Slider Revolution Review – Powering Over 4 Million WordPress Websites

Web designs are advancing in a rapid rate and everyone is doing the best they can to adopt something new and make their website look more unique and professional. We all want to stand out of the crowd and leave our users with a lasting impact after they have visited our website.

We’re working with WordPress and we have checked out the new version of Slider Revolution. I have to say that it is nothing short of awesome. It is a premium plugin that lets you enhance your website design with slide shows.

The Slider Revolution plugin will drastically change the looks of any theme and website design and make your website really stand out. It has been downloaded almost 250,000 times and got outstanding reviews from 95% of users. It costs $25 to use it for one site, which is a really good deal, because you get a template with it as well. If you pay an extra $7.88, you’ll also get support, which makes things a lot easier.

Its slides look good on eCommerce websites, blogs, portfolio websites, and newsletter websites or just about anywhere.

The first expression I made once I’ve looked at what people have made with Slider Revolution, was just saying “Wow”.

This plugin definitely complies with the newest web design trends and will help you to take your website to the next level. It has surely caused a lot of buzz, so it’s time that we look into it.

Let’s see what Slider Revolution’s strengths and weaknesses are, along with what we and other users have to say about it!

Using Slider Revolution

using slider revolution pluginIt takes a bit of a learning curve to use Slider Revolution, because it has plenty of features and a lot of customization options. It might look really complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes an invaluable tool.

I’m not saying that not everyone can learn it, but experienced developers are the ones that can make the most out of it. Its backend functionality is purely amazing, but it will take a long time to train a client to use it.

A very attractive feature of Slider Revolution is the drag and drop builder which lets you edit content, such as text, buttons, images and more. It is one of the easiest to use features that this plugin has to offer and you can learn to edit just about anything if you invest enough time into it.

But for absolute beginners, it’s best if they use a template. They can just insert the template into your site and make a few necessary modifications. You can add text to it, add your company logo or edit whatever you see fit.

Slider Revolution is incredibly flexible in the way you use content and the sources you can pull content from. You can select a source such as Instagram streams, posts, picture collections, and YouTube and Vimeo videos, WooCommerce products and more. It provides plenty of content types and more than enough content sources to choose from. Pulling content from these sources makes building a slider a much faster process, because you can create your default design and have the content pulled automatically.

This plugin gets more and more sophisticated with each update it receives. A lot of features have enriched it by a great deal. Its creator, Theme Punch, really knows how to give their users what they want.

So, let’s see what features Slider Revolution Version 5.4 has to offer!

Slider Revolution Features

Slider revolution has no free version and only one payment plan. Once you’ve bought it, you can use all of its features. There are plenty of impressive ones that you’ll make good use of. Here are some of the most useful and eye catching features on the list.

slider revolution features

  • Astonishing Effects – The use of 3D Parallax effects make a website infinitely more engaging. To make it even better, the user has full mouse control, which is why I have found myself scrolling back and forward on the slideshows, so many times.
  • You can further enhance the Parallax effect with a Slicey add-on, a Slicely add-on blur, block layer animations, split animation options, multi-level letter-spacing and a lot more!
  • You can just let your imagination run wild with all the effects Slideshow Revolution makes possible. You also get a few 3D example slider templates.
  • Mobile Support – No website does much today without proper mobile support, and Theme Punch knows that. This is why this plugin has full support for all mobile devices.
  • Navigation Designer – You can adjust items such as buttons, arrows, tabs and a lot more when it comes to your slideshows navigation.
  • Optimized for SEO – The elements of On-Page SEO are all taken care of and you don’t have to worry about your website loading slower because it has to load something so awesome every time.
  • Free Object Library – Theme Punch offers you a 100% free object library that has a constantly growing selection of objects you can use on your new slider. It provides images, transparent PNG objects, font icons and SVG’s.
  • Front Page Designer – If you don’t need much out of your website and would like to give a single page website for your visitors, Slider Revolution offers the perfect tool for it. It isn’t just for sliders, you can build even a webpage without any coding knowledge.
  • Drag and Drop Visual Builder – Building and customizing your sliders is incredibly easy. You can create some truly astonishing presentations easily and efficiently. Add text, images, videos, short codes, HTML, content layers through the graphical user interface. You’ll have full control over your slider’s animations, transitions and styles.

Slider Revolution Support

The dedicated support team sure knows how to keep users happy. You have their support for a 6 month period, if you pay $7.88 up front. Their service is quite useful, since they’ll help you with getting used to and mastering the plugin.

But even if you don’t want to use it, you can use plenty of documentation and video tutorials to help yourself with learning.

Keep in mind that you can’t call or chat with anyone in Theme Punch’s support team. You can only use their ticket system if you need help with the plugin.

Wrapping Up

The sliders that you can create with this plugin are just gorgeous. The Parallax effect really does a solid one and gives a great eye candy effect to your website.

You don’t always have to buy Slider Revolution separately, because often enough, it comes as a bonus with many WordPress themes you would buy at ThemeForest. But if you want to buy the plugin itself, you can do it on CodeCanyon, along with other WordPress plugins.

So, if you want to make a really good deal, choose a theme for your website that includes the Slider Revolution plugin as well, and you’ll have yourself a well-rounded design you can work with.

Anyone with some web development knowledge can make a lot of outstanding sliders with this plugin, while inexperienced users can make great use of the pre-made templates.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading through our review and that you’ll make some incredible sliders for your website soon enough!

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