Best Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting Providers

Today, people are hanging out a lot on the internet, seeking for some entertainment, learning new things or shopping. They do this on all the devices that have access to the internet, but mainly on mobile phones and desktop computers. Data is constantly flowing and the faster it flows, the better. People hate it when a picture doesn’t show up or a video keeps buffering and it’s usually related to low bandwidth.

If you want to set up your own website and provide quality content, you definitely need a reliable VPS hosting company with a bandwidth that satisfies your visitors. This is the first thing that bloggers, online shops and companies should look for before establishing their website. There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth, it’s just that the web hosting provider didn’t quite specify how much bandwidth you get.

By unlimited, they mean that the bandwidth they provide will most likely meet your expectations because you won’t even reach the upper limit. The differences between VPS hosting providers can be significant and you should know the main requirements for your website to run smoothly before picking one.

To make things simpler for you, we are going to guide you through the different types of VPS and the reasons why you should choose an unlimited VPS. Then, you can use that knowledge to choose one of the 3 VPS hosting providers we reviewed, with a bandwidth that mostly fits your business.

How to Choose a VPS?

When choosing VPS hosting for your business, it is crucial to do some research. First you need to figure out your needs. After you know what you need and how much you are willing to pay for it, you can go ahead and find few companies that offer what you need. Before you make your purchase, do some research, ask on forums or social media, read reviews and analyze them. Here are few aspects you should take in consideration while choosing a VPS plan and a hosting company:

Managed and Unmanaged VPS plans

You don’t need to deal with server management as a shared hosting user, but when it comes to VPS hosting plans, it’s a completely different story. A VPS plan grants you full control, so you need to be experienced in performing maintenances, keeping track of the performance, and software updates.

As a beginner or someone who is too busy to deal with server management, you only have one choice. You need to opt for a managed VPS plan which more and more providers offer today. For a bigger price, you will get the VPS plan and a reliable expert who will take care of all the tasks. You don’t need to be a professional anymore if you want to upgrade to a VPS.

How much does a VPS cost?

The reputation of each company and the prices of their web hosting plans will both play a huge role in deciding which one you choose for VPS hosting. Depending on the specifications and features provided by the wide range of different VPS plans, the prices can greatly vary.

But since there is a huge competition between the big names in the web hosting industry, we will tell you how much a VPS hosting package costs on average. If we consider a VPS hosting plan with medium hardware specs and maybe a few extras that most websites can rely on, it will cost from $8 to $15 per month. For this price range, you can usually get 20GB of disk space and 1GB RAM.

Conventional and Cloud-based plans

Many providers are promoting their cloud-based VPS plans, yet still not everyone knows how they differ from conventional VPS. Let’s clarify these two different types by showing where each of them draws its resources from and how they work.

  • A conventional VPS is when a server is divided into parts – because not everyone needs a whole server for their website, it would be a waste of resources. So by subscribing to a conventional VPS plan, you basically rent a smaller part of a server in the provider’s data center. There are numerous VPS accounts within a single server, setting a specific storage, bandwidth and memory limit for each user.
  • A Cloud-based VPS service is a bit more complicated. In this system, multiple physical servers are sliced into virtual parts that are being connected together. Every single account runs on a cloud server which is connected to multiple physical servers and uses their resources.

Since there are more servers present in the equation – not just one server limiting the resources – a Cloud-based VPS can provide much more resources than a conventional one. If you want more resources, you can upgrade instantly while your website won’t suffer any downtime.

Customer Support

Let’s suppose you have found the VPS hosting plan with the perfect resources and features. It might seem like an outstanding deal, but there is still one thing you shouldn’t forget: to ensure that the company provides reliable customer support. There is nothing worse than running into a problem you can’t fix and there is no one to contact.

You need to choose a provider with a positive feedback on their technical support. It needs to be a team of professionals that are available 24/7 through multiple different channels. If your website doesn’t run properly for a significant amount of time, your traffic might start to decline.

Businesses can lose thousands of dollars in such occasions. You can also try out a hosting provider and test their technical support since plenty of them offer a money-back guarantee if their customers are not satisfied.

Why Choose Unlimited Bandwidth VPS

First of all, what is bandwidth exactly? The network bandwidth of your website is what specifies the amount of data that can be uploaded and downloaded on your website over time. By choosing an unlimited bandwidth VPS plan, your website will be able to handle huge amounts of traffic with a lot of visitors downloading your web pages and files at the same time.

If your website runs into a bandwidth limit thanks to a traffic spike, it means that no more people can visit your site at the moment. It won’t load up and your website can even crash. On the other hand, it’s expensive to upgrade to a more powerful VPS plan whenever your business grows. It not only costs more than the previous one, but some of the other specifics might even exceed your requirements.

With that being said, it’s essential to subscribe to an unlimited VPS hosting plan for growing businesses. At some point, there will always be an overflow of customers who can’t visit your website because of your bandwidth limitations, leading to a huge decline of potential customers and revenue.

Limited bandwidth sometimes means low performance as well if there is a high amount of traffic. You need to lower the quality of content such as imagery, design elements or videos on your website in order to compress it.

The less data your visitors need to download, the faster the website and more of them can join at the same time. However, by choosing the unlimited bandwidth VPS option, there is no reason to worry about it.

Best VPS Hosting Providers with Unlimited Bandwidth

Below you can find an overview of top 3 VPS hosting providers who offer unlimited bandwidth.

