Best VPS Hosting [2017] – Virtual Private Servers Explained

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a hosting type similar to shared hosting, but more powerful and flexible. In the case of a vps plan, we are talking about a web server that is partitioned in few accounts each having its own disk space, operation system, RAM and CPU usage.

virtual private server hosting

What to expect from a virtual private server?

Although multiple accounts share the same server, these work separately and are not affecting the other account from the server. The possibility to install custom software and having root access to the account give the user more control over the hosting account, but at the same time require higher technical knowledge than in case of a shared hosting plan. A virtual machine is usually used by ecommerce, community and high traffic websites, which require more server resources and higher security than a shared plan can offer, but still not as much as a dedicated server.

Here is a list of features of a good virtual private hosting plan:

  • Should cost between $20-$80 a month, depending on required server resources
  • Offer plenty of RAM, disk space and bandwidth and option to upgrade anytime
  • Offer Managed hosting with full system administration and tech support
  • Offer dedicated IP address, software license (for cPanel or other you choose)
  • Offer SSH access and guaranteed network uptime of at least 99.98%

Top 3 VPS hosting providers

#1 BlueHost VPS

starting from $14.99 / month 

#2 InMotion VPS

starting from $29.99 / month 

#3 HostGator VPS

starting from $11.97 / month