Top 5 Web Hosting Providers to Consider in 2016

Another year has almost passed and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the New Year brings us. Especially I’m interested in the changes that might come in the hosting industry in 2016. This year there has been a lot of buzz around cloud hosting and many hosting providers have been switching the SSD hosting. You could also see how some providers where climbing up the top-10-list (eHost or Arvixe for instance), while others have been falling out from the list of recommended hosts (HostMetro).

As more and more websites are created daily, one thing is certain: there will be need for web hosting not only next year but in the upcoming years. As the demand for web hosting is increasing, price is also rising. You could already experience some changes in pricing at HostGator (it went up). Ipage has also increased their introduction price at the beginning of the year to $2.25 / month, and after only two months has reduced it back to $1.99 monthly.

Certainly there has been lots of other changes in the industry, but let’s see what to expect in 2016?

Buying a web hosting account in 2016

how to choose web hosting in 2016If you are just starting out, or looking to switch web hosting, there are is always a check list you should run your future host trough. This way you can avoid dealing with a bad web hosting provider. So you might wonder what check-list I’m talking about.

A while back I have wrote an article about the process of finding a good business web host; and have also created a guide on web hosting, including details about registering your first domain, setting up a website as well explaining the different hosting types. I highly suggest reading the linked articles, but in short here is the checklist:

  • Knowing your needs
  • Setting your budget
  • Reading hosting reviews
  • Testing hosting services
  • Making the decision

The first thing when looking for hosting service is to know what you need. If you are just starting your first website and learning the basics, a shared host will be perfect for you. If you are switching hosts because your website has become slower, you might investigate if the change you are going to do will give you any benefit or you need a more powerful hosting plan such as a VPS.

When buying hosting, the rules of “cheap is bad”, “expensive is good” are not meaningful. In fact, most web hosting providers who sell over-priced hosting fail to provide the level of service you might expect. I’m not saying that you should get the cheapest hosting you find, but finding the golden mean is essential.

It is also important to not fall for any marketing campaigns and quick discount deals. Make your researcher before you make a purchase! There are lots of websites (forums, blogs, review sites) where you can find information about hosting companies. Do not rely on one single source; read through multiple sites to be sure about the accuracy of the information. Some sites can be misleading.

Hosting companies usually do not offer trial periods. However most of them offer money back guarantees for a certain period. The longer period is the better. InMotion Hosting has the longest money back guarantee in the hosting industry: 90 Days (at the time of writing). You can ask for a refund within this period after purchase. You can also test their support before signing up. You can call a hosting provider or send them an email with random queries just to see how fast they react.

After you gathered a ton of information about multiple hosting companies, put them side to side, compare them and make a decision. As mentioned before, do not take price as the main factor for choosing a host.

Web Hosting Recommendation for 2016

Now you know how to pick a good web hosting, but which one should you choose for 2016. Here come our top five picks for the next year.

ipage review 2016iPage: is a great hosting company which has been one of our favorite. They have never failed to provide quality and reliable service. We believe that in the future iPage will still hold their good reputation. iPage is a great place to start with your first website; they offer a very good introduction price and a feature-rich hosting plan.

great host to start your first WordPress website

ehost review 2016eHost: has been in business for over fifteen years, but it did not catch much attention until summer 2015. The company has changed its business model, rebranded their website, product and has started offering cPanel hosting along with Website Builder. The eHost shared plan is the perfect choice for those who are new to website building and need professional software for website creation. We think that eHost will be a great choice next year as well. 

ideal for beginners with no programming skills

inmotion review 2016InMotion: have a good history and a good reputation among business hosting companies. They have been in business since 2001, providing a wide range of hosting plans and online services. InMotion is the hosting company where you can start and grow your business site. We believe that their service will remain steady in the future as well.

InMotion Hosting

 best choice for growing business websites

bluehost review 2016BlueHost: is our top pick when it comes to hosting your WordPress site. The company has a very good and long history in the hosting industry and has been recommended by as well since 2005. BlueHost is ideal for hosting small sites but there is also room to grow having the option to easily upgrade hosting plans. We truly believe that BlueHost will remain among the best rated hosting providers.

best for hosting your WordPress blog or business site

webhostinghub review 2016WebHostingHub: is another great hosting company that should be taken into consideration next year. WebHostingHub is great for hosting smaller websites. The company has a good reputation and has been a recommended host on many forums and review sites. It is likely that WHHub will as well provide good service and support in 2016.

is great for hosting small blogs and websites

Conclusion and thoughts

The above mentioned hosts are among the top rated and highly recommended companies. But can this change in the future? It certainly can, however from our experience we know that hosting companies that provide a steady service over multiple years is less likely to go through any radical changes that might affect its customers.

If you are going to choose any of the companies from the above list, you will be in good hands.

The comment section is open to elaborate your thoughts and share your experience. Thank you!

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