How to Use Mobile Marketing the Most Efficient Way?

There is a lot to work out about this concept, so we will cover the most important things about working in the mobile advertisement ecosystem, without beating too much around the bush.

As we previously discussed, mobile advertisement has grown substantially during the last few years and it will continue to grow. Mobile phones are available for potential customers in all age groups and they provide the most direct way of communicating with your audience, by sending promotional texts and interesting ad messages to them. There are various channels and platforms on which you are able to reach your audience and advertise your products/services. One of these is the SMS that we discussed in the earlier article.

Social media and e-mail services also play a key role in today’s marketing world. Social media platforms enable users to interact with each other in a meaningful manner. They are able to share pictures, add comments, Tweet about things, etc. They are a massive storm of information and you can have a slice of that cut, in order to help make a name for yourself and your business.

Emailing is also a simple, yet effective way of marketing, because people get instant notifications on their phone when they receive an email. This makes it a great way to promote your business because you can receive an instant response from your potential customer.

With this in mind, its best that you use this huge mobile advertisement ecosystem to your advantage and boost the reach of your business.

Reasons to use Mobile Advertisement

In today’s world, people are available on their phones almost around the clock, which makes phones an ideal marketing platform, but there are also various other advantages to it.

  • People are easy to reach – It’s a surprising fact that mobile phone users draw 15% more internet traffic than desktop users, which means that many clicks are coming from them too.
  • Ease of access – Mobiles are really handy for users, thus mobile advertising is efficient, as their phones are in the bottom of their pocket.
  • Time factor – People can be reached at any time of the day, which is not really possible with desktop computers.
  • Low cost – Mobile advertising is much cheaper than any other advertisement method, thus it helps you to advertise more at the same cost.
  • Personalization – You can craft your ad in a text message in a meaningful way. People find text messages much more intimate than any other internet advertisement methods.

So How do You Make it Work for You?

To make the most out of this method, it is essential that your formatting is clear and you use fascinating add banners that make your customers want to click on them. Always work on making their experience simple, provocative and easy to act on. Make your message personal.

There are some key factors to keep in place in order to make your advertisement efficient.

  • Interactive advertisements encourage your audience to sign up and grab your offer.
  • Use Geo-Targeting on your mobile advertisement campaigns to convert each hit you get on an ad.
  • Make ads social. Add features that enable your users to share their experience, thus making your content more viral.
  • Choosing the right channels for your ads is important. Chose channels and media where users are more likely to convert.
  • Do micro-experiments to see what factors are the most critical in affecting the user’s behavior.

Working with Social Media Marketing

As we mentioned earlier, social media is a massive whale in the Internet’s ocean, which you can take advantage of. It has outgrown the good old TV advertisements you knew as a child for a good reason. Today, research has shown that 71% of people who use social media access it from their phone, using it much more than they do with laptops and PCs. This fact makes it a prime channel for us to market on. It works great on all the phones, irrespective of their specs, so let’s see what does this channel has to offer you specifically –

  • Convenience – People access their social media from their phone much more often than they would on desktop. They browse it as they wait for the bus, sit on the bus, as they eat, as they sit on the toilet or before they go to bed. It is hilariously easy to access.
  • Intimacy – Social media is mostly used to connect friends and family, making it much more intimate and of course a smartphone is an intimate object to start with.
  • Easy to respond – Due to the well composed front end of a social media site, users respond much quickly to a call to action.
  • Sound strategies – Social media has demographic data which can be used to reach targeted audience with ease and it can also give you a much better idea of the audience’s behavior.
  • Real-time interaction – You can constantly monitor your audience’s activity, making it easy to make and apply changes to see an increase in their interactions.

Going With Mobile Email Marketing

Email marketing can be used to reach out to a lot of people at once. This is an awesome way to capture sales leads and get more subscribers or get some of the user’s information, like their phone numbers, etc. It can be used to reach a lot of goals but there are some important details you have to keep in mind.

Make Sure it’s Accessible for all Users

There are a lot of devices and browsers you need to optimize your emails for, to make sure that everyone you have sent them to can view it. Not everyone has Google Chrome installed on their device so you have to create and design your emails in such a way that they can access all the content and links you have sent them. When you use Mobile Email Marketing, your goal is to reach a large number of people at once and you have to make sure that you can do that with a wide array of devices and browsers.

Choose a Provider to Help You with Email Marketing

It’s highly recommended to use the help of professionals when starting an email marketing campaign. Email Marketing Providers can help you make the best of your emails with optimizing them for most devices. MailChimp and SendGrid are both well-known and great providers who you can hire to design your emails the way you want them to. They can also give useful reports about subscriber information and email deliverability and so on.

Follow Design Principles

With design principles, we mean efficient ways of making sure that users can view your emails on their phones or laptop and desktop computers. To ensure this, you need to follow a few design principles and make your content more efficient.  Create an email in which information is easy to read through, provocative and contains all the details that are relevant for your users. The mail must fit the screen, navigation links should be visible and easy to click (maybe bold them to make them more visible) and your call to action should be compelling. Don’t forget to place your company’s logo on the headline either.

What is M-Commerce?

Buying and selling things on mobile devices has become a trend. You can purchase most of your home appliances from the comfort of your living room. Busy people can shop on the go and sell things too.

M-commerce simply means to engage users to buy or sell something on their mobile device. Good examples for this are Mobile app stores and various other content markets. The size of potential sales is incredibly large because your potential customers most likely own a smartphone. It is recommended for any business, so let’s get down to the details.

Key Points of M-Commerce

  • Decide Where You Want to Sell: Finding a place to sell your product is the first step. You can choose various third party services to sell your stuff and charge a commission for their services. A good example for this is if you are selling an app, you can use Google Play Store or Android Store to promote it for you, because they have tons of visitors and a lot of potential buyers too. But you can also build your own shop and sell your products there.
  • Set Up Your Mobile Billing: When you know where you want to sell, the next step is to make your own merchant account where you collect the income from selling your products. A good place where you can do this is PayPal, which charges a commission for handling your payments but it’s worth the investment because it is easy for you to access and for customers to make their payments.

You also have the option of making your billing payment gate way, but make sure that it is easy for users to handle on their phones without having a keyboard in front of them.


Today we have covered a lot of info about how you can reach out to a much wider audience with the use of Advertisement, Social Media, Email, Mobile Marketing and M-Commerce. All of these are very good ways to engage with your potential customers, but it is up to you to select which one would work best for your company!


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