How to Start a Fashion Blog with WordPress?

In order to start any project, first, you need to do some research. When we talk about niche blogs, it is even better if you also have some experience in the area of expertise of that niche, in our case, fashion. Another important element is your own imagination. You need this to create and constantly improve the content and the design of the website. The last but not least establish the budget. Depending on your available budget you can use this to buy a good hosting, custom theme or other tools you need to start your fashion website. So, to start a fashion blog with the help of WordPress content management system you need:

  • Do basic research and explore your niche
  • Establish your budget and plan for the future
  • Use your experience and connections
  • Use your imagination and creativity

Search for Hosting, Domain and Themes

The first step for each project is research. Without a proper research, you can fail starting a fashion blog right from the beginning.

At this step you really need to find the best web host and a good domain name for your website. You can start by reading various comments and reviews on specialized blogs, websites and forums. On our website you can find both expert reviews on different hosting companies as well feedback from customers. Check out the hosting review section for more details.

Choosing a good host is important, because this will highly affect the success of your blog. For WordPress built websites I recommend BlueHost. This company has a very good reputation, is reliable and affordable and has been recommended by the official website since 2005.

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A domain is also needed for your website. At BlueHost you will get one for free; you only need to pay for the hosting. Now, you can choose a keyword domain, that will contain the word “fashion” or other related keyword, or you can come up with a random general name that is not related to fashion but it is easy to remember and can be branded.

After you have your hosting and domain in place, you just need to install WordPress. You can use the auto-installer script that is available in your hosting account, or if you prefer you can install WordPress manually.

Once you have installed WordPress you will need to choose a niche specific theme that suits you needs.

find the best fashion wordpress theme

You will find few fashion related themes here, which can be downloaded and used for free. I like the most the Fashionistas theme that has a nice minimal, magazine-style design and is built with Bootstrap framework. If your budget permits, you should buy a premium fashion theme from ThemeForest, that has lots more features and can be customized easily.

Besides the design you will also want to install couple of plugins to your fashion blog. I recommend installing the following plugins: WordPress SEO – helps you to optimize your pages for search engines, Anti Spam – for preventing spam comments, Contact Form 7 – for creating custom contact forms, WP Pagenavi – to improve website navigation and Adrotate – for monetizing your website by placing banners and ads anywhere you want on your website. You need to keep the website as simple as possible, but also as attractive as you can.

Planning and Establishing your Budget

Establishing your budget is important, because this can affect the evolution of your website. There will be some monthly expenses that you have to take in consideration, and you will also have to deal with bigger one time expenses, such as the design for your website.

planning budget for a fashion wordpress blog

As mentioned above, you can use a free theme but if you can afford I highly suggest going with a premium one. On ThemeForest you will lots of fashion themes for WordPress, you should pay no more than $50-60 for your design. On other websites you might find more expensive themes, being sold for $100+ for singe website license. These, in my opinion are a bit overpriced.

Sure, if you can spend few thousands, you can hire a web designer or a WordPress development company who will create a unique design for your site. You can also hire a WordPress developer if you already have a theme, which has to be adjusted and modified to fit your requirements. You can find developers on freelance websites and can pay them on hourly basis.

While WordPress is very easy to use and most themes and plugins work out of the box, probably you can do everything by yourself. If you are stuck just ask for help on the official WordPress forums.

Web hosting will be another expense you have to consider. For the start it is enough to get a shared hosting account that will cost around $5 monthly, paid upfront for one year. As your website grows, you will have to upgrade to a VPS plan. The cost of a virtual server plan starts at $20 per month, and depending on the server specs can climb up to even $100 monthly. This might sound too much, but if your website generates a steady income, you will have to do this sacrifice.

Besides financial investment, you will also need to invest your time. Your time is precious and you want to spend it intelligently by creating content and promoting your website. You can outsource content writing and promotion as well, but these will cost you a fortune. You can find article writers who will create content for few bucks, but these usually are low quality. If you can’t afford to pay a good writer, just do it yourself. In the long run it will be better.

As you will be trying out products yourself, probably you will need to allocate some budget for buying these products. You can also contact companies to send you free samples and in return you will advertise and review their products on your fashion blog.

Rely on your experience and contacts

Prior experience in this field makes things go a lot easier and it is a very big advantage when you want to start a fashion blog with WordPress. Your experience will help you in creating content quickly and efficiently.

If you don’t have any experience, but have dedication and passion to learn and improve your skills, you already won. WordPress is easy to learn, so if you have never used it before, in couple of hours you can learn everything about it. You don’t need to learn programming, just need a bit of time to figure out how to upload images, publish content and set up your website.

To gather information and get inspiration for your blog content you can follow fashion houses, TV shows or other fashion bloggers or designers. You can be even a volunteer at a fashion designer and create documentation of your work and publish on your blog.

Connect with people, share your experience, learn from others, and try to be always on the top with the latest news and trends.

Be passionate, unique and use your imagination

Besides research, budget and experience you will also need to use your imagination and creativity. Being passionate about what you do will help you succeed with your blog. Your imagination pays a very important role in creating new content, keeping your fashion blog fresh, improving the design, finding new ways to promote it and gain more audience and amaze your readers.

creativity wordpress fashion blog

Your imagination will add a personal touch to your fashion blog. This will make it unique and outstanding.

Along fashion articles you can also publish content about lifestyle, beauty, health, food and other topics that might be interesting for your readers. These types of articles will add a new and generic look to your website.

If you want to bring your blog to another level you can add a small shop section. With WordPress is very easy to integrate a shop anytime you decide to do so. You can sell your own, hand-made products or you can team up with a designer who is willing to share the profit with you. You don’t necessary need to embroider clothing, but if you have good hand-skills you can create some nice and unique jewelry.

Are you ready to take action?

If you are ready to start building your fashion blog, you should also check out my tutorial about how to create a WordPress website. If you choose BlueHost for hosting your site, you will get a free domain name and you will be able to install WordPress from their control panel in no time. You don’t need any technical skills to get started.

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