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With Vultr, you can get powerful, unmanaged VPS hosting that keeps up with the competition while keeping the prices low at the same time. In fact, you barely need to pay more than you would for a normal shared hosting plan. Signing up to a VPS hosting plan at Vultr comes with a huge benefit: their cloud-based system is highly flexible. You can add a new VPS instance, more CPU, RAM or storage whenever you want by simply paying the difference.

Of course, going for an unmanaged VPS plan as a beginner might seem a bit risky. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources on the Internet that can help you manage your server. It is rather easy to find extensive guides that show you the step-by-step process of setting up and maintaining your server. There are also helpful services available such as ServerPilot.io. This one guarantees that you don’t need to use the console and provides you with a beginner-friendly interface instead.

On the other hand, you can save money by choosing an unmanaged VPS. You will only pay for the performance since there is no staff involved in managing your service. Vultr earned its reputation as an excellent provider when it comes to VPS hosting. Next up, we are going to go through the prices and every part of the services offered by this provider, including the plans, customer support and features.

Vultr Plans and Features

At Vultr, there is no shortage of useful services. They have their Cloud Computing plans which are great for small and mid-sized businesses that want to power their growing websites. They have a Block Storage service where you can set the amount of SSD storage you want and rent it for a monthly or even hourly price. Since there is a high demand for dedicated servers, Vultr included 4 different plans that you can find under their Dedicated Instances section.

These guarantee a top-tier hosting performance for bigger businesses and projects that need it. We are going to go through these options one-by-one, providing you with some key information about them so that you can choose the one that perfectly fits to your needs. But first, let’s check out some of the main features this company has to offer:

  • Numerous Operating Systems – You can either choose between Linux and Windows, or install any other operating system of your choice. Vultr has numerous Linux versions available, enabling you to choose the one that is fully compatible with the software you want to use on the server.
  • Snapshots and Backup – You can create a snapshot of the current state of your server whenever you want. This can be helpful in case you want to add another server instance because all you need to do is to apply the snapshot to it and it is set. On top of that, automatic backups cost only $1 each month.
  • Data Centers – Vultr established 15 data centers so far, spread all around the World so that everyone can have a solid connection. These all come with a Class C IP address which can help a lot in improving you SEO.
  • Control Panel – At Vultr, the control panel is a thing that even beginners can use seamlessly thanks to the helpful documentation available. You can pick cPanel, which is the most popular admin control panel right now. It makes website transfer, backups, data restoration and all the tasks that come with a web hosting service easy as pie.
  • Mobile Support – The mobile application for Vultr is even smoother than the desktop version. It is completely user-friendly and allows you to add new servers and manage existing ones as well.
  • Unrestricted Access – With the shared hosting plans, you are allowed to install any software you want on the server. Not only that your server access won’t be restricted, but you will be able to install an abundance of helpful one-click applications provided by Vultr.

Cloud Compute Plans (VPS)

This is the service that Vultr mostly focuses on, providing their clients with 8 different plans to choose from. If you want a reliable server to host your applications or websites, the Vultr Cloud Compute section is definitely the place where you should look for one. The prices are incredibly low, starting with a $2.50 per month plan which beats most of the competition. You can find tons of similar plans on the Internet, but usually for double that price.

And the greatest thing about it is that you get a decent value for your money. People are more than satisfied with their hosting plans according to the majority of feedback. Cloud Compute Plans are especially recommended for those who have some experience in web design or any sort of website building. These plans grow with your needs, meaning that you can upgrade your plan whenever you want without any downtime.

As we mentioned, their first plan costs only $2.50 per month and comes with a 20 GB SSD, 1-core CPU, and 512MB of RAM and 0.50TB bandwidth. You can scale it up through 7 additional levels. The most powerful plan costs $320 per month and you get a 400GB SSD, 16-core CPU, 64GB of RAM and 10TB bandwidth. All these servers can be rented for an hourly price as well.

Block Storage

As you add more and more pages, content and functionalities to your website, your server might start to run out of resources. If it is only a storage space issue, you don’t necessarily need to switch to a stronger plan. A more powerful plan also means that the CPU, RAM, bandwidth will improve too, although you might not even need those resources yet.

Vultr doesn’t want you to pay for resources that you won’t even need. This is why they introduced the Block Storage option. If you check out this section on your website, you will see that there is an SSD storage meter where you can set the required amount of storage and then rent it. You can pay on an hourly basis even for the storage.

If you want to pay monthly, then you can get a 10GB SSD for $1 per month or the maximum of 10,000GB SSD for $1,000 per month. You can always get some extra space from Vultr in case you need it for backups or additional website/app data.

Dedicated Servers

With a dedicated server, there is no need to worry about other users sitting around your website data on the same server. You have a server that is completely yours, you just need to pick one that fits your needs and budget. At Vultr Hosting, there are 4 different dedicated servers available. The first one costs $60 and it comes with 120GB SSD storage, 2 CPU cores, 8GB of RAM and 10TB bandwidth.

The strongest plan there costs $240 per month and you get a whopping 480GB of SSD storage, 8 CPU cores, 32GB RAM and 40TB bandwidth. Of course, you can add some extra storage to your dedicated server as well by setting the required amount at the Block Storage section on the Vultr website.

Choosing a VPS might be a decent option for the long run, but the fact that other users also run their websites on the server can negatively impact your VPS performance. Therefore, if it doesn’t hurt your budget too much, it is always better to upgrade to a dedicated server. At Vultr, not only that the prices are low, but you will be definitely satisfied with their dedicated servers as well.

Server Uptime

Vultr guarantees that if your website experiences any downtime, you will get credits for compensation. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay if their servers are down. Website owners can lose a significant amount of revenue if their sites are down. However, it is completely fair that at least they make your next monthly fee a bit lower.

Still, it would be better if they gave money as compensation; as it turns out, their servers rarely go down anyways. Vultr actually works hard to keep the server uptime at 100%. There always can be a hardware failure, a human error, an accident or some sort of software failure, so you can’t really expect 100%, but they are surely striving to keep it as high as possible.

On the other hand, one of the reasons why they invested so much in cloud hosting is to keep downtimes at a minimum. Cloud hosting allows all data to be spread between numerous servers, making sure that if one of them goes down, your website can still run on the rest of them without any downtime.

Vultr Customer Support

With their well-trained customer support team, Vultr is able to respond to support tickets and solve your problems so fast that you will barely have time to take a break. You can ask for advices as well, asking them about things like how to improve the performance of your hosting according to your website’s needs. It will take them only a couple of minutes to respond and explain everything clearly.


You need to take into account that we are talking about unmanaged VPS plans, so the fact that they are offering such a reliable support is quite impressive. Vultr also has an in-depth documentation available, covering all the aspects of unmanaged web hosting with thorough guides. If you need some assistance for setting up your VPS, you can always follow their guide which neatly leads you through the process.


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