Which is a Better Blogging Platform? WordPress vs Ghost.org

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) platform created for any type of websites from blog, online shops, forums, to landing pages while Ghost.org is an open source platform dedicated for publishing articles on blogs.

In this article I will compare the most popular blogging and website building platform: WordPress, to a raising, startup blogging software Ghost.


If on WordPress.org you don’t need registration to download and install the CMS on your server, on Ghost.org you need registration and you need to type in your e-mail address, your username and password and this can be a little frustrating because you will receive unwanted e-mails, and if you want to make multiple account for home, for work, for a friend to keep things separated this can take a while.


The WordPress.org management system is totally free and it has even free themes and plugins in comparison with Ghost.org that offers multiple packages: the free one named Source Code, Personal costs $8 per month, Advanced costs $24 per month, Team costs $80 per month and Business costs $200 per month.

ghost web hosting pricing


There are on the Internet several web hosting companies that offer special hosting packages for WordPress such as BlueHost, prices starting with $3.95 per month meanwhile Ghost.org offers their own host together with the platform with the above mentioned prices.


WordPress is easy to install from your host’s Cpanel using Fantastico that finishes the process within a few clicks, but Ghost comes installed if you buy one of their hosting packages or in the case you want to self-host you need to manually install Ghost and this isn’t easy.


WordPress doesn’t have a status page of which systems are operational, because it runs directly on your own server and it doesn’t connect to the official webpage from where you downloaded it in comparison with Ghost that has a status of all system operational because the platform runs on their official servers so you can see status for Ghost.org, Ghost(PRO), Marketplace and CloudFlare servers together with System Metrics for Ghost.org Uptime and Ghost(Pro) Response Time.


Around each popular thing or person, a large community appears, and it is the same for WordPress which has a great community that contains hundreds of websites with tutorials, tips, tricks, hacks, premium and free themes and plugins and they even have their own support forum and comment sections for plugins and themes in comparison with Ghost that has only a support team.

Back-End Design

Both WordPress and Ghost has a minimal, clean dashboard, the difference being that WordPress comes with a dark theme, while Ghost with a light design.


Most of the people who aren’t used with WordPress think that it isn’t a easy to use platform meanwhile Ghost is easier and simpler having only 8 buttons directly for actions like new post or content visualization in comparison with WordPress that has a lot of complicated options, and if you install themes and plugins they will be even more.

Theme designs

Even if the WordPress Dashboard is more complicated to use and has a basic design, the majority of themes made for front-end are very well designed with many features in comparison with those from Ghost.


Because WordPress has hundreds of themes and plugins, you can convert a simple landing page or blog with 4 pages into a forum or even online shop with tons of features meanwhile Ghost doesn’t allow such transformations because it is made just for blogs.

Content management

With WordPress you can create multiple types of articles from the standard ones to custom ones like portfolio, product, testimonial, staff and so on while Ghost doesn’t offer this very useful feature.

Content preview

Both WordPress and Ghost offer the possibility to preview what you write before publishing, the problem is that in WordPress you need to change editors from text editor to visual editor and the last one isn’t too accurate in comparison with Ghost who has a two-pane system and it shows live you what changes you have made.

Image uploading

To upload an image in WordPress you need to click where you want the image to be then to click the button for image, to choose if you want to upload it from your computer, a link or from media library and then to choose the image, while in Ghost you only need to do an image element with Markdown and with drag and drop you can drop the wanted image directly on the created element.

Advanced content editing

WordPress has a lot of advanced content editing options and together with additional plugins their number can be really big offering special buttons, shortcodes and other features in comparison with Ghost that doesn’t have this feature at all.

User management

WordPress offers the possibility to make user accounts and different user roles that can ensure the proper functioning of the website and, using plugins, you can improve the user management, but Ghost has the same features natively without any plugins.

Mobile compatibility

There are different plugins that can make a WordPress blog to look very nice on mobile operating systems and even WordPress has an application specially created for users to enter its dashboard from mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows Phone and iOS, but Ghost offers access to its dashboard just through your phone’s or tablet’s mobile internet browser.

Third Party Apps

Everyone can create applications, especially plugins for WordPress and they can post them on the official website so other users download and install them, meanwhile in Ghost this isn’t possible but they say this feature is in development.


In WordPress you can see statistics and charts for each day, week, month and year regarding every article on your blog meanwhile in Ghost you don’t have this feature because that one also is in development.

View limit

In the last years, almost every web hosting company offers unlimited bandwidth for visitors so a WordPress blog hosted at a good company will not have problems regarding view limit, but Ghost has problems regarding view limit, this increasing depending of the package you chose and it’s not unlimited, so if you have more views than your view limit, you need to upgrade your package and pay more.


WordPress creators offer new updates constantly with improved and new features and also with solutions to old bugs, meanwhile Ghost programmers are only having a note where they write what to develop and what is coming soon and they don’t update to often the platform.


WordPress is platform that you install on your own server that depending on the host it can have some problems and access can be uncontrolled in comparison with Ghost that hosts most of the websites on their own server and also provides worldwide CDN & security protection.


Founders of WordPress want to make a web operating system from it and because of the number of features, WordPress has this potential meanwhile the Ghost team wants to improve the platform just for blogging.

Conclusion – Which should I choose?

In conclusion, WordPress is much more popular because it is old, because it is a whole community, but also because the number of plugins and themes that offers hundreds of features and makes it flexible and perfect for any type of website, but it is a little hard to use by beginners, having an ugly design and it needs plugins for some native features Ghost with his white and simple design already has.

If you only want to have a blog then you can use Ghost, but you might wake up one day wanting to add more features to your website and then you will realize that probably a better choice would have been WordPress.


David Cross

David is the chief editor at WebHostingMedia right from the beginning. He has a great passion for building and managing websites and creating helpful content. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.