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Website security is often overlooked especially by small and medium-sized website owners that believe they are not important enough to be the target of cyber-attacks, when in fact, cyber-attacks are often indiscriminate. is the ultimate website security solution suitable for websites of any size and platform.

In this review we will focus on analysing the capabilities of the Sucuri Website Security Platform and the Sucuri Firewall, and understand how they contribute to keeping your site safe 24/7. Overview is a leading web security company that can offer help both in cleaning hacked sites infected with malware or blacklisted by Google, and in protecting sites that are being under attack (DDoS, brute force, etc.). Sucuri is a complete set it and forget it type of website security solution that can be set up on any website, regardless of platform.

This Delaware based corporation has a global presence spread over 15 countries around the world. Started by Daniel Cid, the company has been operating in the website security industry for over 6 years, and it’s recognized for its extensive research into the latest tactics and technologies used by hackers looking to exploit security vulnerabilities.

Relying on cloud-based technology, Sucuri offers the most complete and concise website security solution that is compatible with any CMS including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and more. Website Security Platform

The Website Security Platform offers cloud-based protection without requiring any installation and set-up is done by setting an A DNS record or switching to Sucuri nameservers. Sucuri focuses on mitigating DDoS attacks and stopping hackers from exploiting software vulnerabilities. But to better understand the capabilities of this platform, let’s take a look at its components:

  • Malware Detection, Cleanup & Prevention: Sucuri offers comprehensive malware detection, cleanup and prevention regardless of the type of infection your site is dealing with (phishing, backdoors, website defacements, and any number of other attacks);
  • Blacklist Repair: by integrating top Blacklist APIs, Sucuri quickly identifies whether your brand is being affected and works to remove blacklisting;
  • Dirty SEO Repair: Sucuri addresses Search Engine Poisoning attacks, doing away with infected SEO on search engine result pages;
  • Security Monitoring: tracking for changes in your DNS and WHOIS, as well as monitoring versions of your applications and webservers are another security component that Sucuri is mindful of;
  • DDoS Attack Mitigation: Sucuri helps you stay ahead of DDoS attacks that can often disrupt your business by taking your site offline;
  • Vulnerability Exploitation Prevention: the integrated Website Firewall prevents cybercriminals from exploiting weaknesses in code.

By employing a Zero Day Mechanism, Sucuri will virtually patch your environment within minutes of a Zero Day event. But security is not all Sucuri can do. Their globally-distributed Anycast Network (GDAN) is built for high availability and redundancy, currently featuring six Points of Presence (PoP). The Anycast content delivery network optimizes website performance, increasing global page acceleration with more than 70%.

Sucuri Plans, Prices & Support

sucuri plans pricing

Sucuri has created three plans to their Website Security Platform, each billed annually. All plans ensure the security of a single website (to secure more sites, you have to purchase additional plans), and include the same features including security scanning and monitoring, brand reputation monitoring, malware detection and removal, blacklisting warning removal, DDoS mitigation, CDN, etc., but are configured differently with respect to the frequency of security scanning and brand reputation monitoring as well as the response times for website malware & hack repair and blacklisting warning removal.

The Basic plan costs $199.99/year and features security scanning and brand reputation monitoring every 12 hours and a 12-hour response time in case of infection with malware or blacklisting.

The Pro plan is Sucuri’s most popular and most marketed plan, which costs $299.99/year and features security scanning and brand reputation monitoring every 6 hours and 6-hour response time in case of infection with malware or blacklisting.

The Business plan has the highest security and reputation monitoring frequency (every 30 minutes) and the fastest response time in case of website malware & hack repair and blacklisting removal (4 hours). This plan costs $499.99/year.

The Basic and Pro plan both come with ticketing support only, while the Business plan includes live chat support as well.

Sucuri Firewall

sucuri firewall

You can purchase the Sucuri Firewall as a distinct product from the Website Security Platform. The Sucuri Firewall is a cloud-based Website Application Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System that acts as a reverse proxy inspecting and intercepting HTTP/HTTPS traffic to your site to detect and strip malicious requests preventing them to arrive to your server.

The Sucuri Firewall stops website attacks and hacks (SQL Injection Attacks, Cross Site Scripting, Software Vulnerabilities), protects against DDoS attacks (Layer 7 HTTP Flood Attacks, SSDP Attacks, DNS Amplification Attacks), offers brute force prevention, IP whitelisting, prevents Google blacklisting and offers Zero Day immediate response.

Depending on the type of website you have, you can opt for the Basic plan (costing $9.99/month), which is suitable for blogs, the Pro plan (costing $19.98/month), which is designed to protect eCommerce sites, and the Business plan (costing $69.93/month), designed for business websites. All plans include SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt certificate with the Basic plan and Comodo / Custom certificate with the Pro and Business plan) and are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Basic and Pro plans offer ticketing-based customer support, while the Business plan offers both ticketing and chat support.

Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

Sucuri also offers a WordPress Security Plugin that is lightweight and easy to use, addressing the biggest security concerns of most WordPress users. The Sucuri WP Security Plugin provides security activity auditing, file integrity monitoring, remote malware scanning, security hardening, post-hack security actions, security notifications, and blacklist monitoring. The Sucuri Website Firewall is available as an add-on to the plugin. Review Conclusion

Sucuri’s Website Security Platform is one of the most complete and advanced cloud-based website security options currently available on the market. It protects your website by providing a solid line of defence against all types of malware and attacks, but it’s equally useful in post-hack website cleaning and repairing.

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