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VPN Unlimited Review

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As its name says, the main goal of VPN Unlimited is to provide a reliable and powerful VPN service. In fact, they are quite good at it. They are consistently keeping their prices low while offering a comprehensive tool for various operating systems. Although you can’t find that many P2P servers and the latency is not evenly spread out in the network, but these are common issues among VPN software.

What truly matters is that you can have a good connection with all the local servers and even with those that are relatively far away. Since the connection runs through servers that are optimized for streaming, you can easily watch iPlayer, Hulu and Netflix as well with this VPN. If VPN Unlimited itself is not enough, the service also gives you access to useful applications that you can install on your machine.

This VPN service relies on some strong features that take care of privacy, so you can safely surf the Internet. However, there is no kill switch included, which is definitely a useful feature in many other VPNs. Without further ado, let’s start our detailed review about VPN Unlimited so that you can decide whether the service is worth your money or not.

Pricing Plans and Extras in VPN Unlimited

At VPN Unlimited, you can find the basic plan that costs $9.99 per month, which is a good choice if you don’t want to use it long term. Then there is the 1-year subscription that saves you a lot of money, costing $5 per month with the total price of $59.99 per year. This one can save you 50%, so it is surely worth to go for this one if you are going to use it for half a year or more.

There is no difference in the features in each package; they only differ in the price. VPN Unlimited also offers a Lifetime plan for only $149.99, which requires you to pay once and then the application is completely yours without any time limit. Of course, it only depends on your needs if this one is really a good deal. They give you 7 days to try out their service and if you don’t like it, you can have your money back.

7 days is more than enough time to try out the features and they apply no restrictions to it; they just send back your money without any questions asked, eliminating all risks. There are numerous ways to pay for VPN Unlimited plans, including the most common options like PayPal, debit card, credit card and Bitcoin. There are some payment gateways not supported by the company such as UnionPay and Alipay.

Fast Connections and Reliable Service

VPN Unlimited can give you access to lightning fast connections, but not across the whole network. As long as you choose a server that is not too far away, you can seamlessly run even high-definition streams. It is also optimal for torrenters and gamers because the lower the latency, the better. On average, the service ensures an 84Mbps speed for UK local servers and at least 60Mbps for servers in other European countries.

These measurements are based on connectivity tests that were made with the app in London. Of course, with a VPN service like this one, people want to be able to connect to as many countries as possible from all around the World. We can say that the speeds for locations like US and Canada were also pretty good compared to the distance. If you want to watch a particular stream broadcasted from Australia, you can also do that without any buffering time.

You only need to wait around 10 seconds to connect with VPN Unlimited and you are good to go. From then on, the service provides top-notch performance with very rare drop-outs. Overall, there are not many issues to be expected, especially for those that have a good Internet connection. If you connect to servers located in Europe, the upload rates will be more than decent.

Then as you go farther, it becomes slower and slower but still above average. However, the fact that P2P is not allowed in most of the servers might make this service not suitable for many torrenters out there. Just like many other VPN solutions, VPN Unlimited works perfectly for all the servers that are nearby. When it comes to wide international connections, this provider might not be the best choice, but still a decent option.

Features in VPN Unlimited

A Big Server Network

With VPN Unlimited, you can gain access to a rather big network of servers. More than 50 countries and an overall of 70+ cities are covered, resulting in a total of 1200+ IP addresses. This gives you an abundance of options, probably more than you need. The good news is that even the most popular servers in the network rarely reach maximum capacity, so the choices are open for everyone most of the time.

One of the reasons why VPN Unlimited is a service worth your money is that you can choose from 13 US locations. These are also spread throughout the country, giving you access to the west and east coast areas and even more choices in between. Plenty of popular city-level locations are available in countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

If you want to pick a server in Europe, VPN Unlimited offers you over 30 of them. They even cover the Far East with servers in Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore. If you are interested in some specific locations, you can always check out the list on their website before even buying the app.

