What Web Hosting Should I use for Simple and Small Website?

You have created a simple html website on my computer and now you want to publish it online. You are facing the same problem as many other users: there are hundreds of hosting companies advertising their services, but there is nobody around you, who has any experience with website hosting, who could guide you in the right direction.

In this article I will give you few tips on how to recognize a reliable hosting company and will also give you some recommendation of hosting plans for your small website. For a newbie user can be confusing to deal with so many hosting types. To help you in your decision, let’s talk about the different hosting types that may be available at certain hosting providers.

The most common is shared hosting, which is used by the vast majority of websites. The shared hosting is designed to provide feature-rich service at an affordable price to small and medium websites.

The next tier hosting is VPS, known as virtual private server. This type of hosting plan is used by medium sized websites and ecommerce sites which require higher security and SSL certificate with dedicated IP. For a simple website, there is no reason to purchase a VPS plan, unless the number of daily visitors increases significantly.

A dedicated server is used by big corporate and governmental websites, which are used by millions of users every day. A dedicated hosting plan allows its owner to fully customize the server configuration.

If you are looking to learn more about the basics of web hosting, you should check out the article linked in this paragraph. In that article,  you can find more info about domain name registration and website building as well.

If you are new to hosting, planning to create a simple site with couple of pages, shared hosting will be a perfect choice. There are many hosting providers offering shared hosting plans, but which web host to choose?

How to choose a shared hosting provider?

While you are new to hosting and websites, probably you will seek assistance during the process of publishing your site. So most likely support will be one of the most important factors to consider. Always choose a hosting provider that has multiple support options so you can get in touch with them as quickly as possible.

At the beginner stage, hosting features will not be as important for you, and maybe you won’t even understand all the techy things the plan offers. That is absolutely fine! However you will know your basic needs: you want to have one or multiple sites, want multiple email addresses, do you require a certain amount of storage, etc. Check if the plan you choose has all the necessary features you need.

Website performance is also an important factor. You want your site to be fast and to load smoothly. Certainly you will not be able to test this until you sing up for an account. It is important that you are satisfied with the service you purchased, so it is important to choose a hosting plan that has a long money back guarantee period.

Best web hosting for small websites

Below are 3 cheap web hosting companies we recommend for small and medium sized websites:

#1 iPage Essential Plan

starting at $2.25 / month and offers a feature-rich hosting plan for personal and small business websites. iPage is the best choice for beginners and small website owners.

#2 InMotion Launch Plan

starting at $4.19 / month and offers the possibility to host two websites on the same account. InMotion is great as well for individuals and business owners who want to start their small site using a content management system such as Joomla.

#3 BlueHost Starter Plan

starting at $3.95 / month allows its users to host a single website and have up to 100 email accounts. Bluehost is a good options for small business owners who want to build their site using WordPress.

Probably you also want to expand your business and grow your website if possible. Choose a web hosting company that offers the possibility to upgrade your current shared hosting plan to a VPS when this is needed. The above mentioned companies offer this option, so choose them with confidence.

I really hope that this article helped you to find a good hosting plan for your first website. If you have any questions or you would add anything to the article, please use the comment system and share your opinion. Now go and publish your website online!

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