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Best VPN Reviews [2022] - Top Virtual Private Networks

VPN is a service that ensures your online privacy and security. A Virtual Private Network can be used for multiple purposes: secure connection on public networks protecting your data from hackers, provide privacy by hiding your activity from your internet service provider or hiding your IP address from websites you are browsing, access websites that are restricted in your country, and much more.

You can learn more about VPNs in the linked tutorial. If you already know how a VPN works and looking for a reliable service provider, on this page you will find reviews of the top VPNs. Read our VPN reviews, compare their features and prices, and choose the company that is right for your demands.


VPN Unlimited Review

As its name says, the main goal of VPN Unlimited is to provide a reliable and powerful VPN service. In fact, they are quite good at it. They are consistently keeping their prices low while offering a comprehensive tool for various operating systems. Although you can’t find that many P2P …


NordVPN Review

NordVPN is certainly one of the rapidly growing VPN providers right now in the industry. It is designed with the inexperienced user in mind with top-notch security and extensive network. In this article, we are going to talk about the service in general and the main reasons why people choose …

ipvanish reviews

IPVanish Reviews

IPVanish is a best-in-line VPN service provider that was built for speed and anonymity, and it’s regarded as the only top tier VPN service on the market, which is also due to the fact that every layer of the service is owned and operated by the provider including the network …

totalvpn reviews

TotalVPN.com Reviews

The use of VPNs is becoming ever so popular among average consumers leading to the emergence of new VPN service providers that focus mainly on consumer needs. Even VPN providers that were exclusively targeting businesses in the past, have now diversified their offers and plans to accommodate the needs of …

incognitovpn reviews

IncognitoVPN.com Reviews

IncognitoVPN was launched in 2016, and as a newcomer to the VPN industry, it was well-received by users thanks to their easy-to-use service, large global network of severs, good speed performance, and budget-friendly pricing plans. Is IncognitoVPN a service that can keep up with users’ increasing need for internet anonymity, …

hide.me reviews

Hide.me Reviews

Hide.me is one of the many VPN providers that have gained a lot of popularity among consumers. Hide.me is particularly popular for its zero-log policy that holds strong even in the face of law enforcement. Read the review below to find out how Hide.me manages to achieve this and what …

hotspotshield reviews

HotspotShield.com Reviews

If you’re concerned about viruses, you probably have an antivirus program on your computer protecting you from malware. You also probably have a backup system in place to back up your data in case of hardware malfunctions. But what happens with your data pertaining to your online activity? How do …