Top Web Design Trends for 2018

Choosing your niche is, of course, the most critical step – your industry will most likely determine your success, so make sure you pick to sell something popular. But, once you have decided, and think you have a good product, all the rest is about the presentation.

In the online business, your website is everything. How it looks, feels, and operates will determine if your company will make it, or fail.

There are certain things in the web design industry that are evergreen. However, it is not trend-resistant. To stay fresh, you have to follow some trends. But, that does not mean you should apply all of them. You want your website to remain unique, so copy/pasting everything from other successful websites that have similar content, niche, or products is never a good idea. You want your own brand, but you want your brand to be attractive. The right balance is the key.

In this article, we will present you with some design ideas that have already started strong but will be even more popular in 2018. These slight changes will make a world of difference, making your website more attractive. And the best of all, all of these are easy to incorporate, and can be done in no time at all. Let’s begin!

Add Animation

Even if the only purpose of your website is pure information, that does not mean visitors should get bored browsing it. The days of the old, dull, one image + info types of websites are numbered. If you want a vibrant website, that is pleasant for the eye, consider adding animations to it.

Something as simple as adding a moving background can make a world of difference in the overall appeal of your website. And if you are selling products, add animated explanations that show exactly how they work. People will be able to figure out right away if it is what they need and trust us, if the animation is done correctly, they will want to own your product even more.

It is far easier to see what an item does in a couple of seconds, by looking at an exciting animation, than it is to read instructions and fine print. And nowadays, people are less patient than ever, especially online, everyone gets bored so quickly and moves on. An animation is a perfect opportunity to catch your customer’s attention, making them like your product. Don’t miss it!

You can start by animating your logo, since that is something that will be displayed all over your website, and is one of the critical components of your branding. Getting a great looking, unique and animated logo has never been easier, since the animation tools are widespread, and there are exceptional freelance designers all over the Internet that will do terrific work quite affordably. And since the technology has gone far, web browsers included, your customers will not have any problems running your website, even from mobile devices. Everybody now has fast connections, and the animations you add will not cause any significant speed drop of your website.

Be Bold – Try Out New Color and Font Combinations

In the era of the hipster, unique is the way. Instead of following trends, make new ones! Try new color schemes, browse different fonts, make your website stand out and feel fresh. As soon as it loads, it should scream difference! But, be careful.

Being bold still involves style and functionality, it is not random. Make sure the font you choose is easy to read, it needs to contrast the background. Choose odd colors, but don’t make the website too colorful. People are visiting your website to get information/buy products, so make sure that is the number one thing in focus, all the rest should supplement it, making people feel pleasant while browsing. So set new trends, but respecting some everlasting rules of design and good taste, and you will thrive.

Swallow Asymmetry

In the past, asymmetry equaled blasphemy. Designers hated it and were always looking for perfect matches, perfect proportions. Nothing was supposed to stand out; everything was about keeping it streamlined and dampened.

But that is a thing of the past. The asymmetric homepage will instantly feel different, making your website stand out. Just make sure you don’t overdo it- add some asymmetric elements here and there, but keep it subtle, you want to refresh how your page looks, not make it confusing and unusable. Just be warned- too much asymmetry might create problems on other platforms with smaller screens. Since people do more and more browsing from their phones, you need to make sure that your website stays optimized for mobile devices even after adding asymmetric elements.

Breaking the Addiction

Ethics has returned to web design. Apps used to be all about drawing you in as much as possible, distracting whenever they can, spamming you with email promotions and continuously pinging mobile notifications. All this because they wanted you to spend more time staring at your screens, making the manufacturers more money. Nobody even thought about consequences- addiction, stress, anxiety, and depression related to technology usage is rising among teens.

People started noticing this trend and started fighting it hard. If you want to join the rebellion, you can do two things – make your app less aggressive and intrusive (at least by asking your users if they want to see notifications, or turning them off by default), or, you can use that aggression for a good cause. The popups on your website could lead to a charity, or they can just display a motivational message. These small changes will make the whole Internet a more pleasant place to be (if not the entire world). And even if you are heartless, and don’t care about the cause, pretending as you care will make your customers like you more. At least until they figure out that you are fake, so try not to act.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

In 2017 browsing from mobile devices overtook desktop. As a matter of fact, you are probably reading this article while riding a bus, queuing, or something equally boring, just to pass the time. Mobile browsing became the norm, and the sooner you accept this fact, the better. Your website needs to sparkle on all kinds of tablets and smartphones. If your visitors can’t enjoy your website using their favorite device, they will look elsewhere, finding others that work better.

It is also a good idea to invest in a dedicated iOS/Android app, especially if you are running an online store. This will cost you extra, but will instantly make you stand out, and will make your customers’ experience even more pleasant.  Nevertheless, even if you don’t build a mobile app, make sure your website works flawlessly, no matter the platform.

Customized Homepages

The traditional homepage is soon to be forgotten. Instead, it is steadily getting replaced by user-specific homepages that display results based on recent history, searches or location. This way, every user receives recommendations based on their previous interests as soon as they load the webpage.

Major websites and services (YouTube for example) have incorporated this feature long time ago, but more and more smaller websites/businesses are following. The least you can do is to make your homepage available in different languages, that will show automatically based on the user location. You can also display some “trending” results from that particular area right on the homepage. But try not to go too far, people will feel like they are spied upon if you overdo it (remember the ethical principles!).

Tell Your Story

If you want to build a dedicated audience or a customer base, you need to present your brand to your customers. Every product you sell needs to have your own stamp on it, and every page of your website should tell a story of its own. People like when they relate to the brand, and once they do, your only job is to deliver with quality, and they will stay your customers forever. Even more so, they will willingly recommend the brand to their friends and family, giving you free marketing.

Show your customers how your business started, let them know more about you and your team and the methods of your work. Share your goals and your vision for the future. This will help your visitors and potential customers to see that it is not only about the money, show them how much passion was involved in making your business great.


As you can see, keeping up with the web design trends is not that difficult. Add few animations, change the color scheme, present your personal story, and your website is now 2018 ready. But, the year is still young, so keep an eye on any trends that might show during the course of the year. Keeping your website fresh is extremely important, and making these slight changes we suggested in this article will do just that. Just make sure you don’t get carried away with the overhaul, especially if you have an established brand, you don’t want to chase away your regular visitors and customers.

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