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Volusion Review

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Volusion is one of the most popular e-commerce online store builders that powers over 40 thousand online shops. The company has been offering their service for more than 15 years, so we can call them a well-established firm, which is here to stay.

Volusion allows you to create your own online shop, without the hassle of dealing with all the technical details. You only have to focus on generating traffic and selling your products, while Volusion is doing the rest.

In the next part of this Volusion review, I would like to point out some of the pros and cons of using the shop builder. Hopefully this will give you a quick overview of what you can expect from Volusion.

What’s good about Volusion?

No Transaction Fees: unlike other store builders, Volusion does not charge you for processing payments. This is perfect for all small businesses that need every penny of their revenue to expand their business. It is also beneficial for bigger shops, because they can keep all their revenue and don’t have to pay a percentage to their shopping cart.

eBay & Amazon Integration: Volusion’s shopping cart integrates with eBay and Amazon, that gives you the opportunity to expand your shop to hundreds of millions of users and increase your sales volume.

Stunning Shop Designs: you can choose from over 75 high quality, professionally designed ecommerce themes, which can be installed to your shop with one click. You can also customize any design to fit your store profile and your preferences.

Accept All Payments: you can accept all major payment methods including Credit Cards and PayPal too. Their hosting is PCI certified, and you can install SSL certificate to secure transactions and customer data.

Dedicated Support: their 24×7 support team will help you setup your shop and answer your questions. Their premium plans include Account Managers too.

What’s bad about Volusion?

No Blog Function: blogging and content marketing should be a must-have strategy in your online marketing plan. Unfortunately, Volusion does not offer you any option to create a blog section on your website. You will need to create a separate website on different domain in order to blog and grow your audience.

SSL Certificate: is needed if you are processing Credit Cards on your website. You will need to purchase an SSL certificate separately, because this is not included in your monthly plan fee. The SSL certificates vary between $90 to $1000 yearly fees.

Bandwidth Limit: you might save up some cash on transaction fees, but you might get billed for exceeding your monthly bandwidth plan. The problem is that it is not clear how much will you be charged if you use more bandwidth that is allowed. If you are planning to build a shop with lots of images and expect high traffic, bandwidth limitation might be a concert.


From our testing resulted that Volusion is professionally designed and easy to use software that does what it promises: create stunning online store. Their plans and pricing are very competitive and enables businesses with lower budget to start and grow their online shop.

Volusion is certainly not for all type of businesses, especially those who have a multitude of high quality product images, can suffer for paying for exceeded bandwidth. This can be costly and it might not worth paying for extra bandwidth, but pay transaction fees instead. For you Weebly or BigCommerce might be a better solution.

Volusion Review Updated on: January 22, 2019
Company: Volusion
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