When to Move from Shared to VPS Hosting?

Most people when creating their very first website choose to buy shared hosting. This type of hosting plan is perfect for small websites, but if you are serious about your online presence and your website start growing, probably you will need to upgrade your hosting plan to the next level.

If your website starts exceeding the resources that a shared hosting plan offers, you will need a hosting plan that can handle the growing traffic. A VPS would be ideal for you, because it is still cost effective (in comparison with a dedicated server), and gives you the freedom to customize it for your needs. You can choose the software to be installed to the virtual machine, can request addition RAM, storage and CPU resource when needed. A virtual private server can provide a higher security and other features that are not available on shared hosting, such as SSH access and other functions.

In this article I will show you few signs that will tell you to move forward and upgrade your shared hosting plan to VPS hosting.

Your websites are loading slowly

Shared hosting can support a good amount of traffic, it is enough to support your website at the start, but it comes a time when your website is getting popular and receives more and more traffic and the shared account can’t keep up. Maybe the storage and the bandwidth is not a problem, because your current hosting plan is “unlimited”, so the hosting company does not limit your account for using too much space or data transfer, but can stop your account if it is using too much server resource. If your site starts receiving more than 300 hundred visitors a day, you should consider upgrading to a VPS soon.

You are managing multiple websites

Most shared hosting plans allow hosting multiple websites on the same account. This is great, if your websites are small and do not receive much traffic. As they grow and you expand them, the shared hosting will no longer be able to supply with the necessary resources and needs. For instance, if you want to have a dedicated IP for one of your websites, because it is needed for an SSL certificate, on shared host this will be impossible; so you will need to upgrade.

Downtimes over and over again

To balance the cost of the server, and make a profit, hosting companies tend to squeeze more accounts on the same server than this can handle. When a server gets crowded, will slow down and eventually stop working because of the overload. It can result in a hardware or network failure, and will not work until the hardware is replaced or the problem is fixed. This is called downtime. This can happen with any hosting provider, because nothing is perfect things break. But if you can’t access your site for days, that means you are dealing with rather an unreliable hosting provider or with an oversold server. You will have to move your site somewhere else, a virtual host would be ideal.

Can’t keep hackers away

In most of the cases hackers can get into your website trough vulnerable code. If they figure out a way to compromise your website, they definitely will. On a shared host, where there are hundreds of websites hosted, the risk is higher to have a vulnerable website. If that website gets hacked it can affect the whole server and trough that vulnerable website everyone will suffer. To avoid these types of situations I recommend upgrading your hosting plan.

Your business relies on your website

If you are running a business that earns its money from the website, for instance you have an online store or provide online services for clients; you should think investing in a VPS. This is the minimum you can do for your website to ensure a flawless performance.

So if you see any sign of repeated downtimes or slow website speed, or you are running a serious online business and want to keep your data secure and safe and want the have the possibility to be in control of what is going hosted on your server, upgrade your shared hosting plan to a virtual private server.



David Cross

David is the chief editor at WebHostingMedia right from the beginning. He has a great passion for building and managing websites and creating helpful content. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.