WooZone WooCoommerce Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways for making money online. There are thousands of affiliate networks, through which you can sell other’s products, but Amazon is the most popular one for obvious reasons. It’s the largest online store in the world with millions of different products. It is why a lot of people are looking to sell them through their WordPress website. To do this, one has to use the right plugins.

Making a list of amazon products and placing them into your website, requires a lot of work and attention, but thankfully we have some excellent Amazon Affiliate plugins to help us out.

An Amazon Affiliate plugin pulls entire products from Amazon. They extract the product’s images, price and description, making your job a whole lot easier. You’ll save a lot of time and will be able to focus more on increasing your revenue.

Today, we’re reviewing a new, popular Amazon Affiliate plugin, called WooZone. It is currently one of the best plugins that pair with WooCommerce and it makes Amazon Associates participants life a whole lot easier.

WooZone WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

WooZone is a fully featured Amazon Affiliate plugin, that handles every detail associated with showcasing affiliate products. It costs $42 for a single site, which is quite reasonable, considering the average price of plugins and the outstanding service it does. But what are the things that give you your money’s worth?

By pairing this plugin with your WordPress WooCommerce site, you can create a whole new store from the ground up. WooZone will pull products from Amazon and show it off on your site. It will use your affiliate links, so if anyone buy’s a product, the commissions will go to your account.

woozone amazon affiliate plugin dashboard

You can use it without any clutter and seamlessly integrated with your system. WooZone is fully compatible with any WooCommerce or WordPress theme. You can also publish your own products alongside Amazon Affiliate products, without anyone noticing the difference.

All you have to do, is provide a keyword, as a criteria for what to search for, set the number of pages you wish to import and start the process! It’s as easy as that, to spare hours of work. You can also make this process automated and have WooZone pull in products on a regular basis.

Once it does, you’ll have all the images, information, reviews and descriptions of any of the products that have been pulled in. You can select how many images you want to import for each of the products. You can also spin any content you’ve pulled in with the content spinner feature.

amazon product description content spinner

A new feature verifies if a particular products is available on every amazon locations, which can get quite useful. Your customers will definitely know whether a product is available or not.

You’ll have your very own online store that looks like a proper eCommerce site, but buyers will be lead to a product’s Amazon Affiliate page on check out.

But WooCommerce doesn’t just pull in products and leave the rest to you. It handles every bit of detail associated with them.

WooZone Plugin Features

  • 90 Days Cookie – With this feature, the product through which the user navigated to Amazon, will be added to cart and will also add a 90 days cookie. A normal Amazon affiliate cookie lasts only 24 hours.
  • On Site Cart – Users can add multiple products into the shopping cart on your website and then do the checkout process through Amazon’s system.
  • ASIN Grabber – You can Grab hundreds of ASINs, from Amazon and import them through a CSV file.
  • Analytics – You can constantly monitor how much you’ve sold and how many conversions you had. This module is called WooZone Report, which was specifically designed to keep thracks of all the products you have importand from amazon. It can also send you reports in email, which is really cool!
  • Advanced Search and Bulk Import Module – Just provide a keyword. Search for products and import them into your website. You can import all of the parent categories and subcategories as well.
  • It’s optional to display cross selling products.
  • Synchronisation Module – You don’t have to be constantly checking product prices and stock. You can have URLs, descriptions, titles and prices updated automatically all the time!
  • Auto Import – You can import products automatically, just by providing a keyword and the number of pages you want to display.
  • Insane Import – This module provides a lot of control over the import process. It lets you import 50 at once on general search and 100 products according to category/subcategory search.,
  • Product Stats Module – You can see statistics of each of your products and look at how many hits they got and how many people added them to their cart. You can also track how many people were redirected to amazon. This way, you can know which products are more popular.
  • Geo Targeting – With GEO targeting, you can redirect users straight to Amazon, regardless of where they are from.
  • Shipping Availability – Users will know, whether their chosen product is available for shipping to their location or not. They will also know whether it’s free or not.
  • Outstanding On-Page SEO – All the products you import have to be indexed by search engines. Thankfully, WooZone takes all the data from product pages and optimizes it on your site by placing it into its custom AA Team framework.

WooZone also has made a lot of new, and useful changes as well. The advanced search that we mentioned makes life a lot easier, but there are others as well. Users can now choose from different product variations, such as size, color, price, design and many more.

You can also use Amazon cupones and give some much wanted discounts to your users.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! One of the best Amazon Affiliate plugins for WordPress, that will turn your website into a profit generating machine. Not every plugin is so robust and full of features, which is why we love it so much.

WooZone is a robust plugin that gets the job done as simply and as efficiently as possible. So if you’re looking to make some good money with affiliate marketing, WooZone is a great place to start your online business!


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