10 Reasons Your Business Should use Video Marketing

Digital marketing is a multi-layered field that harnesses the power of many means of expression to pique the interest of users, engage them and turn them into customers. Video marketing is a marketing sub-domain in its own right that, in some fields, can prove to be a superior strategy to other means of drawing customers. The fact that videos are visually engaging make it more appealing to customers, who are increasingly allocating less time to text-based marketing.

In recent years, YouTube has evolved into being the second largest search engine on the web, making it a gold mine for digital marketers. Video marketing has undoubtedly acquired a pivotal role in the content marketing landscape, and perhaps it shouldn’t be absent from your content marketing strategy either. Why should businesses take a chance on video marketing? Which are the top 10 reasons why your business should use video marketing?

1. Direct appeal and instant connection with viewers

Videos create a sense of individual approach, which better appeals to the customer, and it’s more likely to keep them interested in a given topic, product or service. The often conversational style of these videos and their visually-compelling imagery appeal to the visual and emotional side of viewers.

2. Increased understanding of products or services

Another reason why video marketing is hot right now, is because it increases the understanding of the marketed product or service in a no-fuss manner. Users that don’t have the patience to read through product descriptions and product or service features are more likely to view a video instead. The advantage of a video as opposed to a text-based description is that it shows the product in action. Be it a video that advertises a backpack, a laptop or a VPN service, the fact that customers are able to see the product from different angles or see the features of a given service in action, is more likely to increase their understanding of the service of product itself.

3. Sales boost

According to comScore, more than half of users tend to visit the marketer’s website after watching their video and a significant proportion of these users ends up purchasing the product, which means that videos tend to lead to better conversions. Those who watch the video on the marketer’s website also tend to spend on average 2 minutes longer than users that don’t watch videos. People are visual beings and a video description is more likely to lead them to making a purchasing decision, therefore, adding descriptive videos to your products will boost sales.

4. Higher trust level

Sometimes customers are weary of purchasing products online. Adding a friendly voice and perhaps even a friendly face to your business through video marketing will increase the level of trust that people have with respect to your business. Video marketing is also linked with better search engine rankings as time spent by visitors on your site increases.

5. Traffic boost

Creating funny or impressive video ads that go viral can give your website a significant traffic boost. Product review videos are also quite popular as people usually like to consult others opinions before making a purchasing decision. Creating objective and engaging product reviews by highlighting the pros and cons of a product will not only increase your traffic, but it will give your website more credibility.

6. Social media friendly ads

A further reason why you should consider implementing video marketing in your marketing campaign is because it’s a social media friendly advertising tool. Social media is a powerful advertising platform that makes use of technologies that favor video marketing. With Facebook’s auto-play feature, the presence of videos in your newsfeed is undoubtedly more engaging than a block of text with a few images. Create good videos, and people will share, comment and engage.

7. Competitive advantage

Businesses that showcase their products via video advertising are at a competitive advantage compared to those that don’t make use of videos. Video marketing has the advantage of communicating big chunks of information in very little time. Your marketing time and energy sometimes can be better spent on video marketing than on text-based marketing. Another reason why video ads can give you a competitive advantage is because the market is not as saturated with video ads as with other marketing tools, thus, there is less competition in this field of marketing.

8. Effectiveness

People spend more and more time on the internet, and a significant proportion of this time is spent on watching videos. It is estimated that on average users are exposed to 32.2 videos per month, and according to comScore, users spend on average 16 minutes and 49 seconds watching online video ads each month. Video’s ability to capture attention, convey rich information and emotions in a short time makes it one of the most effective marketing tools. Video is also effective irrespective of demographics, age groups or social status. Those aged 45-55 are just as likely to search for videos as those aged between 18 and 24.

9. More optimization opportunities

As opposed to text-based marketing, video advertisements come with built-in feedback loops that allow you to measure the number of times the video was watched, click-through rates, drop-off points, whether users re-watch videos, etc. This gives you ample opportunity to better optimize your videos and respond to client needs.

10. Better e-mail click-through rates

It was found that when advertisers included videos in e-mail campaigns, click-through rates have doubled or even tripled. Videos included in marketing e-mails also led to a 51% subscriber to lead conversion and reduced the number of subscriber opt-outs. As a result, videos can be used not only on-site for product descriptions, but also in e-mail marketing campaigns either to introduce your business or a new service or product.

Text-based content marketing may no longer be sufficient in certain fields where visualization and believability are important factors in turning prospects into buyers. Videos can present information in a compelling and insightful manner that images and text alone cannot do. Sounds, voice richness, motions, and the kind of dynamicity offered by videos are perhaps the next best thing to the personal inspection of products by the viewers themselves.


David Cross

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