SEO Mistakes you Should Avoid in 2015

When we start talking about SEO, we mostly think on how to optimize our website for Google. While Google owns the biggest share in the search market in the US and in most countries, this search engine can bring the most traffic to your website; probably this is the reason why we all want to find the secret key to rank our website on Google.

They have a very strict and straightforward guideline on how a website should be built to be accepted in the Google search results. Even though you follow these rules there is no guarantee that you will achieve the desired results. You should note that the search results are based on hundreds of factors that are part of Google search algorithm and all these combined together will calculate the importance and the quality of a website and will list it on a certain position for certain keywords.

Because the demand to rank on Google is very high, there are companies who are specialized in this area, providing different services to help your website rank higher. There are certainly services which will boost your rankings but most of them will just eat up your money and damage your website.

In the following I will show you the most common type of services that are extremely well marketed and they look so promising that most clients will fall for it and lose their money and probably their website’s rankings as well.

The redesign and optimization service

Let’s say you have a website, that exist for a while and you are looking for someone to help you get more organic traffic to it. While searching for a seo company, you will find different services and you will ask for quotes. Search engine optimization is can be very expensive, but you are lucky and found someone who has “proven” results with his tactics and these follows 100% the current guidelines. They will offer you a full re-design of your website, will make it mobile friendly, will remove unnecessary scripts to speed up the website loading time, will change heading tags (if necessary), will add some sort of meta-description and meta-keywords that they think are important and you are sorted. Well, seo is not very complicated but it is not as simple as redesigning a website and applying the proper html optimization. So if someone offers you this service and promises that you will see results in couple of weeks, probably you will only see your money going out from your bank account and nothing more. Even if they did a very good job and your website design matches with Google rules, this alone is not enough to rank.

The link building service

A while ago, link building was the king of all rankings. The more links you could get, the better rankings you had; and Google rolled out the Penguin update. This update has hit very hard those website who were using unnatural and spammy links, and this updated has create a big wave in believing that link building is bad. But “amazingly” there are always some seo specialists who figured out the perfect combination of backlinks that will work. They are those who will build you secret links from private blog networks and high quality sites, but they won’t send you a report because of security and other made-up reasons and they will guarantee top 10 rankings.

These types of services may boost your site’s ranking up for a short period of time, but in the long run it will hurt. Better avoid buying backlinks and try focusing on getting backlinks naturally from relevant website by creating useful and unique content and guest posting on high quality websites.

The keyword research service

I would choose the “go big or go home” slogan for this service. Why? Some seo experts believe that if you optimize your website for the biggest keyword in your niche and you can rank for it, you will be able to rank for any other related keyword. It is still worth to do some research on other smaller keywords and include those as well in your articles and backlink anchors, but whatever you do not forget that you are going for the “big fish”. Oh, by the way, don’t forget that targeting a very big and competitive keyword is very hard and time consuming. This will require you to make a subscription contract for at least 3 months but it could be for longer period, and certainly you have no guarantee that this will work in your niche. So if someone is offering you a service that will push your website to the top for the biggest keywords, don’t believe them. Why they are not doing this tactic for themselves with their own website? Because the service they offer is not working.

Is there anything that work?

SEO is important of any company that wants to establish a strong and long-term online presence. It is yet important to follow the news and be up to date with the latest algorithm changes and strategies, but you should not consider believing and implementing everything you read about.

Optimizing your website for Google is a complex process and you cannot rely on one strategy; seo involves progressive, regular, long term content creation and keyword research. Not long time ago, we have published an article about seo strategies that works in 2015, that includes a complete plan you should apply to your website.

So to answer the question, yes, there is still hope, and there are still many ways to rank your website. It will require a lot of your time, but focus on the long term and you will succeed.


David Cross

David is the chief editor at WebHostingMedia right from the beginning. He has a great passion for building and managing websites and creating helpful content. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.