Signs that Confirms you Should Change Hosting Provider

Web hosting is the foundation of every website. As in case of a construction, if the foundation is not good, the building will collapse sooner or later. This can be also true in case of websites. If the web hosting provider you are hosting with can’t provide reliable service and support, your website will suffer a lot.

In this article I will reveal you the most common signs that will inform you it is time to switch to another, better hosting provider. Please keep in mind, that changing the company, will not necessary get rid of the problems you currently have with the website, you will still need to find a reliable hosting provider that will minimize the negative effects that may come around.

Terrible customer and technical support

terrible web hosting support

The most common problem of hosting companies is the support. Because of the high volume of help requests and untrained or reduced personal in support can significantly slow down the speed of answering clients and solving problems.

I think it is normal if they do not answer right away on every phone call. But how long should you wait? Would you wait one hour to get it touch with someone? What about getting a response to your email? From my experience it should not take more than 30 minutes to get any type of response to an email, even if they are extremely busy. If you have to wait hours or days, it is terrible.

Unreliable service with very long downtimes

Probably only cloud hosting can offer 100% uptime guarantees, but there is always a chance to have some sort of problem. If you use shared hosting the possibility to have downtime is higher. But how often should your website be unavailable and for how long to still fit the normal standards?

Beside the fact that your clients are getting frustrating because they can’t access your site, and use your service or buy your products, an unreliable service can also lead to a search engine penalty. If Google visits your site during down-time it will see it like an empty page, and will not give as much importance anymore and will push it down in the search results.

Unsecure server environment and website hacking

web hosting security

Oh no! Your website is hacked again, the admin password is reset, and the site is displaying unwanted and unrelated content. Was this the first time when it happened? If so, probably there is vulnerability in the code on your website that allows hackers to get into your database or to modify files. By finding and fixing the problem should make it safe. What if the server is getting hacked and you can’t do anything about it? What if this problem persists and the hosting company can’t fix the problem? Find a hosting company that can secure their network and they are able to fix issues.

Slow websites and time-out connection errors

A recently made survey shows that internet users are very impatient and when they do search and looking for information, they want the answers instantly. More than 65% of internet users will leave websites that are loading slowly. A slow server can cause huge drop in website traffic and can really hurt your business. It often happens that slow connections will lead to connection errors and will not load your site at all. If this happens every day, probably you have to switch.

Missing technical features that are needed for your website

Setting up a WordPress blog or a Joomla website on a shared host are some very standard features. There are hosting providers who offer a lot of standard features, but when it comes to some more advanced stuff they just can’t do it, rather they do not have the technical knowledge or their server environment does not allow them to make the changes.

A very simple example could be the change of file permission. It is true the changing the permission of files to 777 can cause security problems; however there are plugins and extensions that needs other file configuration than the standard. The W3 Cache will not work on your WordPress site, until you set the correct file permissions. If this is a limitation that you want to get rid of, search for a new company.

Radical changes in pricing structure and hidden fees

web hosting price change

It is a common marketing strategy among web hosting companies to offer an introduction, low price for new customers and have a higher rate on account renewals. There is nothing wrong with this, if they inform the clients about this fact. There are, however web hosting providers that will not tell you what is their renewal price, and they will just charge you without any prior notice. Always read the terms carefully and if you don’t find anything that refers to account renewals, or if something suspicious, you should avoid them.

Hidden fees could also be a huge problem and a negative sign. There have been cases when a website was hacked, due to lack of security, but it had a backup and the client requested a restore. The company restored the site and it worked perfectly, but they charged the client more than the actual hosting plan have cost. If this happened once, it is more likely will happen over and over again. So be aware of hidden hosting costs.

No upgrade possibility to next tier hosting

Your website is starting to grow, your business is also growing, and suddenly you get a call or an email notification from your hosting company that your website is using too many resources and they had to shut it down to balance the server. What?! If your website start receiving a suddenly a lot of traffic, thanks to your SEO or marketing work, in case of a shared hosting it could be a problem. Share hosts are not designed to handle high amount of traffic in a very short period and they tend to just shut your site down. In this case you will need to upgrade to a virtual server, but what if the current hosting firm do not offer upgrade possibility? It is time to switch web hosting.

So is your web hosting good enough?

If you are experiencing one of the above signs, maybe you should look around and see what other hosting providers offer. If there are more signs you have to deal with, you should urgently backup your websites and move. It is necessary to mention, that none of hosting providers are perfect, there is always something that can go wrong, and will go wrong, but it is important how the company handle each case. If you see that they really take care of you, and try their best to help you out, probably you should still give them a chance, but repeatedly dealing with the same problems could be very frustrating and could be a huge alarm to get a new web hosting provider.


David Cross

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