8 Web Services That Can Boost Your Website

There are multiple web services that can boost your website, besides the well-known Google Webmaster Tools where you can add an XML sitemap and where you help Google Bot to index your website, Google Tag Manager where you manage the tags, Google Analytics where you can see stats, Google Adwords where you can create ads, Google AdSense, W3C markup validation service where you validate your website, CSS validator to validate CSS code, HTML Validator where you validate HTML code, Browser shots where you can test your website on multiple browsers and operating systems and Matt Kersley’s Responsive Web Design Testing Tool where you can test your website regarding multiple width and devices and so on.

Web services that can boost your website:

  1. Nibbler where you just need to enter your website and then press the Test button and you just need to wait until the report is generated. The report includes a grade for multiple categories such as accessibility where shows how accessible the website is to mobile and disabled users, experience where you can see how satisfying the website is likely to be for users, marketing helps you see how popular and marketed the website is and technology is regarding how well designed and built the website is. Additionally, each category has sub-categories. The full report contains information about Facebook page, Google+ page, Analytics, code quality, popularity, freshness, mobile, images, internal links, server behavior, page titles, headings, incoming links, meta tags, printability, URL format, domain age, amount of content, Twitter, social interest, more features, being tested 5 pages. For each subcategory, there are available advice, tips, tricks and a lot of information so you can boost your website even more until reaches perfection.
  2. Pingdom Website Speed Test that tests your website speed by writing the website and then to press the Test Now. There are also available settings such as checking if you want to make and save the public the test and from where you want to test the speed: Amsterdam, Dallas, Melbourne, New York City, San Jose, and Stockholm. After the report is generated you can see the date and the location of the test also you can publish the results to Twitter, Facebook or via Email. You can also see if your website is faster than others. The test is checking the speed for multiple pages and content from simple pages with text to images showing the time they need to load and the size. There are available some stats regarding performance having multiple grades for leverage browser caching, avoid bad requests, minimize redirects and so on. The page analysis section shows the server response code regarding success, redirecting, client errors, server errors, connection errors, load time analysis, size analysis and request analysis.
  3. robots.txt Checker looks after the robots.txt file that helps Google Bot and other bots to index the proper directories of your website. Once you entered the full address of the robots.txt file from your website you can press the check robots.txt and wait for the report to generate. The errors will have a pink background and there is available also the option to hide empty and comments lines.
  4. CMS Detector detects the content management of your website so it says if the website uses WordPress, Joomla, and Magento and so on. Additionally, you can fully analyze and find out technologies behind the chosen website. Guess is another similar tool from http://guess.scritch.org/ that also says the web server and the programming
  5. App Synthetic Monitor checks if a website is accessible from other countries by pinging the website and using more than 90 monitoring stations across the world including countries from Asia, Europe, Australia and America. You can also see the Packet loss together with the entire list of the checkpoint and the IP, minimum RTT, average RTT and maximum RTT and the status for each result.
  6. Billing Boss is a useful online tool used by a small business which can create invoices having also multiple options such as automatically save, catalog, currencies, PayPal, mobile friendly, multiple users and so on.
  7. Dynamic Drive is a suite of useful online tools that can really boost your website creating images with Image optimizer, a favicon with FavIcon Generator, a menu with All Levels Menu Generator, an email encryption with Email Riddle, a button with Button Maker, a Gif with Animated Gif Generator, a .htaccess generator with .htaccess Password Generator and so on.
  8. AccessColor is a tool which can test color contrast and color brightness using a formula created by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The test can show you not only errors, but also give you a full report as well as the source. After you entered the website you can see a report summary where you can see some tips regarding colors and then for each page you can see the HTML text, the background, the foreground, the color and the line were problems appear. In the case of problems, the Fail status will appear with a red background for each problem, while for simple warnings you have the Warning status with a yellow background and if there aren’t errors or warnings the checked symbol with green symbol should appear in the color section.
  9. Bonus: Net renderer which shows you how a website is displayed in different versions of Internet Explorer like 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and even mixed versions. Once you press the Render button you will see exactly how your website is displayed together with the processing time and with the width. Depending on the Internet Explorer version your website can be unavailable because nowadays websites use new programming languages and new technologies.
  10. Bonus: Wave is a special tool used to see the accessibility of a website also showing a preview of your website with multiple suggestions such as the use of h2 instead h1, but also with errors, alerts, features, structural elements, HTML5, Aria, contrast errors and much more detailing every warning, error, and alert.
  11. Bonus: Feed Validation Service is a web tool created by W3C where you can validate either by direct input or URL a feed by entering the feed address and pressing the check button. After the report is generated you can see if is valid or not but also, you can see errors, warnings and recommendations together with where the problems are showing the line and column number and help tips. Additionally, you can add a valid RSS banner to your website showing your visitors that your website has a fully valid RSS Feed.

In the end, if you use these services you can boost your website a lot, but you should also browse on Google or other search engines regarding other types of tools such as automated social media posters and so on. Don’t forget to use all the tips, tricks, and scripts you know and to make a research so you can make your website number one in search engine marketing, search engine optimization, design and web development.

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