The Ultimate Toolkit for Content Management

Content writers have plenty of opportunities to make their work easier by using the right digital tools. We are far beyond the era when a writer didn’t need anything more than a pen and paper. Contemporary technology supports the research, writing, and editing processes, makes them more effective and much easier.

If you’re still faithful to MS Word, it’s time to abandon that outdated software and try some tool that will make you a more organized, better writer. Try these digital content management tools, and you won’t even think about going back to your old writing routine.

Tools for Generating Ideas

  1. Alltop

You don’t have to visit several random blogs to find the most popular content on the web; Alltop collects it for you. Use this website to check what influential bloggers have to say on different topics, and you’ll easily figure out what to write about.

  1. Quora

Explore the categories of your niche on Quora, and you’ll find out what questions your audience has. You can start answering them on Quora to gain authority as an author, but you can also take those questions as an inspiration for future blog posts and articles.

  1. SmartBrief

This website is maintained by a great team of experienced editors, who select the best, most relevant pieces of content on the web, and they deliver them to you. You can explore pieces in different categories: finance, technology, education, food, marketing, etc. Don’t skip SmartBrief when you’re looking for news, inspiration, and relevant resources to support your articles.

Tools for Editing

  1. Hemingway

You still haven’t started using this automated editor? It’s time to try it. Today’s Internet users don’t like reading complex sentences and strange words. Hemingway will warn you about those aspects of your content, and it will suggest you to make them simple.

  1. AutoCrit

This manuscript editing software is a great option for fiction writers who want to do their own editing. Just paste or upload your text, and AutoCrit will generate a detailed report with suggestions for choice of words, dialogue, repetition, and more. Keep in mind that this is still an automated tool, so it won’t replace the work of a real editor.

  1. After the Deadline

Unlike most other automated tools for editing, After the Deadline helps you to improve not only the form of your content, but the context as well. This tool supports contextual spell checking, intelligent grammar checking, and advanced style checking.

Tools for Outsourcing Tasks

  1. Taboola

If you don’t like to be a writer and a marketer at the same time, you can delegate the tasks related to promotion to Taboola. This tool will recommend your publications through different high-traffic online channels.

  1. Assignment Masters

Even a writer needs writing assistance from time to time. When the deadline is close and you have zero time to collect resources, write, edit, proofread, and format the piece, then you can outsource some of the work to expert researchers, authors, and editors from Assignment Masters. The process is collaborative, so this will still be your own work; you’ll only get support by a qualified team.

Tools for Promotion

  1. Social Mention

If you want to write better content, you need to know how the audience has accepted the pieces you’ve previously published. Social Mention is a search tool that tells you what people think about you as an author, your website, or your content, depending on the keywords you use to research. You can use that feedback to answer the questions of your readers and deliver what they need.

  1. TapInfluence

When social media influencers share your posts, you’ll get many new readers and visitors to your website. But, how exactly do you engage influencers with your content? You can’t just write excellent posts and expect to reach them by chance. With TapInfluence, you can start cultivating relationships that will help you reach millions of readers.

With the Right Tools, Your Work Will Gain on Quality and Quantity

You think your work is great when you rely on traditional research, writing, and editing methods? You’re still not aware of the fact that you can expand your limits when you start using the right digital tools. Try to experiment with the 10 tools suggested above, and you’ll realize that the creative and technical processes related to writing become much more effective when you have the needed support.

linda-carigThis article was brought to you by our guest author: Linda Carig, who is a freelance blogger, writer, editor and content strategist for Assignmentmasters. You can find out more about Linda by following her on Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Rawpixel via Shutterstock

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