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WooServers is owned by a bigger company called Aqua Networks which offers a wide range of web management, IT and web design services. They are based in the UK and if you choose their web hosting services, you won’t be disappointed because they are both affordable and reliable.

They have a team of experts that always strive to improve the quality of support, hardware and features that WooServers provides. Their main goal is to help big and small businesses seamlessly build up and maintain their online presence without having to pay over the budget.

WooServers offers the usual hosting services such as cloud hosting solutions and physical servers, but that is not all. They have some additional services related to big data and tools for advanced analytics that you might find useful. Big data is something that benefits all kinds of businesses these days and having a provider that is able to process a huge amount of data can be a great investment for them.

WooServers started back in 2009 and proved itself as one of the best web hosting providers with high performance and reliability. They have earned the trust of many clients, but let’s see the prices, features and more specifics so you can see it for yourself.

WooServers Overview

First of all, WooServers offers impenetrable cloud hosting security for all of their clients. It is so secure that they usually stop 5,000 website attacks a day and prevent 10,000 of them, also protecting the websites. WooServers earned the trust of companies such as SwiftServe, Sabercloud, White Shark Media and more.

They have an absolutely secure, windowless data center in Scranton and it ensures that nothing and no one can get close to the servers. WooServers invested a lot in massive security doors, temperature monitoring, flood and fire alarms and interior gating. They also have lots of cameras installed so everything is under control outside and inside as well.

WooServers plans offer top notch web hosting services for enterprise users and outstanding VPS services for businesses. However, they are mostly proud of their dedicated server plans that might be a great option for bigger companies. They constantly monitor their dedicated servers, offering high quality support.

WooServers is also one of the cheaper ones in the game with their dedicated plans. On top of that, you can consult them right before buying. They are available on Skype if you have any questions regarding their hosting plans, making sure that you pick one wisely without any doubts.

WooServers Plans and Pricing

Dedicated Hosting Plans at WooServers

Since WooServers has so many dedicated server options, they can satisfy the needs of all kinds of specific businesses. They are mainly focusing on these high-performance and flexible dedicated servers. However, there are no shared hosting plans available which might be a downside for those who only want a small website or blog.

WooServers will be outstanding for those who require a huge amount of resources, top quality service and high performance. They offer three different server configurations and it only depends on the expected workload which one you will get. The servers they use are Dell Power Edge, so definitely top notch technology with solid and powerful hardware.

A protection against DDoS attacks is also active and it is provided by Arbor Networks, one of the top names when it comes to DDoS protection. On top of that, WooServers provides advanced protection against malwares, software bots and prevents anyone from remotely accessing the servers. Also, they use some of the strongest firewalls available.

Besides the Dell PowerEdge, they have the Amadeus XR 3000 servers that work well for businesses that prefer flexible and scalable hosting plans. WooServers dedicated plans are ranging from $99 all the way up to $599 a month.

What you get with the first plan is an Intel Xeon E5 CPU with 4 cores, 16GB RAM and unmetered 100 Mbps bandwidth. The bigger plan you choose, the bigger the numbers and this is how their biggest dedicated plan looks like: Intel Xeon E5 with 16 dedicated cores and a whopping 192GB RAM.

With each plan, you get to choose the control panel and OS as well. There is also an option each month to buy new IP addresses. WooServers lets you merge two servers together with a service called Private Switch which significantly increases the performance.

VPS Hosting Plans at WooServers

WooServers uses the Microsoft Azure platform to provide a great VPS Service. Whether you need it for databases, cloud storage or virtual networks, one of the WooServers plans will definitely suit your needs. These VPS plans are also based on high-end hardware, providing a superb performance.

No matter which plan you pick, you can always change your mind. Upgrading and downgrading VPS plans can be done seamlessly with WooServers depending on the performance you need at the moment.

They have 6 different VPS plans and the first one, the Virtual Machine 1 plan costs only $10. It is really not much for a 2 core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 30GB SSD disk storage and a 2TB bandwidth. This can be scaled up to their Virtual Machine 10 plan with 12 CPU cores, 32GB of RAM, 320GB SSD and 7TB bandwidth for a monthly price of $320.

WordPress Hosting at WooServers

Since WooServers provides no shared hosting plans, you can’t find any WordPress specific plans offered by them either. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t support WordPress or any other CMS. They actually have a team of professionals that can help you with these platforms as well.

