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Webs.com Review

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Website builder tools like Webs.com have revolutionized the way websites are being built today. Before website builder tools emerged on the market, those without IT skills, were at a serious disadvantage compared to their tech savvy counterparts when it came to launching and maintaining a website.

As we will see in this Webs.com review, drag-and-drop website builders eliminate the need for technical expertise, allowing users to launch professional-looking websites in a few easy steps.

Webs.com Overview

Webs.com was launched in 2001, and it’s still among the website builders worth your attention, despite several other popular website building tools like Weebly.com or Wix.com joining the market. Web.com distinguishes itself through its lightweight and easy to use platform that has helped the launch of over 55 million sites.

Webs.com is geared toward small and medium-sized businesses boasting wide range of features and eCommerce capabilities that we will discuss in our review.

Webs.com Features

webs com features templates

Webs.com’s plans include many practical features that facilitate the creation of websites across a wide range of industries including marketing, healthcare, education, and many more. Here is a breakdown of the features included with Webs.com’s packages:

  • Free custom domain name & unlimited pages;
  • Cloud hosting;
  • Free & Premium templates: users can choose from 450+ free and paid templates sorted in categories based on industry. All templates are customizable, allowing users to change fonts, colors, and images;
  • Mobile site: com allows you to create a mobile-optimized version of your site that syncs automatically with your Desktop site whenever you make any changes;
  • SEO Booster tool: Take charge of your site’s SEO by using Webs.com small business SEO Booster tool that tracks your progress and provides tips on how to improve your site’s visibility in search engines;
  • Video tool and photo gallery options;
  • Web analytics tool: com’s web analytics tool, Stats, provides valuable insight into where your traffic comes from, what pages your visitors enjoy most, and which of your campaigns is most successful at referring traffic to your site;
  • Membership sites: this feature is a rarity when it comes to website builders since with most you’d have to resort to external membership gateway services; however, Webs allows you to set up a membership site directly on your website;
  • Social media integration: engage with your visitors on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels;
  • Password protection: set up password-protected areas on your website with individual user logins;
  • App Store: allows you to integrate third-party features to add more functionality to your site.

Apart from these features, Webs.com rolls out some eCommerce specific features that come in handy for anyone who wants to build an online store:

  • Stripe and PayPal integration: accept payments via Stripe or PayPal;
  • Global currency options: serve markets worldwide with global currency options;
  • Conversion tools: give out coupon codes, create sales (exciting sales with price-slash graphics), add multiple images per item, include store search, item sorting, and customizable products (allow users to choose color or size);
  • Inventory tools: keep a close eye on your stock levels.

Webs.com Plans & Pricing

webs com plans pricing

Like most website builders on the market, Webs has a free, ad-supported version as well. You can use this version for an unlimited time, since there is no pressure from Webs to upgrade. Apart from the ad-supported version, Webs offers 3 paid plans, two of which are suitable for smaller online stores as well.

The entry-level plan, the Starter, costs as low as $5.99/month and includes unlimited pages, free domain name, 1 GB storage, and email support. This plan is suitable for smaller websites that are trying to establish an online presence.

The Enhanced plan costs $12.99/month, and it’s suitable for smaller businesses or online stores. It comes with all the features of the Starter plan, but has more storage (5 GB), includes 20 web store items, premium themes, 3 custom email addresses and support via email and live chat.

Webs.com’s most popular plan, the Pro, sells at $22.99/month. This plan is the ideal option for online stores, and packs unlimited storage, unlimited web store items, premium themes, custom email addresses, search engine submission, SEO booster, email, live chat and phone support.

If you sign up for any of the paid plans, but you’re not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription within 30-days to receive your money back.

Webs.com Customer Support

Each plan has different levels of support available. The Starter plans comes with email support only, the Enhanced plan features both email and live support, while the Pro plan includes support on all three channels: email, live chat and phone.

It’s unclear, however, whether Webs offers 24/7 support or support is available only during office hours.

Webs has a community forum as well, which can be helpful for free users, but even those with a Starter plan who are limited to email support only.

Pros & Cons of Webs.com

Webs is a beginner-oriented website building platform, offering practical tools that can be used by anybody to build a website. To get the full picture about Webs, here are its pros and cons:


  • Intuitive, user-friendly website builder platform;
  • Plenty of free and premium templates;
  • Free, ad-supported version that doesn’t expire;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • Free domain name.


  • Different support options for different plans;
  • Some outdated free templates;
  • No option to export site.

Webs.com Review Conclusion

If you’re a beginner, you’ll find that Webs is easy to use and has a good range of features that you’re likely use for your site. Webs even includes features that you won’t find at other website builders (e.g. membership site feature) and comes with good eCommerce features as well.

It’s important to remember, however, that Webs is built exclusively to meet the needs of smaller websites and online stores, so if you’re looking to build a high traffic online store with thousands upon thousands of products, Webs is not for you, and we recommend checking out other, more robust eCommerce site builder tools like BigCommerce or Shopify.

Webs.com Review

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