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wpengine reviews

WPEngine Reviews

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WP Engine is a new hosting company, established in 2011 in Austin, Texas, by Jason Cohen and Ben Metcalfe (who previously worked on the development of the BBC’s blogging platform). With their top notch service and support, in a very short period of time, the company managed to serve more than 23 thousand customers and host over 200 thousand websites.

The company’s main focus is around managed WordPress hosting. WP Engine is not only offering a range of WordPress optimized hosting plans, but they also offer dedicated support and troubleshooting for their clients. Their service is risk free, having a 60 day money back guarantee policy.

Here is a short advert video and quick presentation of WPEngine:

What’s good about WP Engine?

Top Customer Support: at WP Engine you will get help fast from their trained WordPress experts. Their response time is very fast, support tickets are answered in about two minutes. You can also contact them via phone or live chat. The “Support Garage” is loaded with lots of useful tutorials and guides and gives answers to frequently asked questions too.

High Speed & Performance: WordPress itself is peaty fast, even when you are running your website on a shared host. However when it is loaded with resource intensive plugins and you are getting big traffic spikes you can experience performance issues. Well with WP Engine you can be sure that your website is running at “full” capacity all the time.

High Security & Backup: WP Engine runs automated backups ensuring that your website can be restored immediately if something goes wrong. They also involve multiple top security companies to review code vulnerability. On top of that if your website gets hacked, WPEngine will handle everything for free and will fix any issue.

Value for Money: as you can tell WP Engine is not cheap. Their personal plan, which allows hosting one WordPress site starts at $29 monthly and this ranges to hundreds of dollars monthly if running multiple websites. But considering the fact that you don’t have to worry about updates, backups or site performance, it gives a great value for your invested money.

What’s bad about WP Engine?

WordPress Only: WP Engine is a top hosting provider when it comes to WordPress, but you can’t host other type of websites with them, only WordPress sites. So if you you plan building your websites using WordPress and need a quality managed hosting provider, WP Engine is the host to go, otherwise you will have to look elsewhere.

Hard to Setup: if you have experience with other web hosting providers and you know how to setup and configure a WordPress website, well that is good for you. At WP Engine, due to its custom and unique backend, setting up a WordPress site is a bit different than at other web hosts. They provide however video tutorials which you need to watch in order to learn how to get started.

Plugin Limitation: to keep up with their high performance and security, WP Engine has banned several WordPress plugins. This means that you can’t use just any plugin you want on your website. They have a complete list of plugins that are disallowed on their servers.

WPEngine Reviews

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