How to Use Graphics to Improve Your Social Media Campaign

Because it’s a new year, small businesses like to try different things with their marketing campaigns to see if other strategies will work. While evaluating what you do currently is important, so is trying something new. However, you don’t want to throw away what does work just because it’s a new year. With every marketing campaign, social media are a strong component. If you aren’t using graphics in your marketing and social media marketing, you should consider trying something new. Like add or change your graphics if you want to maximize your return on your investment from social media. Here are some tips.

Profile picture

Many small businesses will use no picture or their logo as the profile picture. While this works, it’s the same as everyone else. You want your profile to stand out among your competitors. You want it to be personal and friendly. For example, why not add people who are part of your social media marketing strategy? Add them to your photo. Although it remains a professional photo, it also is a social photo. You also want to make the picture large enough and with the right resolution so people can figure out what is happening in it. Keep it simple. Only use three people in the photo.

Personal items

Besides your regular posts and profiles, you are allowed to add pictures. You should snap some shots of your products. If you are a service-based industry, post a picture of happy customer from what you have done. Show your work in action. You can post acts of kindness or your work with charities. People want to connect your company to helping the community in some way. This also keeps them on the page and more likely to hit those links your offer later.

Graphics in posts

Too much text is boring. Watch the news for more than five minutes and you will notice, the anchor switches to video, pictures and graphics frequently. People love charts and graphics that tell more of the story. Whenever possible add a graphic or video to your post. While these do not always have to be business-related, you should make sure they are professional. For example, you could show the statistics on how many people have benefited from your product or service. Or, you can provide a fun drawing or something like that. Stay away from controversial topics. Graphics tell people what you are doing while showing them your human side. You want to engage potential customers as much as possible.

Blog pictures

You can post a blog or you can post a blog on top a picture. Say you are discussing vacation tips for business owners. You could use a cruise ship or a beach destination as your backdrop. This is emphasize the message in your blog and be an original way to show off your content.

Product pictures

If you have a physical products to sell, you’ll want to post pictures of people using or holding your products. If you offer services, you will want to post pictures of you performing your service. However, some businesses are boring if seen in a picture. You can use pictures that relate to your service – a spreadsheet if you are an accountant, a gavel if you are a judge, scales for a lawyer, a book for a writer, etc. Photographers have the advantage of using actual pictures to show their work.


People like quotes of the day or daily inspirational notes. You can highlight these quotes and use them as a graphic by putting them on something else you are promoting. If you have an event, pick a quote that relates to the event you want to share in Facebook. Then, add it to a colorful background and send as a graphic.


Restaurants want to post pictures of their favorite or signature dishes. You want to post the most visually appealing food dishes. These are likely to bring more people to want to eat at your establishment. You also can post pieces of your menu.

Digital flyers

If you are sponsoring an event, you will want to create a digital document that shows in pictures what you are doing. This also works if you are selling something for a limited time at a special price. Create an image of the promotion and send with a link. You will get more people to visit your site.


Small business owners don’t realize that people love to learn about what happens when the cameras are away. That’s why shows like “Behind the Music” or “Beyond the Tank” are successful. People want to know what happens after the deal or the tour. You can show how your products are made through a visual story of your processes. You can take videos or pictures or create infographics that highlight the process.


A picture, infographic or video can tell people how to do something. If you have a home improvement business, you can show people through graphics how to patch a hole in your living room wall. This will encourage people to call you with the big problems because they will be confident that they can fix the smaller ones.


Many small business owners have trouble describing what they do in words. An infographic allows you to use pictures and words together to describe a difficult concept. For example, dentists use them to explain about procedures. Stores use them to explain sales and rewards programs. Writers use them to explain tough concepts or to show off statistics. You can use them in your social media posts to explain what you have trouble saying.

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