Social Media Best Practices to Power up E-Commerce Site

A digital marketing is undoubtedly a broad term that can lead any business towards their targeted goals with ease. But for that, you need to strive more on diverse platforms available on the web. There are many ways of effective online marketing – be it a content marketing, email marketing or social media marketing. All the forms are incredible but social media has drastically upsurged the entire concept of how we promote our brands over the Internet.

Marketing brands, products and services on multiple social networking websites can take your business to the new heights of success. The platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. have given exposure to eCommerce websites to promote their products in the most engaging and enticing way. No matter what you are selling, just ensure that you choose a right eCommerce development platform that can take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

While there are hundreds of CMS platforms available for eCommerce development, most of the brands and online retailers opt for Magento. It is a feature-rich platform that not only help you create rich customer experience but also lead you towards a robust content marketing campaign.

Being an Magento eCommerce store owner, you should prepare a thriving social media marketing strategy if you want your products to reach more social visitors across the web. Apart from creating quality and shareable content, you need to ensure a persistent social marketing campaign that can help you reach your targeted web audience in an effective manner.

Here, we bring you a complete guide of a successful social media marketing tips that will help your eCommerce site to reach a maximum number of people for impulsive branding.

Planning and Research

Most of the small online store owners promote their products on social media without even jotting down a plan. If you want exposure on any web platform, then you need to plan a robust social media marketing campaign, otherwise, you won’t get any benefits of all the efforts you made while promoting your brand. Unplanned promotions can lead to inconsistent posting, which could ruin the online presence of your business.

So, make sure that you create a plan for your social media before heading towards any regular posting schedule. Below are the steps that you need to consider during the planning process:

1. Determine your ultimate goal

Before you begin anything, determine the ultimate goals of your business. Understand what your business wants to achieve from social media. Whether it is for brand recognition, generating traffic to your web store, or boosting the overall sales of your organization.

Since social media is a broad platform, it becomes essential for you to set your goals in this particular phase. Specify your goals so that you can get a clear picture of how successful your social media marketing efforts are.

2. Pick out one or two targeted social media channels

social media channels

Instead of bombarding on every social media channels, you should try to focus on one or two options. Some people think that promoting products across all social media platforms can boost their revenues. But in reality, it can dilute all your social media efforts.

So, try to know your targeted customers for whom you want to create promotional content. Also, know which channels they use to explore new products and services. Try to collect data on the different social media channels that includes who is using them and how. Then, shortlist the best option(s) if you want to boost your brand awareness effectively, without any mess.

3. Focus on Lead Generation

lead generation

Why do you want to promote your brand on social media? Of course to generate quality leads for your business. But there are some small scale online store owners who don’t have a well-determined lead generation practices in hand.

They don’t even understand the significance of lead generation when it comes to marketing eCommerce sites on social media platforms. If you are one of those, then follow the tips regarding planning a basic lead generation strategy:

  • Use “sign up” button option on your Facebook page.
  • Add links to landing page in your descriptions
  • Utilize Facebook offers or contests
  • Make a use of buyable pins on Pinterest
  • Use relevant hashtags and keywords
  • Consider Twitter lead generation cards

Create Unique, Quality, and Valuable Content

content creation

Content is what that represents your business to all web audiences. This means you need to concentrate more on creating fresh, quality, valuable and of course, shareable content for your social media promotional activities. Below are some steps you need to consider while preparing social media content for your eCommerce site:

4. Understand your targeted web audience/customers

There is no use of creating content (be it a piece of content, image or a video) if your social media customers won’t finding it engaging. You should understand the need of your targeted audience while creating social media content.

You can’t easily build the levels of engagement with your customers if you are not considering their needs and specifications. For that, you can analyze your customer’s profile or you can ask them pointed questions through emails or social media. Both are incredible ways.

Well, you can also run a quick test to know which posts generate the best possible results in terms of user engagement, such as a total number of shares and comments. These sorts of information will help you create user-centric content for your social media marketing.

5. Beautiful and high quality images

The percentage of sharing high-quality images on social media websites is massively higher than any other type of content.

Social media users love sharing engaging and authentic visual content. This means you can market your product images, along with a brief description on different social networking sites to drive a good amount of traffic. But, make sure you use appealing, and high-quality images in your posts. You can even optimize the size of images to make it more compatible with that particular platform.

Execute your social media marketing strategies

This phase is all about implementing pre-planned social media marketing strategies for your Magento eCommerce store. Follow the given tips for better results:

6. Post the content that can influence your customers

An effective marketing strategy for eCommerce sites is what that can encourage readers to view or buy your product at once. For this, you need to post the content that displays the key features of products, and how they can achieve the best outcomes using them.

For example, you can use the power of Instagram if you have an eCommerce site related to beauty products, lifestyle, clothing, etc. You can post beautiful images of your products to drive the interest of your potential web visitors or customers.

7. Featuring Scarcity

How will you deal the situation if you have a limited availability of certain products? Yes, you can use social media to highlight the scarcity. This encourages social media customers to make a purchase as quick as possible, or else, they will lose this golden opportunity.

In fact, there are many brands who generate 20 to 30 percent of day sales by using this technique.

8. Live chats and conversations

live chat

Live chats can be an ideal way to accelerate social media marketing campaign. It can lead to an effective user engagement and helps you generate more leads for your eCommerce business. You can have a conversation with your customers on latest industry trends and other related topics to build a loyal relationship with them.

In fact, you can get their feedbacks, answer their query to enhance the overall brand recognition of your web business.


Social media marketing can be a great fun if it is done properly. Being an eCommerce store owner, make sure you plan and implement a successful and result-oriented strategies for your brand. Choose the right platform, create engaging and shareable content, and post them on the most prevailing channel.

Linda Wester is well-known as a prolific writer and web developer by profession. She has been associated with a leading custom Magento development company for the last 4 years. You can follow Linda on twitter to ask her a question or check out her more articles.
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