1. BlueHost

bluehost-best-unlimited-bandwidth-vps-hostingBlueHost is one of the biggest names when it comes to Linux hosting services. Their Linux VPS plans are available since 2013 and gained lots of positive feedback throughout the years. At BlueHost, you can only find hosting packages that are based on the latest cloud technologies such as KVM and OpenStack.

Since all their plans are full-featured and affordable, they are the favorite choice of all kinds of businesses. BlueHost knows that your website needs to be up and running as quick as possible, so they set up your unlimited VPS server at the moment you subscribed. They improved their cPanel admin interface with useful tools for WHM control, server management and CentOS access.

BlueHost only offers fully managed VPS services, which means that they are in charge for server management. Their team takes care of everything such as server updates, uptime and security. On top of that, they are ready to answer any of your technical questions free of charge. No matter which hosting plan you choose, your data will be protected against DDoS attacks and spam.

In case the traffic starts to grow on your website, you can upgrade the specs of your VPS plan and it won’t cause any downtime. BlueHost has a powerful customer support team that can help in everything related to server management and Linux. You can contact them at any time through email, live chat and phone as well.

They have three VPS plans available with guaranteed SSD storage for increased power. Their Standard plan costs $19.99 a month with a 30GB storage, 2GB of RAM and an IP address. Then there is the Enhanced plan which is the most recommended plan for $29.99 with the specs of 60GB storage, 4GB RAM and two IP addresses.

The third one for $59.99 upgrades your CPU cores to 4 and grants you 120GB storage, 8GB RAM and 2 IP addresses. With every unlimited VPS plan, you get a single domain and their 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. GoDaddy

godaddy-best-unlimited-bandwidth-vps-hostingGoDaddy is probably the most popular company out there among the domain name registrars, but it also became a huge name as a web hosting provider. They provide high-quality web hosting services, especially when it comes to VPS packages. Now we are going to show you why GoDaddy is one of the greatest providers if you need unlimited bandwidth.

By subscribing to one of their plans, you will be able to use a plenty of operating systems including CentOS 6 and 7, Fedora, Windows and Ubuntu. Since not every website owner joins with the same technical skills, you can manage your VPS in 3 different ways:

  • If you are an expert in server management, you can opt for their self-managed service which grants you command-line and RDP access (Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • For those who are not that experienced, there is the managed service where users can work in an admin control panel (either cPanel or Plesk) while taking care of all the monitoring, patching and backups
  • Their fully-managed service means that you have no obligations at all, the server admins at GoDaddy will take care of every task

GoDaddy invested a lot in premium hardware, so every website on their servers loads in a blink of an eye. Currently there are 9 data centers available all over the world. Their customer support team is really helpful and they are ready 24/7 to solve your problems and answer questions.

They provide top-notch unlimited VPS hosting plans with prices ranging from $27.99 per month all the way up to $49.99. Even the first one is pretty powerful with its 2GB of RAM and 40GB disk space. This can be scaled up to a whopping 8GB RAM and 240GB storage. You also get a 1-year SSL certificate and 3 dedicated IPs with their VPS plans.

3. eUKHost

eukhost-best-unlimited-bandwidth-vps-hostingeUKHost started to provide web hosting services back in 2001 and now it has a huge customer base of over 40,000 webmasters and more than 160,000 domains. In the UK, they are among the top providers in the industry with outstanding unlimited VPS plans.

These VPS plans are all full-managed, meaning that eUKHost takes care about updates, configuration, software and application installs and security on the servers. After subscribing to one of their plans, you can choose between a Plesk or cPanel interface as your admin control panel. Once they received your payment, your VPS account will be up and running in the next 3-4 hours on average.

With your unlimited VPS, you also get a helpful customer support team which is available 24/7 via chat, phone and email. At eUKHost, they guarantee to respond to your email in 15-20 minutes. They grant you full administrator access which allows you to apply custom applications to your VPS.

There is no need to instantly buy their unlimited VPS plan, you can also try it for 30 days and then ask for your money back. eUKHost guarantees a 100% uptime and even if a server failure occurs, they take immediate action. Now let’s see the prices and specs of their unlimited VPS plans.

They have 4 different VPS plans. The Starter plan costs £12.99 per month with 2 CPU cores, 3GB RAM and 60GB storage. Their best-selling plan is the Standard VPS with 4 CPU cores, 6GB RAM, 120GB storage and a free domain SSL for £19.99 monthly. The most powerful plan is the Enterprise with 6 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, 480GB disk space and Domain Wildcard SSL for £33.99 per month.

You get 2 free dedicated IPs with every plan. All four plans are based on high-end hardware, including the latest Intel Xeon processors, SSD drives and DDR4 memory.


Now that you know more about three of the biggest VPS web hosting providers, it should be easier to choose one that mostly suits your business. If you want a more powerful solution but your company is not ready for a cloud-based plan or a dedicated server, then you can’t go wrong with an unlimited VPS plan.

VPS is very similar to a dedicated server with its flexibility, yet it doesn’t require such a big budget. On the other hand, shared hosting plans are great for starters. But as your business starts to grow, you can quickly reach the upper limits and find yourself in the need to upgrade to a web hosting plan with more resources. Since an unlimited VPS hosting plan can handle a lot of traffic for a long time, it is the most popular choice for the majority of users.

While searching for the perfect VPS provider, the first thing you should look at are the performance features. Then it is recommended to take a look at the HDD, bandwidth, CPU and RAM provided by both the dedicated and the VPS plans so that you can make a comparison and decide which one is better for your goal.

By choosing an unlimited VPS plan that mostly fits your website, you ensure a seamless browsing experience for your visitors while getting a powerful web hosting service for an affordable price.

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