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Bloggers and content writers struggle to maintain the perfect balance between delivering content that their readership like while also pleasing search engines as well. This is a standard that is somewhat difficult to achieve, but doable nonetheless with the right SEO strategy. The quality of the content you generate on your blog can only do so much for your search engine rankings. Having a good keyword strategy is also crucial in reaching your target audience. But drawing up a keyword strategy implies doing some keyword research in your niche and having a peak into your competitors’ traffic, backlinks and rankings. This seems like a whole lot of work, but who says you can’t get a little help from best-in-line SEO tools like SEMrush?

SEMrush is marketed as all-in-one search engine marketing tool that provides all the necessary SEO tools for professional bloggers, internet marketers and SEO agencies to research, analyze and devise efficient SEO strategies. In this review, we’re going to go into all the reasons why is probably the best SEO tool around, and why we believe that SEMrush can give you an edge over your competitors, so you can break away from your competition and hit the ground running with your SEM endeavors.

Why Choose

As a versatile SEO tool, SEMrush lines up many useful features that may be missing from other SEO tools or plugins, and that will help you outrank your competition and perform better in search engine rankings. Here are’s strongest features that can help your website position itself ahead of the competition:

Full SEO site audit feature

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your content just doesn’t seem to get any traction in search engine results. Submitting your blog to an objective scrutiny can help you get to the heart of the problem.’s Site Audit feature will identify the issues that may be undermining your SEO efforts (e.g. broken links, no follow attribute warnings, duplicate content warnings, etc.) and point you into the right direction to fix them.

Keyword research and position tracking

A good keyword research can boost your SEO positioning. With SEMrush, you can find profitable keywords irrespective of your niche. SEMrush also offers relevant keywords, phrase matches and long-tail keywords so you can enlarge your website’s keyword pool with richer, better performing keywords. SEMrush also takes things a little bit further by allowing you to track the position of certain keywords across major search engines. This is done based on geographical location, allowing you to track how your blog does in specific countries’ search engines.

Competitor research (keywords, backlinks, advertising analysis, domain comparison and traffic)

There are many tools to keep an eye on your website’s traffic and offer statistics related to that traffic. But what about your competitors’ website traffic? Tools like SimilarWeb or Alexa can give you an idea about the traffic of your competitors, but SEMrush goes beyond what these tools offer and gives you the means to perform competitive backlinks analyses, get a glimpse into your competitors’ best performing organic keywords, search volume, and website traffic.

Apart from the organic research SEMrush offers, you can also uncover the advertising strategy of your competitors including PPC marketing activities, display advertising, video ad strategies, product listing ads, ad copies, AdWords and Bing Ads usage trends, PPC marketing budget, CPC estimations and other valuable information that can improve your PPC bidding strategy and make your online ad campaigns more profitable for you.

If you’re curious to see how you stack up against your competition, SEMrush provides a useful domain comparison tool to see how your domain is performing in terms of keywords, search volume, CPC, trends, etc. compared to a competing domain of your choice.

Brand monitoring and social media tools

SEMrush helps you keep an eye on your brand’s reputation and impact on social media by scanning the depths of the Web and analyzing mentions of your brand in reviews or other online communities. It can do the same for the brands of your competitors, while delivering you insights about how your competitors promote their brands and whether their social media efforts are paying off. Information of this caliber can help you to discover and seize new promotional channels and ways to promote your brand by eliminating trial by error approaches and get you right to the finish line. Subscription Plans

semrush prices plans

SEMrush has a 14-day trial period that makes it easy for you to test the platform and see its capabilities and features in action. Trying out the platform is especially indicated for those new to search engine marketing. Once you get a feel of the various features, you can upgrade to paid plans. SEMrush has three paid subscription levels – Pro, Guru, and Business.

The Pro plan is currently priced at $69.95/month (or $699.40 annually), the Guru plan costs $149.95/month (or $1499.40 annually), while the Business plan costs $549.95/month (or $5499.40 annually).

Is the Right SEO Tool for You?

While it’s no-doubt one of the most robust and full-featured SEO tool on the market, SEMrush remains a rather pricey service for the average blogger. However, if you’re a professional blogger, internet marketer or an SEO agency, SEMrush will certainly help you to maximize your SEO efforts, help your customers perform better in search rankings and offer valuable insights into your competitors’ organic keyword strategies, website traffic, and PPC advertising moves. This will allow you to devise better SEO strategies, examine your and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and take advantage of mistakes that your competitors make.

SEMrush is primarily a research and analysis SEO tool that can help you get the stats you need and visualize information in a way that is conducive to more informed decisions about the way you generate content, drive traffic to your website, promote your brand or services, and how your online marketing efforts are paying off. It’s also an invaluable and powerful competitive analysis tool that will uncover your organic competitors and deliver actionable intelligence about their search engine rankings and SEM endeavors.


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