You can freely join any web hosting plan at WooServers and install any CMS, such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal and you will get full support for sure. Their team guarantees that these CMS will run seamlessly on their machines.

WooServers Hosting Features

  • Most of the web hosting providers only accept PayPal or credit cards. If you join WooServers, you will have more Payment options such as Skrill, AlertPay and Liberty Reserve.
  • You can Upgrade their VPS plans seamlessly just by paying that difference in price between the two plans. However, if you feel like the specs are a bit too much for your needs, you can also pick a cheaper one.
  • Dedicated plans can also be upgraded by changing the operating system, hardware (HDD, RAM) and more. You can also pick a control panel that you prefer for both the dedicated and VPS plans. If you pay the latter, you will also get a vePortal panel for the price.
  • Your websites will be fully protected against DDoS attacks which further reduces any chance for downtime. WooServers guarantees an almost 100% of uptime and a powerful service that keeps your web pages loading at high speeds.
  • Simple and seamless website management is guaranteed by cPanel which is the most popular control panel software in the industry. It allows you to keep track of your website and apply updates easily. You can find many features in cPanel that can be installed with a single click.
  • New customers can benefit from the Free Mondays which is a great way to win a VPS web hosting plan for one month. If you want to try it out for free, all you need to do is to visit their blog on Monday and reply to their post as quickly as you can. The first three users get a VPS with 512 RAM, 1000GB bandwidth and 20GB disk space for the next month.
  • WooServers has an Affiliate or Referral program as well. Whether you are an existing or new client, you can suggest their services to your friends and if two of them join, you will get a price. They either give you one month of their beginner VPS plan or the money equivalent if you want.

But that’s not all, there are some additional features that are also worth mentioning. We will sum it up for you in the upcoming list:

  • You can have unlimited email accounts with each plan
  • They provide a highly efficient service for DNS Management
  • You will be protected from Spam
  • Popular scripts can be used via Fantastico, providing 1-click installation
  • One of the best customer support team even without the phone calls

WooServers Customer Support

You will get a constantly available and helpful customer support with all of the WooServers hosting plans. They are a team of professionals that can fix a wide range of issues such as control panel, Java, email problems and Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) related issues as well.

Their tech support team can be messaged via Skype, live chat, email, tickets and you can even call them on the phone. Based on user feedback, they usually respond within 10 minutes. However, they also have a solid knowledge base that you can check out if you need some guidance.

All in all, WooServers dedicates their best efforts on providing a high-quality customer support at all times. But that’s not all, they have an Ultra-Managed Service for an additional price that will guarantee you some extras. These include advanced security, solving specific software problems and additional help with Apache, MySQL, Nginx and Java. They really provide everything a business or individual website owner would need.

Pros and Cons of WooServers

For those who own a business and want a reliable web hosting service with strong specs, WooServers is most likely a good choice. But keep in mind that every provider has some flaws and you need to keep them in mind as well before picking the right one that suits your needs.

To make it short and quickly understandable for you, we collected all the pros and cons of WooServers in this neat list:


  • Supporting big data analysis is definitely their strong suit
  • You can merge two servers together which improves performance (Private Switch)
  • They have data centers all over the World and you can pick one
  • Helpful and highly trained customer support


  • Specific plans for WordPress are not available
  • You can’t reach the support via phone
  • WooServers doesn’t provide site builders or templates

Since the prices are quite low, it’s probably worth trying their services for a short amount of time. Even if you don’t like it, it won’t consume a huge amount of your budget.

WooServers Review Conclusion

WooServers is a good option for both big and small businesses who prioritize performance and reliability when it comes to web hosting providers. With its affordable prices and top-notch services, you simply can’t go wrong with it.

They are definitely among the best with their VPS and dedicated plans, especially the dedicated OS X servers that mostly benefit app developers. The good thing is that they also offer some cheaper plans too that might come in handy for smaller businesses that only need a small eCommerce site.

WooServers doesn’t offer that many features. Their hosting plans are mostly recommended for those who have some experience in web coding because you get no additional site builder or templates to work with. Those who pick WooServers as their web hosting provider are mainly serious developers who need a simple and reliable solution.

WooServers Review

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