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Site123 might be a good choice if you are planning building a small business website, a landing page, a simple blog or a small online shop. Site123 makes it simple and easy to its users to set up a website in minutes.

Site123 is a simple online website builder which includes lots of features such as mobile-ready design, free hosting, SEO tools, ready-made styles and layouts, eCommerce and blog tools, and more. They also provide domain registration and management, but they also allow pointing your existing domain to your Site123-built website.

With’s website building tool, you will be able to create a professional looking website in just few minutes. You can use their tool free of charges and test all the incorporated features and pay later. The good news is that, no technical or programming experience is required in order to use this website builder. If you are familiar with using any application on your smart-phone or have minimal knowledge on how to use a computer, it’s just enough.

In the next part of this Site123 review, we will present you the pros and cons of using the Site123 website-builder tool.

What’s good about Site123?

Try it for Free: register your free account at Site123 and try all its features for free. Using a free account might not be the best, though, because this does not allow you to have a domain name associated with your account. In order to add your own domain or register a new one, you will have to upgrade to a premium plan.

Get Started Quick & Easy: after signing up for a free account, you can right away start creating a website. Choose a website category that fits best your niche, setup the name of your site and add as many pages you need and publish it! The advanced website builder-wizard will teach you how to setup your website in minutes.

Domain & Hosting Included: all premium accounts include plenty of storage space where you can upload images, videos and other files you might want to add to your website, and a free domain name. You can also point your existing domain to your website.

What’s bad about Site123?

Lack of Design Options: probably the biggest downside using Site123 is the few number of design options. There is actually only one template, which you can customize and choose the preferred layout for each page. The downside is that each website built with Site123 will look very similar.


Compared to its competitors, Site123 does not provide too many features and options. Thought the features that are available are enough for setting up a professional website, blog or online shop quick and easy at an affordable rate. I can say it with confidence, that Site123 is probably one of the best options for users who want to get started with their first website having the option to extend it with a blog or sales page. Reviews Updated on: January 22, 2019
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Price from: $9.80 / month
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Matt on Jul 16, 2017
It is a great site and I love the design. However, I think that over $5.00 a month is way too costly, and it should be reduced. Other than that, all good! :)