Does Bluehost Use

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) used to design and manage a website.

But many people are still unsure which hosting platform is best for their website: Bluehost or

Let’s take a closer look and find out if Bluehost uses or not.

WordPress is a powerful tool that millions of users around the world use to create and manage websites and blogs. While there are many hosting solutions available, two of the most well-known are Bluehost and

Both offer services that make it easier to get up and running with a website quickly, but each has its own unique features and benefits. So which one should you choose for your website needs?

BlueHost and

BlueHost is an all-in-one web hosting solution that makes it easy for users to set up their websites quickly and easily through their included control panel tools. It also offers comprehensive customer support, unlimited storage, and domain names at a reasonable price point making it attractive for many webmasters starting out with their first website or blog.

On the other hand, is an open-source content management system (CMS).

It allows webmasters to install themes, and plugins, and customize their sites with more advanced options than what’s offered by Bluehost out-of-the-box such as custom coding support and more control options over how the site looks, and functions, while offering more flexibility than proprietary solutions like Squarespace or Wix offer (which require no technical expertise).

Features of

  • Offers more customization options than most other hosting solutions
  • Easy to use CMS with thousands of plugins & themes
  • Supports custom coding like HTML5 & CSS3
  • Free software to install & update on any server or hosting provider
  • Includes built-in security features like backup & restore tools

Benefits of Using

  • Ability to add new features like eCommerce stores & forums quickly
  • Easily scale your website as it grows in size & traffic
  • Customize the look & feel of your website however you’d like
  • Take advantage of thousands of free plugins & themes
  • Get access to hundreds of tutorials & support forums

Drawbacks of

  • Requires technical expertise such as HTML5/CSS3 coding in order to customize the site further
  • No built-in customer support unlike other managed hosting solutions
  • Plugins can slow down page loading speeds if not configured correctly
  • More expensive than other CMSs (especially if you compare prices between managed hosting plans)

Bluehost vs

When comparing Bluehost vs WordPress there are some clear advantages as well as drawbacks depending on what you need from your hosting provider:

Bluehost Advantages

  • Cheaper alternative compared to managed hosting plans on WP
  • Includes basic customization options out of the box
  • Unlimited storage space available on higher-end plans
  • Easy setup process & helpful customer service team

WordPress Advantages:

  • Ability to add multiple websites/domains for one account
  • Thousands of plugins & themes available for easy customization
  • Built-in backup/restore tools are included with all plans
  • Accessible from anywhere since it’s cloud-based

Advantages of Bluehost for WordPress Users

While both services have their own advantages, there are some distinct advantages that come with using Bluehost when using WP:

  • Integrates well with WP since they’re partnered together
  • Includes 1 click installation process
  • Can create staging sites quickly
  • Dedicated resources allocated specifically for WP accounts
  • Can get started quickly without waiting too long
  • Includes pre-installed themes right within your cPanel accounts
  • Easy scalability when traffic grows ○ Automatic updates ensure the latest version always running
  • Optionally can add on dedicated IPs if needed at additional cost
  • Also includes free SSL certificates on select plans


It’s clear that both platforms have their own benefits depending on what you need from a web host provider but overall we recommend using Blue Host if you’re looking for quick setup times without sacrificing features from WP such as customization options, plugins/themes.

Plus since they’re partners together this ensures things work perfectly together unlike using some third-party host providers where things may not integrate properly or at all!


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