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Sitejet Review

We’ve create this Sitejet review to help users make an easier decision when looking for a website builder. In this review you will find details about Sitejet features, pricing and templates. We’ve also included the pros and cons of Sitejet at the end of this review.
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Are you looking for a way to create a new website? These days, a modern method to accomplish that task, is to use a site builder tool. A website builder platform is exactly what it sounds like: a tool that you can use to design and develop your own website.

And you know what the best thing about it is? That you don’t have to be a web developer to be able to use such a platform. Sure, if you know how to code a website, you can do that too. But using a site builder, means using a drag-and-drop tool or a Content Management System (CMS), without the need to possess any programming knowledge.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Sitejet. This is a site building platform used by many people worldwide. From the start, I can tell you that it’s worth checking out if you want your own website created in no-time.

We’ll take a look at the features it presents, the pricing and website templates used to design your new site. But first of all, let’s give Sitejet a short introduction:

Overview of Sitejet

Just like I mentioned above, Sitejet is a website builder platform used by thousands of people on a global scale. It aims to take on giants like WordPress. That is no easy task. After all, from all the websites online today, more than 25% are WordPress driven. This says a lot about Sitejet, mainly that the company has endless aspiration to accomplish great goals.

Being as good as WordPress, or even better, is not an easy purpose. Sitejet however, is putting a lot of effort into growing and developing a tool that rivals WordPress. From this article, you’ll see that Sitejet comes with lots of features (we won’t even mention them all) and perks that let new website owners create themselves an online presence.

Without any further ado, let’s talk about some features and resources that Sitejet includes:

Sitejet Features

First of all, you should know that Sitejet is a WYSIWYG Content Management System. What does this mean? WYSIWYG stands for ‘’What you see is what you get’’. Now that you know this, it’s pretty obvious what Sitejet does.


You can create your website in a way, that you can see exactly what the output will be when your site is online for visitors to check it out. Basically, everything that you do in the editor, will be directly displayed in the browser, so you’ll know for sure what to change accordingly to your liking.

Another great feature that only a few website builders have, is the possibility to adapt a website to your corporate identity. Let me explain a little. Let’s say you own a company, and want to create your own web presence by going online with a new website. Since you already own a company, it’s quite likely that you also have a logo used with it.

That logo is the important aspect here. When you create your new website with Sitejet for your company, you can provide an image with the logo at hand, and Sitejet will adapt the design of the website, to your already existing logo. This way, everything will be connected, and your online presence will look a lot more professional. How awesome is that?

Here’s another great bonus: using Sitejet, you can restore your website to a previous design anytime you see fit. How is this possible? Sitejet comes with integrated backup features. You can create a backup of your existing website’s design whenever you want.

Since you have this bonus, restoring to a previous version is very easy. Just take one of the backups you previously created, and make it the main design that you currently work on. This way, you’ll have every single design, or site version ready for use.

It’s worth mentioning that backups are not a common feature with every online service, and site building platforms are no exception. Most other companies will charge quite a lot for having regular backups made. With Sitejet, you don’t have to worry about that.

If you want to work on your website together with a team of professionals, you can do that too. The platform was originally created to support teamwork. You can let your co-workers and even customers create annotations directly on the new draft of the site. Being more productive, is a standard with such perks.

What is something that every website, no matter of its type needs? Yes, hosting. Luckily, Sitejet also provides web hosting services for the sites built using their tool. When you’re done with a website, you don’t necessarily have to look for a web hosting plan, other than Sitejet. They provide reasonable and efficient web hosting plans for every client (we’ll touch on this when we get to pricing).

Are you a freelancer? If yes, you’ll be happy to know that Sitejet comes with features specifically created to help freelancers grow their business. For example, you can create a website for your clients easily, just like doing it for yourself. And delivering them is simple too. Not many services let you do this. But luckily Sitejet is one of those few companies.

There are many more features we could list here. But the point is, that Sitejet can take care of pretty much anything related to website creation and hosting them. Now, let’s talk a little about the themes you can use with Sitejet:

Sitejet Themes

Depending on your personal needs, Sitejet makes available many different templates ready for use by anyone. For example, you have themes specifically created for personal portfolio sites, or small businesses, international corporations and even blogging. Of course, even freelancers can easily create their own personal website to promote their services.

There is one very important aspect that every modern website builder should possess: the templates in use have to be responsive. This means, that when you create your website using a certain theme, it must look good on all types of devices (desktop/laptop, tablets and smartphones). Since more and more people surf the web using portable devices, you need a responsive theme as the base of your website.

Sitejet has such themes. You can search through a wide variety, and all of them are tweaked to look good no matter the device at hand.

If you know your way around web development, you’ll be happy to know that Sitejet lets you customize the design of the site at hand, by going into the source code. Yes, they let you modify the HTML, CSS and JS code your website is built upon.

Sitejet Pricing

What about pricing? You might think that such a service must cost a fortune, right? Well, not exactly. When you start out, you’ll receive a 14-days free trial of the service. So, you have plenty of time to try out every aspect behind this amazing platform. When the demo period expires, you have to opt for a monthly or yearly payment, accordingly to your needs.


You can choose between 3 different plans:

  • Professional: costs $5/month if you pay for a year upfront ($7 on a monthly basis)
  • Team: $19/month for a yearly payment ($25 on a monthly basis)
  • Agency: $89/month for a yearly payment ($99 on a monthly basis)

If you need the services only for yourself, you should use the Professional plan. Even on a monthly basis, it is quite cheap (only $7/month). For this price you get:

  • 1 hosted website for free. Any additional website costs $5/month.
  • Website builder with all its features.
  • Automatic website generator tool (discussed above).
  • Possibility for your clients to leave feedback on specific drafts.
  • Allow your customers (only if you want to) to customize their website to a certain extent.

As you can see from above, hosting is included even into the cheapest package. It’s worth noticing though, that for multiple websites, it can become quite costly ($5/month every additional site). This is best if you create websites on a regular basis as a freelancer.

Pros and Cons of Sitejet

Sitejet is a really good website builder and can compete with the big players in both pricing and offered features. However there are few downsides that you might want to know. Here comes the pros and cons of Sitejet:


  • Easy to use WYSIWYG CMS
  • Amazing customer support
  • Automatic website generator
  • Backup and restore feature
  • Project management feature
  • Super-fast hosting with CDN and SSL


  • Lack of widgets and add-ons
  • No APP marketplace
  • No free plan (free trial available)
  • Less templates compared to competitors

Conclusion – Should You Use Sitejet?

Now you know how Sitejet works and why so many people opt to use it. We talked about some great features you get with even the cheapest package. These are all welcomed bonuses, needed to manage a website efficiently.

The templates used by Sitejet are also top-notch. All of them being responsive, means that you can have a modern website looking perfectly on all types of devices. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to pay additional fees for using them.

All in all, Sitejet could easily become a competitor against other site builder platforms. You won’t be disappointed using it.

Sitejet Review

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