Custom Applications

If you sign up to VPN Unlimited, you will have access to plenty of custom apps as well. All of the apps support the most widely used operating systems: Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and iOS. They also work together with FlashRouters, a company that provides pre-configured routers. Usually, it takes a lot of time to set up VPN Unlimited and various different apps on several devices. If you want a router with all the required software pre-installed, their service can save you a lot of time.

Unfortunately, this VPN provider doesn’t have a dedicated app available for every single device. For example, if you have an Apple TV, Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick, there are no applications available, so you need a manual setup for the VPN. The great thing is that VPN Unlimited has plenty of guides available to show you how to set up each of the devices manually. These guides are created with the inexperienced user in mind, including screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Chrome and Firefox Extensions

In addition to the useful applications, you will be able to download proxy extensions for Firefox and Chrome, the two most popular browsers right now. You only need to go through a few simple steps to make these available in your browser once you have the VPN Unlimited app up and running. If you want to prevent your IP address from getting exposed, it is highly recommended to add the WebRTC Leak Blocker.

This is an extra tool that comes with your subscription and it prevents unexpected browser issues that could reveal your IP. All these useful apps that come with VPN Unlimited are widely used and highly effective. However, each of them is a simple proxy, so you need to keep in mind that these don’t apply any sort of encryption to your web traffic.

Streaming and Torrenting with VPN Unlimited

Since the servers are fully optimized for streaming video content, you can seamlessly connect to the biggest streaming services and enjoy the show without any buffering. Thousands of people use VPNs for watching content distributed by Netflix, BBC iPlayer or Hulu. They even made it quickly accessible by naming the servers after the distributors, so you can pick the “Streaming Netflix” server for example and start watching. Since these are so popular, you can find them right at the top of the server list.

VPN Unlimited is one of the fastest options right now when it comes to streaming online. You can watch any video in HD and it won’t affect the experience at all. One downside of this provider is that you will face strict P2P restrictions as a torrenter. If the 5 PHP servers on their list are not enough for you, then you better try another VPN service. There are plenty of them that benefit torrenters by offering more servers.

Reliable Customer Support

Although VPN Unlimited doesn’t offer a live chat option, they still have a reliable and fast customer support. Whenever a user writes an email, they respond within 10 minutes and start to resolve the problem or give answers to the questions. Sometimes it is a bit slower, sometimes quicker but they always manage to respond relatively quickly.

In addition, they strive to stick to the point and don’t fill their messages with unnecessary information like many other providers. You can also find plenty of topics in their knowledge base. They tried to give answers to the most common issues and even for some infrequent ones. Instead of scrolling through countless topics, you can simply use the FAQ search bar and look up anything you need by typing in the keywords.

From general subjects to setup guides, you can find pretty much everything. If you want to read more about topics like online security, geo-restrictions and privacy, you can do that as well.


By signing up to a VPN Unlimited plan, you will gain access to an affordable, yet powerful and versatile service. You can hardly find another provider that offers a life-long plan. If you want such a reliable VPN service to be available for an unlimited amount of time, then you can buy VPN Unlimited for a surprisingly cheap price. Not only that the local connections are fast and stable, but you can also establish a seamless connection with most of the international servers.

However, if you are a gamer or a torrenter, you should search for a different VPN service. With their KeepSolid Wise protocol, you can get an even better encryption. This comes into handy whenever you need to overcome government blocks, because there are numerous countries where the censorship is more serious than the usual. All in all, there are numerous reasons why you should choose VPN Unlimited, even despite the fact that it doesn’t provide a VPN kill switch option.

On top of that, the application is rather beginner-friendly and available for both mobile and desktop devices. If you want to watch Netflix, Hulu or BBC iPlayer, then you can take advantage of their servers that are fully optimized for streaming. This VPN service is mostly recommended for inexperienced users, mainly because of its helpful tech support, beginner-friendly application and servers optimized for the major streaming providers.

VPN Unlimited Review

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