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stablehost reviews

StableHost Reviews

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The hosting company, StableHost is privately owned, and has been established in 2009. It is relatively a new and small company, employing only around 10 people, but they are dedicated to provide quality shared and virtual hosting service to small and medium sized businesses. The company use top hardware quality to ensure the best performance of their servers and to provide a stable web hosting experience.

StableHost use SSD drives and LiteSpeed PHP caching module on their servers, which is 9 time faster than typical hosting plans from their competitors. Accounts are backed with cPanel, that makes website management very easy. The company claims that a hosting account (depends on the plan you choose) is set up within ten minutes once payment is done.

Since there is a high demand for affordable shared hosting among small businesses and individuals, there are a growing number of providers that try to take advantage of it. You can find many promising sites with shared hosting plans that, in fact, provide rather poor service. And people only realize this after they purchased the package.

If you are an inexperienced webmaster – and most of the people who need a shared hosting service actually are – then you can easily fall into this trap. This is why you need to read reviews like this one. Here, we are going to talk about a web hosting provider that offers high-quality shared hosting plans for beginners. It is called StableHost, a company established by a small team of experts that want to provide strong and reliable services for everyone.

Although StableHost is not among the biggest names in the industry, they are certainly improving day by day. They are investing most of their income back into the company, buying the latest hardware and making sure that their customer support is available around the clock. Without further ado, let’s see what this web hosting provider has to offer.

Clustered Shared Hosting with StableHost

By taking a look at their hosting plans, you can see it immediately how StableHost differs from most of the other providers. They offer clustered hosting, which is similar to cloud hosting. This means that your website will be powered by not only one server, but by using the resources of numerous servers. It is common practice among providers to run several websites on a single server.

If something unexpected happens with that server, all those websites go offline. You can’t find that many providers that offer clustered hosting among their services. It is a great way to keep server related problems to the bare minimum. In their shared hosting plan, there are some powerful features included as well. As most cheap shared hosting options, their Starter website allows you to have only one website.

However, the rest is all unlimited. There are features that you can only get if you pick their Platinum plan, such as VIP Support, Spam Filtering and a repair option in case your data gets hacked or compromised. With the $28.50 monthly price, this plan has a similar cost to the average VPS plan in the market. Still, it is totally worth it because you get so many extras and a 2-core CPU as well.

After all, there are a large number of big businesses out there that need these shared hosting plans that are stronger than the average instead of going for a VPS. When it comes to additional software, you get MySQL, cPanel, Apache, Varnish and cPanel control panel with every StableHost plan. If you want SSH access as well, you can add it to your plan for some extra money. Other than that, you can choose from hundreds of applications that are available for free.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting with StableHost

If their strongest shared hosting plan doesn’t provide you with enough resources, then the next step is to try the VPS hosting plans. They are certainly affordable, especially if you consider the value you get for the price. StableHost VPS plans are also based on cluster technology and top-notch servers that guarantee high performance for your website.

Many businesses prefer unmanaged VPS hosting and with this provider, they can have it without any control panel or operating system installed. If you choose one of these plans, you can install any OS you want on the server. One of the greatest things in these StableHost plans is that you can get Tier 3 support around the clock. Their tech support team consists of experts that are ready to find solutions even for the most uncommon issues.

Once you sign up, you will be able to focus on your work seamlessly. They won’t even ask for setup fees if you need to install something. Since there are plenty of plans to choose from, you will surely find the perfect one that doesn’t require you to deal with a surplus of resources. All in all, StableHost gives you more freedom than usual with their VPS plans. They truly stand out by offering an unusual service that doesn’t require you to have a certain OS or control panel.

Domain Registration, Spam Filtering and More

Like many other providers, StableHost is also in the domain registration business. They made domain creation easier by helping you with suggestions as you try to figure out the perfect one for your business. In the domain registration, there is also WHOIS protection included. This feature hides your domain information from other users, so they can’t see the name of the owner.

The default for most web hosting providers is to make this information available for everyone, which is definitely not what most webmasters want. At StableHost, the ID protection feature is free with every package. You can also get a spam filter right off the bat with a free trial period of 15 days. If you got tired of accumulating countless emails in your inbox, then this tool can certainly help.

The Comprehensive StableHost Feature List

There are quite a few popular features you can get by signing up to one of the StableHost plans. If you want to secure your data with backups, save some time with one-click setups and enjoy even more extras with a hosting service, then you should definitely choose this company. Here is a list that sums up the benefits you can get with this host:

  • 45-Day Refund Period – If you sign up to one of their reseller or managed plans and you don’t like what you get, you can ask for your money back in 45 days. While it is not popular among web hosting providers to offer a refund for VPS, StableHost still decided to give you 7 days to try it out without any commitment.
  • Website Builder – They also provide a site builder for users that are inexperienced in web design and want to build up a website by themselves.
  • SSL Certificate – If you want to build up the trust of your customers, then an SSL is absolutely necessary. People are always relieved when they see the green bar above your website.
  • Plugins in Softaculous – This is a well-known installer that can help you find useful add-ons and allows you to apply them to your website with a single click.
  • Top-Notch Tech Support – An extensive amount of guides and helpful videos are available in their knowledge base. On top of that, you can ask for help at any time.
  • User-Friendly Control Panel – You get a cPanel, which is the most popular control panel on the Internet. It is easy to use and quickly gets the job done whenever you need to manage your hosting plan.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts – This is a highly useful feature provided by most web hosting companies. Besides unlimited accounts, you also get auto-responders. If you add the spam filter to the equation, the end result will be impeccable.
  • Domain Name Registration – There is no need to find a domain registrar, you can simply sign up to one of the StableHost plans and get a domain at the same place. After all, who wants to waste additional time on that?
  • Free Transfer – If you already have a website, you might want to transfer it to the new server. Fortunately, StableHost can do it for you for free. However, keep in mind that the company prefers to avoid transferring data from hosts that are poorly optimized.

Reliable Customer Support Around the Clock

The good news is that StableHost provides outstanding support even if you choose their cheapest plan. Their team of experts is not only helpful but they are also available around the clock, every day. The company is so confident in their support that you can see the phone number immediately on their home page.

It is not only displayed in big fonts, but there is also a catchy „Get in touch” message that builds up the trust of every visitor. Besides phone, you can also contact them via ticket, email and FAQ. Not to mention that their extensive knowledge base itself can solve your problems most of the time. As StableHost described, its customer support team has great expertise and passion for web hosting.

Running such a reliable service is pretty impressive from this small company. They know that users who face a serious issue can’t wait for long. For many businesses, even a single hour of downtime can result in a significant loss of revenue.


Overall, you can find numerous powerful plans at StableHost that can suit your needs. It is a decent choice for individuals who want to start their own blog, and we would recommend it for small and medium businesses as well. Their plans provide top-notch performance paired with an extensive number of features, especially if you choose one of the VPS plans.

And the greatest thing about StableHost is that they have honest intentions to invest into their business and to improve the services. It is not that common among web hosting companies to provide the latest hardware and top-notch support at the same time. This provider surely makes their customers feel like they have just won the jackpot.

Our final verdict is that if you want a shared hosting plan or a VPS that can get your business rolling, you should definitely try StableHost and see how it goes.

StableHost Reviews

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