Why your Small Business needs a Website?

While more and more customers are searching for services and products online, before they actually doing the purchase, you are losing business because while not having a website. If your small business is operating for a while, people may already talk about you on social media sites of forums. In the following I will enumerate few reasons why you should consider getting an online presence for your company and gather all those conversations about you in one place.

Cheap and simple way for self-promotion

You may think that building a website is very complicated and now you should run around looking for a web design company. In fact creating a site is very simple, with so many tools and software available, you can create a website in just couple of minutes. For instance, WordPress is free software that you install to your web server and you are ready to go. It is extremely flexible, enabling you to customize the design, add new features to it, add content on demand, and all this without the need of programing knowledge.

The web hosting service will cost you only few dollars a month, depending on which company you sing up with. iPage offers a very good hosting plan for starter, small business websites. For start is enough to go with a shared hosting plan, which is perfect for websites receiving up to 2-3 hundred daily visitors.

Handling customer feedback more easily

Even if you don’t have a website and you are not active on social media, people are still talking about you and your business. In most of the cases those customers will raise their voice, which are unhappy for some reason with the service or products you sell. By offering the possibility to these customers to comment and send feedback directly on your website, probably they will avoid posting the negative feedback on different online portals, where everyone can see it. This way you can solve any issue with unhappy customers without making it public and affect the decision of other potential clients.

More visibility equals more business

If you are in business for a long time, probably you have a good reputation and a good clientele which will come back to you again and again. This is great! But would you not like to have new customers as well and do even more business? Having a website is not guaranteed that you will appear on top of Google, but just having a website you increase the chances to get found on search engines by new people who are looking for the services you offer.

To rank high on Google and other search engines, require some additional work called SEO (search engine optimization), which is not as easy as building a website, but it is not very complicated though.

So, to summarize, it is better to have a website than not paying any attention to online. It can bring you lots of benefits and does not require too much attention. It is an inexpensive and easy way to promote yourself and can increase your revenue by driving new customers towards you.


David Cross

David is the chief editor at WebHostingMedia right from the beginning. He has a great passion for building and managing websites and creating helpful content. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.