Top 10 Responsive Image Slider WordPress Plugins

Slider is an ultimate way to show the expertise of your website as well as the most convenient way to grab the attention of huge customer base. Just like a basket that is full of fruits, sliders provide you an ultimate opportunity to showcase distinct types of images, captivating content and featured post. Sliders have come a long way since inception and are perfect for any kind of website.

With so many free and premium themes available in the market, it is essential to remember that not every plugin is compatible with all the themes. If you have invested in responsive themes for creating your site, then you can’t take risk of breaking your customer’s experience with clunky sliders that do not respond to distinct devices. But, as a matter of fact, it is not easy to find the best responsive slider for your site. You will come across a huge mess of responsive slider plugin in the WordPress directory that are sure to put you in a dilemma. Keeping that in mind, we have curated this list of responsive slider plugins that exhibit your content in a mobile-friendly way. So, grab a freshly-brewed cup of joe and check our list for getting an elegant yet professional responsive image slider ideas.

#1 Soliloquy lite

soliloquy slider

Soliloquy Lite is an ultimate WordPress image slider plugin that has marked its presence in the hearts of developers with its responsiveness, speed and ease to use. It is an ultimate drag and drop image slider plugin that enables you to create captivating responsive image sliders as well as video sliders for your WordPress website in no time. This slider is designed in a way that it brings your site on top on search engine allowing you to add Meta data for every slide and make your site completely user-friendly. Being fully responsive and mobile-friendly in nature, this slider plugin gives an awesome experience on all sort of devices.

Striking Features:

  • Featured with drag & drop slider builder.
  • 100% mobile-friendly.
  • Benefit of customization.
  • Option of adding thumbnail images.
  • Option of creating alluring video sliders.

Download Link:

#2 Huge-IT Slider

huge it slider

If you are bored of creating custom sliders, then Huge-IT Slider is the perfect solution in such a time. It makes it easier to add custom sliders to your WordPress website without any hassle. You can add images, videos and sliders to the post, template files and pages. It comes equipped with extraordinary things to give your sliders a lively look. Huge-IT slider enables you to publish numerous images with their descriptions and titles.

This slider is designed with the aim to make your website look alluring and professional. The best part is that you can create sliders using not only images but also videos selecting from the popular resources like YouTube. In case of any query, you can contact to its support center that will give a quick response within 24 hours.

Captivating Features:

  • Option of adding URL to specified pages.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Sliders look amazing on varied devices.
  • Benefit of using unlimited slider in a single page.
  • Auto generated shortcodes for adding sliders in a simple way.

Download Link:

#3 Slider Slideshow

 slider slideshow

Slider Slideshow is one of the most popular WordPress slider plugin that gives you exceptional access to the visual slider builder that will be simple to use for any person who possesses no knowledge about WordPress. Making use of the drag and drop feature, you can easily navigate among the unique elements that come with this plugin. This slider comes equipped with strong engine to add photo or video slide using import media data, batch upload and many others.

Fascinating Traits:

  • Navigation of slides.
  • Fully responsive slider design.
  • Settings present to customize slider.
  • Slider with title.
  • Content slider.

Download Link:

#4 Slider Video

slider video

All the sliders that are available are not just for text content. But now, you can easily customize sliders for including rich media as well as unique content. With the help of slider video plugin, you can easily use custom YouTube videos and showcase them utilizing a slider widget. Using this slider plugin, you can grab the attention of huge customer base on your site and daze them with efficient slide shows.

Amazing Characteristics:

  • Multifarious layout support.
  • Free updates and support.
  • Keyboard navigation.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Auto-start slideshow.

Download Link:

#5 SlideDeck 2

slidedeck 2

Seeing the current status of social networking sites, SlideDeck 2 slider plugin allows you to create content sliders without any hassle. This slider connects you with an array of content sources like Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest and many more.

Fascinating Features:

  • Fully responsive.
  • Available in both free and premium version.
  • Full-width slider.
  • Customization option available.
  • Various add-ons that enhance sliders experience.

Download Link:

#6 MotoPress Slider Lite

motopress slider lite

Responsive WordPress slider plugin from MotoPress is a simple to use resolution for shaping captivating slides with extraordinary visual effects. Featured with drag and drop interface, responsive layout and swipe navigation, it assists you in creating slides without touching any code. With the help of this slider, you can create SEO-optimized slideshows that help your site rank on top on search engine.

Eye-catchy Features:

  • Numerous layers with custom content, text and video.
  • Addition of video backgrounds.
  • Create infinite sliders.
  • Layer-based animation.
  • Make use of sliders in both posts and pages.

Download Link:

#7 Responsive WordPress Slider – Avartan Slider Lite

avartan slider lite

Being fully responsive in nature, Avartan Slider Lite gives the users an ultimate option to include numerous images slides in one slider with the help of multifarious image uploader. You can easily publish infinite slider on your blog. The built-in features of Avartan Slider enable you to design fascinating sliders in no time irrespective of the fact whether you have knowledge about CSS and JS. With PHP function, widget or shortcode, you can easily integrate Avartan Slider anywhere on your site.

Alluring Traits:

  • Slides sorting.
  • Element custom CSS.
  • Avartan Slider widget.
  • Multilingual translation ready.
  • SEO friendly.

Download Link:

#8 MetaSlider


MetaSlider is one of the most amazing image sliders for WordPress blogs and websites. The admin can easily handle numerous picture into the fully responsive slider. The slider images can be edited, added or deleted seamlessly and before adding any slide to the blog, you can view your final work also. There are multiple settings that can be done with this slider such as width, speed, height or showcase the image on circular slider.

Captivating Features:

  • Fully responsive admin layout.
  • You can easily set the speed of slider.
  • Image name is utilized as alt tag for SEO.
  • Modifications can be done to images width and size.
  • Set slider to circular slider.

Download Link:

#9 Smart Slider 3

smart slider 3

Smart Slider has undergone numerous releases and provisions from last few years and this versions seems to top the list. Apart from giving you a tool for creating YouTube and Vimeo slides, you can also create slides from your WordPress posts and it also comes with easy to use slide editor for varied layers. The user interface is blessed with a drag and drop interface builder that helps even the novice WordPress user to build a phenomenal slider for their WordPress site. The best part of this slider is that it is fully mobile-friendly and has in-built support for smartphone and touch-friendly gadgets so no matter whoever is accessing your site, the slide will never lose its originality.

Impressive Features:

  • Auto and full-width responsive mode.
  • Autoplay configurations.
  • Adaptive layer font sizing.
  • Layer sizing.
  • Layer cropping.

Download Link:

#10 Cyclone Slider

 cyclone slider

Cyclone Slider 2 is an outstanding and personalized slideshow plugin for WordPress. The best part of this slider is that it is featured with selective loading which means you can load only the scripts and styles that you require. This plugin is often used because of its easy workflow, advanced template system and many others.

Stunning Traits:

  • Exceptional settings for each slider.
  • Supports irregular slide order.
  • Equipped with a widget to showcase the slider in widget areas without any hassle.
  • Enable title and alt for being specific for each slide images.
  • Capability for adding per-slide transition effects.

Download Link:

Wrapping Up!

So, here is an amazing list of image slider plugin that can be of great help for you. The best slider for you can be the one that delivers your functionality requirements. Select the one that integrates with your existing website without any hassle. But, remember that these slider plugins come with customization options which simply means that the design can be modified for reflecting the color and image schemes being used. We hope that the stated information will make it simpler for you to determine which plugin to opt for. If you feel we have missed out some points, feel free to share your views in the comment box.

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