingdom with the worst results:

inmotion east coast pingdom test

InMotion – East Coast

InMotion - West Coast

InMotion – West Coast

So what is the conclusion? From our tests and uptime record clearly results the fact that InMotion performs really good even with shared hosting. The 99.99% uptime is a very good results also, meaning that in the last three months the monitored website was unavailable for approximate 12 minutes. These results are beyond most other shared hosting providers, therefore we highly recommend InMotion to all of you who are looking for a reliable business hosting plan.

Is InMotion Good for PrestaShop Hosting?

From our tests and research we found InMotion to be one of the best hosting providers for PrestaShop stores. If you want to start you online shop fast, with InMotion you can request that PrestaShop to be installed to your website right on signup. This will save you some time and your shop will be ready to be used once your account is activated. Sure you can choose to install PrestaShop later, using the Softaculous one-click installation tool in the control panel. We highly recommend InMotion for creating any eCommerce website.

Is InMotion Good for WordPress Hosting?

One of our test website hosted with InMotion is built with WordPress and we got very good results with it. If you want to create a WordPress website and host it with InMotion, you can choose one of their WordPress optimized hosting plan, which starts at $2.95 / month and allows hosting one website.

You can install WordPress using their 1-click installer, or you can request an installation on the checkout page when you but their plan. This enables you to start your website right after receiving login information from their customer support.

Beside this, you can use their amazing BoldGrid page builder for WordPress to create stunning landing pages and customize your WordPress website as you wish. BoldGrid is free to use for all InMotion hosting customers; it is included with every hosting plan. You can find out more about this page builder in our BoldGrid review.

The Pros & Cons of Using InMotion Hosting

InMotion is established as a top-notch hosting provider. It offers reliability, high speed loading times, awesome customer support and plenty of additional free services. But just like anything else in the world, it does come with a few minor frustrations. Here are the ups and downs of InMotion hosting.

The Pros – Why Choose InMotion

  • You Get Your Money’s Worth – The prices for InMotion’s plans are reasonable and provide everything they promise and more. You can rest assured that with a 100% yearly uptime and an average loading speed of 600 milliseconds, your website will be performing at its best all the time. But if any problems arise, then you can rely on the customer support to answer you in less than 5 minutes.
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee – You can spend all the time you want with testing InMotion and seeing if it suits you (which it will). The company has gone easy on first timers, simply because they’re confident that they have no reason to move anywhere else.
  • Plenty of Integrations and Free Plugins – It’s incredibly easy to get a CMS running on InMotion’s control panel. Most of them also come with premium security plugins that help you sleep well, knowing that you’re website is protected against all common threats. You can also choose from more than 310 applications to make your day-to-day tasks a walk in the park.
  • Free Site Transfer – While some hosting providers charge about $150 for a site migration, InMotion does it for free, requiring nothing more than a bit of cooperation from you.
  • Free Backups – Backups are also paid for in many places, but InMotion offers them completely free of charge.

The Cons – Why Not Choose InMotion

  • You Only Get The Advertised Price if You Sign a 24 Month Contract – This concept is nothing new in the web hosting business. Most companies require you to sign up for at least 2 years of service, if you want to get their lowest prices. This offers you a better deal and gives them a bit of reassurance that they’ll have you as their client for 2 years. Attracting you than having you sign up for 2 years is a very common trick among web hosts. Almost everyone uses it.
  • Long Verification Process – Signing up to InMotion isn’t too easy for those who live outside of the US. You won’t get an instant account access after you sign up. In some cases, you’ll have to verify yourself with an ID card or a passport. This is because of security of course, but it might be a major turnoff for a lot of potential clients.
  • A Few Plan Limitations – You can’t backup your website if it’s larger than 10GB. But few websites would become that large, if they don’t provide a huge bulk of content like image or video galleries. If you still want to go with free backups after exceeding 10GBs, than you can only do it every 4 months. For frequent updates of that size, you’ll have to pay a $49 fee. This seems like a fair deal to me though.

Conclusion – Is InMotion a Good Hosting Provider?

It is truth that InMotion is not the cheapest web hosting company. However if you can afford paying few extra bucks, with InMotion you can ensure that your website’s uptime and performance will be excellent.

They’re among the few hosting providers that we can hand our money to. This is simply because they show up and give you what they’ve promised. We can whole heatedly recommend InMotion to anyone who’s looking to start a website or looking to move their already existing website to something better. You’ll have everything you require and more!

Thanks to its excellent support, reliable servers and upgrade options, WebHostingMedia.net awarded InMotionHosting with the following awards:
inmotion best business hosting 2016inmotion best business hosting 2017

InMotion Hosting Reviews

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