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This StableHost review is dedicated to Australian customers, who want to find out whether this hosting company is right or not for their needs. If you want to learn about StableHost plans, pricing, support, uptime and performance, please read our detailed review below.
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Australia is located below Asia in a relative lonely area of the planet. Most likely this is the reason why this continent-sized country has weak data connection with the other parts of the World. The submarine data cables are expensive; a new deployment of them costs up to a few hundred million dollars per each cable.

However, there are other data transfer methods available, including the satellites around the globe. Unfortunately, satellites perform significantly weaker compared to cable when it comes to data forwarding. A satellite only uses a small portion of radio frequency and this limits the transferred data amount in a given time frame. Cables are made by optic fiber and have much more data capacity. In numbers: a satellite can forward one or few Gigabytes of data in every second, while a cable can transfer thousand times more, Terabytes per second.



Latency is also a real problem when we talk about satellite data forwarding. The satellite network is placed in the space, few ten thousand kilometers high and the data travels between the Earth and them. This needs some time and causes delay in real time data processing. In opposite of this, submarine cables don’t have huge delay. To be honest, a single cable can transfer almost the same data amount as all of the commercial satellites do overall.

So, if you live in Australia you should take care of your international visitors, and find a good solution to serve them better. A server placed in Australia may be slower because of weaker data connections, and an international server may serve the customers better.

We recommend StableHost, since it has data center in Asia that is able to serve the international clients well.

Why do Australian Customers Choose StableHost?

  • Versatile product range: StableHost has a versatile product range what can serve all kind of customer needs. Along with shared hosting, you can find Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting as well.
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth usage: Even in smallest entry-level package, you will get an unlimited number of storage and unlimited bandwidth usage.
  • DDoS protection: One of the most annoying attacking types is the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), since your website can be dramatically slowed down because of it. If you store your website at StableHost, you will get a free DDoS protection and you site will be never down.
  • Great server uptime: The company guarantees a 99.9% server uptime (it means maximum 1 minute 26 seconds downtime a day) for cheaper shared hosting packages and 99.99% for the bigger packages. The latter one means maximum 8.6 seconds downtime a day which is above the industry standard.
  • Site builder: All packages contain a free site builder where you can build up your site with a drag and drop builder. By using it, you can create your modern and responsive site without hiring a programmer.
  • 7/24 support: The StableHost support center is available 7/24 via email or live chat. The dedicated customer team helps you to solve your hosting and other website related tasks easily. The company’s average response time is under 20 minutes which is again better than the industry average.
  • State-of-art hardware: StableHost has modern servers with dual processors, a big amount of memory and SSD drives. The network is connected with 200 GB/s speed to the rest of the World.
  • Limited user accounts on every server: In opposite to other web hosting companies, StableHost limited the number of shared hosting customers on each server. In smaller packages your site will be placed on a server where there are maximum 500 users. If you choose the biggest shared hosting package, then the maximum customer number on a server is 50.
  • SSD cluster: StableHost’s storage system is a cluster, made by SSD drives. The SSD technology makes the cluster faster than using classic hard drives, while the data allocation ensures the fault-tolerant performance. The drives are monitored every minute and once there is a faulty SSD, the other members of the network replace it without making your site unavailable.
  • Domain registration: You can register your own domain at StableHost, both classic TLDs like .com and new-style TLDs like .club are available. A free whois protection is included to all domain registration, so your identity will be hidden behind a proxy.

We’ve included StableHost in our best Australian WordPress hosting providers list.

StableHost Hosting Plans

StableHost has a versatile hosting offer, including Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. The Shared Hosting service is called Web Hosting and available with 3 packages:

  • Starter: You can add a single website to this package with up to 250,000 files. A CPU core will serve your site and 25 MySQL connections are enabled the same time. The 99.9% server uptime is guaranteed for the $3.50/month starting price.
  • Pro: You will get the same resources in this package as in Starter but the number of assigned website is not limited. Its starting price is $7.50/month.
  • Platinum: The biggest package gives you more server resources and as opposite to the previous packages’ 500 clients/server, only 50 clients get a whole server. 2 CPU cores will be assigned to your storage and you can use up to 500,000 files and 50 MySQL connections the same time. The starting price is $28.50/month.

Reseller Hosting also comes with 3 packages, designed to 10, 50 and 100 clients. The smallest one provides you 20 GB storage what you can split between up to your 10 customers. It starts at $9.12/month.

VPS Hosting was created so serve the websites with more traffic and is available in 5 versions. The entry-level VPS is called VZ 1GB and gives you 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU core and 40 GB storage. A 2 TB of bandwidth usage on a 1 Gbit network is also included. It costs only $9.12/month.

The biggest VPS package already contains 16 GB memory, 8 CPU cores, 300 GB storage and 16 TB transfer. It starts at $109.95/month.

The most powerful product in the product line is the Dedicated Server Hosting, available in 3 versions. The smallest dedicated server package starts at $145.00/month and comes with an Intel Pentium 3.4 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, 2 times 300 GB storage, 2 TB bandwidth usage and RAID 0 or RAID 1 data mirroring.

The biggest package already uses an Intel Xeon E5 processor and provides 16 GB RAM and 4 TB of bandwidth usage for its $245.00/month starting price.



Is StableHost ideal for Australians? The answer is YES. Its data center located near Australia, the versatile product range, and the reliable company is the key reasons why choosing StableHost is a good idea. By purchasing a good hosting package you can effectively serve both your domestic and international customers!

StableHost Review Australia

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