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from $4.08 / month is a newcomer to the sync and storage industry and markets itself as a secure alternative to Dropbox. The Canada based company emerged with promises to keep your files as secure as possible by implementing a security hardened system that will strongly uphold your right to privacy. comes highly recommended and not only for its air-tight security, but also for its wide range of features that make online data storing and backup easy for all.

Why You Should use

Anyone who needs an ultra-secure sync and storage service, be it business users who need to store sensitive data in the cloud or individual users who want all the benefits of a Dropbox-like service, but with the added advantage of advanced security, will find this service quite appealing. Those who have a beef with how the US government tends to pry on users’ data will certainly find it refreshing that doesn’t fall under US jurisdiction, and it’s not subject to the US Patriot Act. With, your data is protected not only from the prying eyes of the government, but also from that of the cloud service provider itself thanks to the zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption that guarantees your privacy.

While undoubtedly security is one of their main selling pitches, have not put all their eggs in one basket, and made sure that other important features like good syncing speed, user-friendliness, file sharing and users’ collaboration are also supported. Plans & Pricing

Unlike many other online backups, this provider has a free subscription tier that never expires. Users are allocated a 5GB starter storage that can be further increased through Sync’s referral program, which gives users an extra 1GB for every user they refer. An extra 1GB is given to the referred user as well. This free subscription is not a full-feature subscription in that users don’t have access to all and every feature of Therefore, some of the advanced sharing features and administration tools are reserved to Business Pro plan users only. For example, remote wiping of data or setting user permissions are not available in the free plan. pricing

There are two Business Pro plans, a 500GB plan for $49 per year and a 2TB plan for $98 per year. No monthly subscriptions are available.


  • Zero-knowledge cloud storage & End-to-end encryption: this type of cloud storage security means that client data is encrypted and decrypted client-side. All data encrypted client-side remains so during uploading and at rest. Moreover, the encryption keys used to encrypt and decrypt client data are only available to the client, therefore, cannot access clients’ keys. Likewise, users’ passwords are never stored and are only accessible client-side. 2048 bit RSA, 256 bit AES, SSL and TLS encryption make sure you get the best in terms of data safety and privacy.
  • Sharing & Permission tools: users can share files with anyone (even if the other person doesn’t have a Sync account), they can create shared folders and invite others to collaborate, they can password protect shared content, set user permissions, remote wipe data on shares, set expiry dates and limits on downloads. In business environments, Sync’s multi-user setup allows the creation of shared workspaces, which leads to an easier collaboration with remote clients or employees.
  • Selective sync: if you’re running the Sync desktop app on multiple computers, you can configure Selective sync to control which folder in your Sync folder gets synced to which particular computer.
  • Cloud-only file archive (Vault): files or folders moved into the Vault will not be synced or accessible from the Sync folder on your PC. Basically, the Vault functions as an archive for your files allowing you to free up space on your computer.
  • File versioning and deleted file recovery: By keeping a copy of all the changes performed on files located in the Sync folder, users have the possibility to restore any previous version of a file for 60 days on the Free plan and indefinitely on the Pro plans. The same applies for deleted files as well, which can easily be restored any time. Users have the option to purge a deleted file, that is, to remove it completely from the cloud, which means that it can no longer be recovered later.
  • Automatic camera upload and passcode lock on mobile: If enabled, the automatic camera upload feature automatically uploads photos taken with your mobile phone. The Passcode Lock is an added security feature, which, when enabled, locks your phone with a 4-digit code every time you leave the app or your phone goes to the home screen.
  • Web panel, desktop app and mobile app: Apart from the web browser access, desktop apps are available for Windows and Mac OS X, while the mobile app can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad and Android phones.


Should you have technical problems, email support is the only way to contact customer support. No live support or phone support option is available for users, not even for Pro users, although they do have access to priority email support. Sync’s help guides and knowledge base offer detailed information on how to set up and configure Sync, which will be a painless process even for first-time users of online backup services. However, a live support option would really sweeten the deal for most users.

Pros and cons of


  • Forever free plan with 5GB storage (other providers only have a 15-day or 30-day free trial period);
  • Unique zero-knowledge security;
  • Hardware and network redundancy for added reliability;
  • Cross-platform sync;
  • Selective sync;
  • No file size limits;
  • File versioning and file recovery (no limit in Pro plans).


  • No instant customer support option;
  • Encryption makes image and file preview burdensome;
  • No external HD backup;
  • Certain features are only available in the paid subscription (e.g. setting permissions or expiry dates on links).


Overall, Sync is a comprehensive online storage and cloud backup service that puts great value on security and privacy, thus living up to the reliability and security requirements of many businesses and individual users. Review Updated on: April 22, 2017
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Price from: $4.08 / month
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David Obatolu on Dec 25, 2017
The sync system is not reliable and randomly deletes files if you are collaborating on folders with multiple people and systems.

I have reported this severally to the team and still have the same issues. Now I have to always on a weekly basis recover 1000+ files at random locations which wont tell you or give you an option to auto recover.

I am therefore signing off this service as it is not worth the free. Glad we didnt initially sign up for the paid