How to Use Reddit in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Reddit has been growing in popularity and users ever since the website was launched. It has been an integral part of internet culture and has millions of people loving it. Rarely has the web spawned such an interactive and cooperative community that aims to share valuable content.

Reddit is one of the greatest sources for entertaining, useful and engaging content for the people of the internet. A lot of people visit Reddit almost every hour to get their dose of fresh content, because the site is so well updated by its user base. Once a fresh content piece hits the site, people instantly flood it with upvotes or down votes and share their opinions along the way. Which is where the site’s name, “Reddit” comes from. It implies that “I already read it”. User given votes will determine whether a particular article or content piece is relevant or not.

How Reddit Works

what is redditYou can look at it with the following analogy: Think of the post as a ball that has a hot air balloon attached to it, which is currently in midair. If it gets an upvote, it will continue to move upwards and have more people see it. If it receives a down vote, it will move down, having less people see it as it slowly sinks into the depths of the unknown.

This mechanism guarantees that just about anything you see on Reddit, has been checked and approved by someone else. Which means that your chances for reading something funny, dramatic, news worthy or enraging is infinitely higher. Reddit is the place to find stuff that other people like you have found across the web. It is an awesome place for people with similar interests to engage and share what they love.

To specify the exact type of content you want to consume, Reddit uses subreddits. Subreddits are like channels that are devoted to one topic, niche or just about anything from religions, to science to TV shows. If you have a cartoon you loved to watch 20 years ago as a kid, the chances of some people talking about it in a subreddit is pretty high.

It’s easy to find a topic that you like and plenty of people who are actively talking about it. But if you don’t seem to find it, you can always create your own subreddit and have others come to you. You’ll easily find a subreddit for your fellow countrymen, or one devoted to people living in your city. Maybe you like to talk about car insurance loans or rainforests; no problem, there are subreddits for that too. You’re bound to run into your own interest group if you spend enough time on the site.

You can freely customize Reddit to reflect your interests and only get the content that you want to see. Otherwise, you’ll probably get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available there. If a content piece or your content piece is popular, there’s a high chance that you’ll see it cross-posted to other subreddits.

The Downsides

Because subreddits are so specific, they can get really weird. Not safe for work doesn’t begin to describe the storm of filth you can come across. There are plenty of things there that you will wish you haven’t seen once you’ve seen it, but that’s not Reddit’s fault. Reddit is what you make out of it, and some people choose to post porn, gore videos and any other kind of filth the human mind can come up with. The rest of the site and its users are pretty awesome and it is bound to bring you a positive experience.

Reddit’s comment system works in a similar fashion to the way the site lists posts. It lists the most interesting comments that are most likely to be in the center of discussion. Most of the discussions are open and honest and very engaging. But sometimes people fail miserably in being reasonable, just as they do on any other platform. They forget that they’re talking to actual people. So negative behavior isn’t far away from the site either.

Although, the fact remains that you can openly ask questions from various professionals, such as actors, firemen, policemen, doctors and any other kinds of professionals in different fields.

Reddit’s core is the power of the community, which is why it’s successful. The community decides what comes and goes on the site, so it’s a great place to practice marketing skills as well. Redditors often organize live events and meetings too, and they also create charity events. The citizens of the internet are more than welcome to join this massive community and engage other people with interests similar to theirs.

How a Marketer Can Use Reddit

Reddit’s slogan is that it’s “The Front Page of The Internet”, and it’s right at that. It’s a great place to get interesting news, links and commentary. Which is why it is the primary source of content and why you can use it to get some highly targeted traffic on your site. It can be the ideal place to promote your website.

The first thing to do is to register your account and verify your email, because you want to have a fully legit account and to be trustworthy in Karma’s eyes. Karma is the system Reddit uses to determine whether a post is share-worthy or not. If any of your posts seem promotional, you’ll get banned soon enough.

Create a profile that feels real and ensure that everyone who sees it sees a real person behind it.

Who You Can Target

It’s important to know that redditors live and die for things that are funny, cute, interesting or dramatic. Reddit is popular because it’s a free and open-minded sharing site.

Ignite’s statistics┬ástate that most redditors are male users between the age of 25 and 44. Most of them have an income somewhere between $25,000 and $50,000 a year. Most of them have at least a bachelor’s degree or some kind of college education and live in the United States. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions, but as a marketer, these are the people you’ll probably want to target.

Providing Something Unique

Redditors spend hours on top of hours browsing through the site and they are constantly looking for something new to consume. They are always trying to find something to click on. That alone would make it a heaven for hackers and malware, but those things go nowhere with Reddit users.

Also, there’s no reason to post short links or to shorten anything in your post. Just post the whole thing as it is. The best way to get something out of Reddit is to interact with it. Post incredible content, photos, videos, articles and ask other redditors for suggestions and what they would like to see. Upvote relevant posts and comments, become a prime redditor yourself.

Target Subreddits Effectively

Even though you want highly targeted leads, you have to make sure that they’re not too targeted. For example, it wouldn’t be smart to target something like /r/onlinemarket, because it really smells like work. Instead, go for something like /r/funfacts.

Go for subreddits with a much broader audience, where you can post content that appeals to a large group of people. You can also use /r/askreddit to have redditors tell you their opinions and ideas on a certain topic or to know what they would like to see.

Topics To Create Content For

It’s important that you know that Reddit is a content sharing community that mostly revolves around hobbies and entertainment. So, people aren’t too interested about things regarding work and it isn’t the place to directly market a product either. But it is an awesome place to share content around the following topics:

  • Music
  • Photography
  • Comics
  • Personal stories
  • Educational materials and sites
  • Videography
  • Science
  • Spirituality
  • Technology (gadgets, programming, IT)
  • Gaming
  • Politics
  • Marijuana
  • Movies
  • Fitness

If you’re building a geeky brand or any kind of website that is based around any of these topics, there’s a high chance that you’ll get a lot of praise on Reddit.


There are few better places on the web that are so energetic and so filled with users who are constantly searching for their daily or even hourly dose of content. It’s the perfect place to build a fully engaged following and always have people who are interested in the content you provide.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through this article and that we have helped you learn something new today!

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