How to Remove Wix Ads

Removing Wix Ads is a common problem for many Wix website owners. Wix is an easy-to-use website builder, but it comes with ads that can be distracting and difficult to remove.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the steps needed to remove Wix Ads from your site and replace them with custom content or apps.

What Are Wix Ads?

Wix Ads are small banners, text links, and pop-ups that are displayed on the free version of Wix websites. These ads are designed to generate revenue for Wix and can be intrusive and distracting for website visitors.

Steps to remove Wix Ads

Removing Wix Ads is not a simple task, but it is possible if you know the right steps. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Step 1: Upgrade Your Wix Plan
  • Step 2: Edit and Reorganize Your Site
  • Step 3: Add Your Own Ads and Custom Widgets
  • Step 4: Utilize Apps from the Wix App Market

Step 1: Upgrade Your Wix Plan

The first step to removing Wix Ads is upgrading your plan. There are three plans which come with different features – Free, Connect Domain, and Combo. The best option for removing ads is the Combo plan which comes with a custom domain name, SEO tools, and most importantly – no ads!

Once you upgrade your plan you will automatically see that all ads have been removed from your website.

Step 2: Edit and Reorganize Your Site

After upgrading your plan you will want to edit your website to make sure everything looks perfect without any unwanted ads taking up space.

This includes reorganizing elements on your web pages for better usability as well as optimizing titles, meta descriptions, images, videos, etc., for search engine optimization (SEO). This will help ensure that your site looks professional without any distractions from ads.

Step 3: Add Your Own Ads and Custom Widgets

After editing your site content you may want to add custom widgets or advertisements of your own choosing – like affiliate links or Google AdSense ads – as well as customizations like social media buttons or blog widgets.

This will make sure that you have full control over what content appears on your website while also being able to monetize it if desired.

Step 4: Utilize Apps from the Wix App Market

The final step in removing ads from a Wix website is utilizing apps from the App Market which can provide specific functionalities or features that the standard editor lacks – like an online store or customer support chatbot – without adding any additional ad banners or text links.

It’s important that these apps are used judiciously however– too many apps could lead to slow loading times which can hurt SEO rankings as well as user experience overall.


Removing Wix Ads can be a complicated process but it’s doable if you know what steps need to be taken. Start by upgrading your plan so that all existing ads will automatically disappear; then proceed by editing the site’s content.

Followed by adding custom widgets or advertisements; concluding in utilizing apps from the App Market when necessary – while keeping in mind loading time constraints so that SEO isn’t affected negatively in any way.


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