WordPress vs b2evolution: Which is the Best Blogging Platform?

WordPress and b2evolution are two content management systems for blogging very popular around the internet.  WordPress is an open source free platform coded in PHP, CSS, Javascript and HTML. It also uses MySQL as a database. It was created in 2003 and it is the most popular content management system. WordPress is used on over 60 million websites. It is so flexible you can create presentation websites, online shops, corporate websites, forums, blogs, portals, classifieds and so more.

WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on May 27, 2003, 12 years ago and the last stable version is 4.4.2 released on February 2, 2016.  There is also available a Beta version released on March 3, 2016, version 4.5 Beta 2.  It is a content management system, content management framework and a blog software.

B2evolution is a blogging tool also created in PHP and MySQL, however, it isn’t so popular. It isn’t so flexible either. It is very interesting to know that B2evolution is a spin-off of WordPress which evolved in different direction.

B2evolution has a GNU General Public License and it was created by Francois Planque in 2003. The last stable version was released in 6.60. Its purpose is to be a content management system, a community management system, and a blog software. Some of its major features are including multiple types of text extensions such as LaTeX, graphic smilies, BB code, Texturize, Greymatter, Ato-P, Textile.

WordPress is more user focused so offers him a great appearance, it also needs third party themes and plugins to run properly as you wish. B2evolution is focused on having a strong framework which has integrated all you need without installing other third party and maybe insecure extensions.

Similarities between b2evolution and WordPress

Both blog platforms have features like themes, plugins, widgets, multi-user and multi-blog.

WordPress and B2evolution are free to use and easy to install with the help of an automatic installer script such as Softaculous or Fantastico.

Both CMS offer HTML creation of content together with a text editor for an easier way to write down what you want.

Both CMS are cross-platform and are created in PHP. They also use MySQL as a database.

Differences between WordPress and b2evolution

While WordPress is mobile ready and there is even an application you can use to manage your WordPress website, B2evolution doesn’t offer this valuable feature.

Another important difference is the SEO friendly feature where WordPress comes already with multiple SEO features created by default while B2evolution isn’t so SEO friendly. Additionally, you can even customize permalinks of pages, articles, images and usually every type of content in WordPress while B2evolution doesn’t support this feature.

WordPress is very easy to use, being also intuitive and you can even have the dashboard in your language. There even is a 1-click installer for WordPress while for B2evolution things are a little more difficult. For B2evolution, you usually need to use more time to learn it and test it.

Customization is one of the most important aspects of a content management system and it’s not about the content customization, but also the design customization. WordPress accepts third party plugins, scripts, and themes, additionally to those it already has. B2evolution doesn’t support templates that are premade by designers.

Even if both of these content management systems are having a community, the difference is its size. WordPress has a large forum on their own website, but also there are hundreds of developers which offer support together with freelancers, tutorials, video tutorials, documentation, and guides. B2evolution’s community is much smaller in size, especially because it isn’t so popular!

A number of plugins and themes are making a new hole between WordPress and B2evolution. If the first one has hundreds of themes and plugins, the second one has only over 180 plugins and 100 themes.

Another great feature is the copy paste content process. In WordPress, you can directly paste into the visual editor and you will almost always get the content customization that you saw.  You can do the same thing on B2volution. If you do this to B2evolution you will lose time trying to fix a lot of errors in editing files.

A big difference is also at the backend admin where programmers who know CSS, HTML and PHP may understand B2evolution dashboard, but the simple user cannot manage it. In WordPress, even a child who knows to read can manage the dashboard.

WordPress is carried out under GPL license so you cannot modify entirely while B2evolution can be modified as you wish.

Some of the most popular features WordPress offers are the following ones: complex galleries, social networking, forms, social media widgets, fine-tune controls and calendars. Also built-in comments, publishing tools, importers and user and media management are important parts of WodPress.

These features aren’t available on B2evolution but it has its own features lie workflow, server side analytics, mass posting and advanced categorization.

WordPress lets you migrate from a server to another very easy just by following 5 steps. First, download a copy of your WordPress folder through your FTP client or cPanel. Then download a copy of the WordPress database either using a full backup with cPanel, a database backup or phpMyAdmin. As third step, upload the copied WordPress folder to your new web hosting server. After this, create a new database on your new hosting server and import the old one using phpMyAdmin. Finally update the wp-config.php file with the new database options.

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B2evolution migration isn’t so easy and you definitely need some PHP and MySQL knowledge.

There are a lot of differences between WordPress and B2evolution, however, there are only a few similarities.

Most of the differences show that WordPress is the leading content management regarding a number of features and users while B2evolution is more suitable for IT specialists for small projects or even personal one. With WordPress, you can create any type of websites you want so this one is the best content management system even for simple blogs.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In the end, you sure need to choose WordPress, especially because it is powerful, flexible and it has a lot of features. The large community it is very active so you can get help quickly and choose from thousands of plugins and designs.


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