Complete Guide to Softaculous – Installing Your Favorite Scripts Easily

Softaculous is a commercial script used through cPanel that installs automatic scripts, content managements and other useful tools for your website using a database and web space. You can see Softaculous either at Softaculous Apps Installer tab or at Software tab and also it is accessible through Plesk, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin, and InterWorx, meanwhile, it can install various well-known CMS like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, phpBB, SMF, WHMCS, Magento and much more.

Other similar software like Softaculous are Installatron and Fantastico, both installing almost the same scripts and CMS, automatically, but Softaculous is the most popular having more than 380 tools and millions of users. Also, Softaculous has a free version that contains 55 scripts such as Open Blog, Serendipity, Dotclear, Zikula, Geeklog, SMF, PrestaShop, Moodle 2.6 and other tools.

Comparison between Softaculous, Fantastico and Installatron

Softaculous has 387 scripts having available ratings, user reviews and demos for them, also, there are PHP scripts, Javascripts, Perl scripts and Multilingual apps while Fantastico has only 50 scripts without ratings, reviews, demos, Javascripts, Perl scripts, and Installatron has 83 scripts available only with demos and most of them being PHP scripts or Perl ones and only Installatron has also multilingual apps.

With Softaculous, you can install applications using https or IP while Fantastico doesn’t have this feature and Installatron doesn’t use the IP installation but has the https one. Importing apps from other auto installers or manually installed apps are easy and fast processes with Softaculous while Fantastico doesn’t allow these processes, meanwhile, Installatron lets you import apps. Installing application to international domains is available for Softaculous and Installatron while Fantastico doesn’t let you do this together with a task list, error logging, and command line interface and to create and install custom apps, features that both Softaculous and Installatron offers for their users.

Hooks are also available at Softaculous while both in Fantastico and in Installatron they are unavailable together with the possibility to create plans for users. However, you can uninstall apps in all three software while you can make one click app upgrade and backup/ restore apps only in Softaculous and Installatron.

The re-branding option, one step install, and WHMCS billing integration are available for Softaculous and for Installatron together with the addition of scripts while modifying e-mail templates are a feature accessible only in Softaculous.

The reseller control panel, automated APIs, multilingual interface are all available on Softaculous, while in Fantastico are unavailable and in Installatron only the reseller control panel and the multilingual interface are available.

The price for Softaculous yearly is $24 while the VPS price yearly is $12, Fantastico has the following prices $90 and $24 while Installatron costs $50 and $25.

Softaculous Review

Softaculous is available for non-English speakers, being accessible to the entire world, they can perform complex functions with one click deploying entire web applications in a few minutes, and for example, WordPress is installed in 2 minutes using your custom database, table, directory, username, password and administrator e-mail.

Softaculous has a search included where you can find your preferred tools and is updated regularly at least monthly offering extensive documentation for new users but also for old ones.

Softaculous doesn’t just update with new tools, but also updates the older ones making them faster, more secure and more friendly-user, also offers the possibility to import scripts and to install them fast, secure, safe and smart in any language and before installing them you can see ratings, demos or read reviews of other Softaculous users.

You can trust Softaculous, not only because there are millions of users around the globe, but also because there are thousands of web host companies that bought and use Softaculous offering it for their own users too.

Softaculous can be used for free in order to test it and then can be purchased if you are satisfied offering custom integration with almost all Panels if don’t use the usual ones, having even easy automation for WHMCS.

Softaculous has a friendly user interface and great visuals together with simple and intuitive design helping users, letting users put their own logo and without needing maintenance, but having full control and also having the possibility to have multiple users with different permissions.

How to use Softaculous

Once you have entered to your cPanel address usually being something like, you just need to go to the Softaculous and enter on it.

top rated scripts softaculous

Here you will see scripts sorted after PHP, Javascripts and Classes but also after types such as blogs, micro blogs, portals, CMS, forums, image galleries, wikis, social networking, ad management, calendars, gaming, emails, polls, surveys, project managements, e-commerce, ERP, guest books, customer support, frameworks, educational, DB tools, music and video.

You can either choose a category, a type of script or one of the top scripts to install while in the footer you will see the last updates for Softaculous. Pressing the “I” button you will access the install scripts on the fly feature where you can experience it live, build websites faster and better and also see ratings and reviews.

Once you selected a script to install, like WordPress you can either directly install it, or see an overview or a demo with the specific script, the next step is to see features, screenshots, and reviews or even to import from a remote server or from the same one you install WordPress using a protocol, a domain, and an optional directory.

At the overview tab, you can see information about the selected script such as the last version, the date of the last version released, description of the script, space required and available, a screenshot, software support site link, current installations and related scripts.

At current installation you can either delete, edit, duplicate or move the application, while at install tab you can choose protocol, choose domain, you can write the installation directory and the site name together with the site description, you can also enable multisite (WPMU), you can choose admin account: username, password, and email, you can choose language and select plugins.

There are also advanced options available for installations such as database name, table prefix, automated backups, backup rotation, auto upgrade, disable update notification, auto upgrade WordPress plugins and auto upgrade WordPress Themes. Also, you can select a default theme and the email installation details. So with Softaculous, you don’t have just a usual installer, you have even an advanced version where you can directly customize your installed version of WordPress with a default selected theme by you and one or more plugins.

At the top of the Softaculous you have the menu represented by various icons, each of them being either the way to go to your cPanel, the home page, the scripts demo page, the script ratings, all installations, task list, edit settings, backups and restore, email settings, synchronize with other Auto installers, help and support, either the logout button.

Wrapping it all up!

In the end, you can use Softaculous for multiple purposes such as testing a script or a CMS or directly creating your website with an awesome theme and content management from the start using automated maintenance such as scheduled backups. Web hosting providers such as InMotion Hosting or WebHostingHub are using Softaculous to enable their customers to easily install their favorite scripts to their website.

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