SiteGround Adult Hosting Review – Does SiteGround Offer Adult Hosting?

If you are looking for a more reliable web-hosting provider, it might be easier to sign up with a web host that comes your way. However, you will start identifying the key problems after you start handling the day-to-day challenges associated with running a website. For your website to be successful, you will have to consider the speed, uptime and security of the web host. Moreover, the company should not offer hosting services at a very high cost, particularly for new customers.

In addition to the points we have mentioned, you will also need to consider the ease of site setup. A hosting provider should offer a user-friendly control panel to help you set up your website with a single-click installation. Reliability and great customer support are also important factors to consider when searching for a website host provider. If you need hosting services for an adult content or gambling website, you should know that not all website host providers offer such services.

Introduction to SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround Hosting provides unlimited web hosting options to the customers in addition to customer support, bulletproof security and 99.9 percent uptime. The company has existed for over one decade. Within that time, the company has perfected the art of website hosting, reached higher heights and even outperformed most competitors. They focus on creating hosting environments that start-ups and the growing businesses need to establish their online presence on the internet smoothly.

SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans

SIteGround offers three packages of shared hosting, which include the StartUp package, GrowBig package and the GoGeek package. Each of the packages comes with a different size of website space ranging from 10GB to 30GB respectively. The web-hosting provider will charge you depending on the amount of website space you are using and people using the StartUp package pay the lowest amount.

Ideally, the StartUp plan is a good choice for people in the start-up stage and the provider limits it to a single domain, but with any of the other two packages, you will benefit from many domains. Each of the packages provides the essential features but the GoGeek and GrowBig have more features. Finally, the plans allow 10,000, 25,000 and 100,000 visitors per month respectively.

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Plan

The company also provides a hosting package that is more beneficial for designers and developers who want to maintain and host the websites of their clients. The hosting plans allow users to leverage strong hosting infrastructure and offer reliable hosting services to the daily website design customers. The reseller package comes at a discounted price depending on the number of accounts the user buys. People who buy more accounts get higher discounts.

SiteGround Cloud Website Hosting Services

SiteGround provides customers with auto-scalable cloud hosting platforms. The cloud website hosting services come with VIP support available 24/7. If you need high traffic to your website, then the cloud website hosting services are for you. The package allows the users to customize the plans and enjoy a fast cloud-hosting platform.

The plan comes with Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) with many locations to allow easier geographical access and fast local speed. The backup system guarantees that you will not lose your data because there are seven offsite daily account backups.

SiteGround Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated website hosting provides the peace of mind you need for your fast-growing business because of the encouraged independence. The website hosting offers high class dedicated machines ran by experts. SiteGround provides dedicated website hosting with proprietary software, which skyrockets the server’s performance. The customer support is available 24/7.

SiteGround Enterprise Hosting

The Enterprise hosting package is custom-made and focused on the needs of each customer. Instead of purchasing the existing plans, you can request to get a personalized solution that matches the needs of your business. The program is unique in the entire industry and the fact that SiteGround provides unlimited support makes it better. The personalized solutions can be one-time setup or private or public cloud configuration.

Specific Apps hosting

SiteGround provides specific website hosting packages that they focus on various content management systems such as WordPress hosting, Joomla Hosting, Magento Hosting, Drupal Hosting, PrestaShop Hosting and WooCommerce Hosting. The hosting for WordPress is now more popular because more people are now using WordPress as their sole content management system.

Does SiteGround allow adult hosting?

No. According to their Acceptable Use Policy, they do not host adult content on their servers. The question relating to adult content hosting is always coming up considering that around 70 percent of the daily Google searches are about adult contents. That is the key reason most people are opting to build adult websites. At times, people who are not interested in pornography get redirected to porn sites while browsing the internet. The demand for pornography on the internet is increasing day after day. However, SiteGround and some other website hosting providers do not host the content because of the large number of visitors. Possibly, they also prohibit it for other reasons.

What if you upload adult content to SiteGround?

If you upload adult content to SiteGround, they will ban your account immediately. SiteGround is getting many new users each day and they would want to preserve their good reputation. And if you are planning to publish illegal pornography on your website, everyone including Google will ban your website and you will have to come up with your way of publishing the evil stuff.

SiteGround Adult Hosting Alternatives

Now that you are aware that SiteGround does not host adult content, you should choose one of the available alternatives. There are many websites hosting providers on the internet ready to host your website. Remember that most premium-hosting providers do not allow adult content on their servers. Therefore, you should be ready to do some more research. To provide you with a good starting point, here are some of the website-hosting providers that are ready to host your adult website.

1. HostGator

HostGator is among the loved and well-known brands in the world of website hosting. They offer various services such as cloud-based website hosting, shared hosting plans and dedicated servers. You should know that after your business has grown, moving from the shared type of hosting to the virtual or dedicated servers will be possible. The website hosting provider offers 99.99 percent uptime, many features and scalable plans that cover all types of website hosting.

The fact that they host adult websites should make you happy. However, you should remember that they do not allow publication of child pornography on the websites hosted on their servers. They offer unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 customer support through phone, email and live chat. The user control panel is easier to use and good looking. You will also benefit from site builder and 1-click installation.

2. FastComet

FastComet is among the best website-hosting providers today and most experts are recommending it for people who want to host adult content. However, you will be restricted from child pornography. If you are looking for a place to host your adult content and avoid problems like page suspension, FastComet is a better choice. They offer free lifetime domain, unlimited domains, 99.99 percent uptime and Free SSL and Wild Card Certificate. Even more, they offer free cloud flare CDN, fast customer support and their charges are reasonable. If you are not happy with their services, you can get your money back within 45-days. They also allow users to upgrade their hosting plan as the website grows.

3. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is suitable for people looking for cheap, robust web hosting service for their adult content website. The company is now one of the popular cloud-based hosting providers, thanks to their low prices, simplicity and reliable infrastructure. They allow users to create, manage and automate cloud server infrastructures with many helpful features like floating IP addresses, Tier-1 bandwidth, shared private networking, team accounts, hard drives and solid state drives (SSD). Within the time they have been in business (since the year 2011), they have built their customer base to 550,000 developers. You will benefit from 99.99 percent up time.

4. StableHost

StableHost is a popular name among the hosting companies that provide quality services at a lower price. Even though they are not as cheap as many other companies, they are budget-friendly. They also offer tremendous customer services and maintain quality, fast servers with around 99.9 percent uptime.

They are currently using three data centers – one in Chicago, one in Phoenix and the other in Amsterdam. In other words, they cover both the United States and Europe, which sound great for anyone looking for flexibility when it comes to the location of servers. The super-fast customer support is available 24/7 through the phone. Their R1Soft backups mean that your adult content will be safe.

5. Hostinger

The servers of Hostinger are situated in the United States, Europe (UK) and Asia. Reportedly, they have connected each of them to a 1000 Mbps connection to ensure that the loading times are very stable. After hosting your adult content website, you will benefit from a 30-day money back guarantee. They offer many payment options such as PayPal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Bitcoin and Maestro.

The 30-days money-guarantee offers you a chance to try the various services they use and opt-out if you are not happy with their services. However, you should keep in mind that they do not offer a refund for every type of services and some of their products have special refund policies. Lastly, their customer services are multi-lingual and available throughout the day.


SiteGround is among the best web hosting service providers. The competitive pricing provides great value for money because most other cheap hosting providers do not offer the features you will find on SiteGround. However, if you are planning to establish an adult content website, you should opt for other providers because SiteGround does not allow the content on their servers. HostGator, FastComet, DigitalOcean, StableHost and Hostinger are some of the popular choices.


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