Top 25 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Building Your Website

WordPress has been established in 2003 as a blogging platform and it has really outgrown itself since then. Today, every fourth website is built with WordPress as 18.9% of all websites on the Internet are built with it. About 73 million websites were recorded using it in 2012 and that number has only increased since then. So why does WordPress continue to grow so exponentially?

It has been a valuable tool for marketers, business owners and developers alike for many years over the past. WordPress has steadily evolved into the most widely used content management systems (CMS). One of the most beautiful things about it is that thanks to its immense power, both newbies and professionals can use it to accomplish a great deal. No matter the size of your website or blog, you can handle even the most demanding sites with WordPress.

Even big brands such as BBC America, CNN, The New Yorker, MTV News and the Official Star Wars Blog use WordPress for running their website.

You can create fully functional websites with WordPress no matter what goals you have set for yourself. If you ever thought about building a website and you didn’t have the time, money or the knowledge necessary to make it happen, now you can.

If you have a solid idea about how it should look and what it will set out to accomplish, you can get straight down to building your website even now.

In this article, we seek to highlight the many reasons why WordPress is so popular and why is it probably the best choice for you to build your website with it!

1. WordPress is Easy to Setup and Use

Millions of people use WordPress to create their first ever website, because it’s so simple to use. You don’t have to be a tech geek or a web developer or even know anything about coding to get a website up and running. You only need an Internet connection and a web browser to put a webpage together.

2. WordPress is an Open Source Software (Free)

Using WordPress doesn’t cost you a penny. It’s free to download and install. Only hiring a developer to create a custom webpage or various premium plugins and themes would cost you money, but that solely depends on your choice.

WordPress is community software, which is maintained by a huge group of volunteer developers that constantly work to make this product better.

3. Powerful Right After the Install

Most content management systems require at least some tinkering in order for it to be set to create even a simple website, while WordPress is ready for use right after you install it. A lot of powerful features are included in its core such as, (revisions, blogging, RSS feeds, category tags and the theme editor). You don’t have to install or search for more plugins to use WordPress at its full extent, although they are incredibly useful.

4. Highly Expandable

Given the WordPress’ huge popularity, there have been over a 30,000 of plugins developed for it. These plugins are additional code that you can add to your platform and expand its capabilities and make it serve you better.

The websites you can build with the help of these plugins vary from social media websites, to ecommerce and news websites. Many of these plugins are used by numerous websites on the Internet and a lot of them are completely free.

5. WordPress is Flexible

There is no other CMS out there that is as flexible as WordPress. You can use it for creating and managing a personal blog, a company’s blog, an informational site, portfolio site, a membership website or a huge ecommerce site. Because of this flexibility, it is loved by marketers, bloggers and businessmen alike. Just about any website you can think of can be created with WordPress!

Once your site is up and running feel free to change any feature of your website, let it be in terms of function, design or content with a few clicks.

6. It is SEO Friendly

Every website should be optimized for search engines as well and WordPress offers that right out of the box. It takes all the SEO responsibilities that a content management system should fulfill.

WordPress has a number of options that help you in getting your website to the top of search engine ranking pages. Google likes WordPress very much for its responsive design, responsive architecture and the semantic markup it produces. It is also much easier for search engine spiders to crawly it, thanks to the clean and transparent code.

You can add meta tags to each of your posts and do even more precise SEO.

7. Easily Customizable Appearance

WordPress lets you truly create the exact design you want. There are thousands of available themes (most of them free) that you can choose from and find the design that suits your website perfectly. You can change themes with a few clicks without losing any of your website’s content and data. Pretty cool, huh?

You can also customize every aspect of those themes to match the website you’ve pictured in your mind.

You customize your website through the Control Panel: You have all of your website’s settings available under the WP dashboard, which is quite user friendly and lets you customize most of the elements you’d want.

You can also customize it through Code: If you know a bit of coding, you can easily play around with your themes style.css by editing its code.

8. Tight Security

Being an open-source program normally leaves a lot of security issues and makes the software more vulnerable. You can freely explore WordPress’ code, which leaves room for exploitation and there were a lot of known exploits that had to be patched up really quickly.

Even with keeping that in perspective, WordPress is still incredibly safe. It has a huge security team that works tirelessly to patch any security gaps that they come across, constantly working to make WordPress websites more secure with each update.

If hacking does happen, it’s most likely to happen because of the user’s unawareness. But if you only follow WordPress’ general security method, your website will be very safe.

9. Supports Multiple Media Types

WordPress lets you use the most common media types, such as, video, image and audio, right out of the box. You can easily insert any of these media into your webpage with a single click.

It has support for a number of different file types for each media. This way, you can take user experience to new heights. You can also embed YouTube videos and any stuff from any other website that allow you to embed their content (Twitter comments, etc.), but only by installing the right plugins.

10. Has A Lot of Free Resources

You’ll save a lot of money with WordPress, because it’s open source and very user-friendly but you’ll also save a lot of cash on extensions and themes. Websites like ThemeForest offer tons of free themes and you can also get your hands on some incredibly useful plugins as well, without having to pay a penny.

You don’t have to spend money on expensive courses either, because there are many blogs, websites and large communities that offer thorough guides and tips to accomplishing anything you want with your website.

WordPress also has its official, well-maintained support forum with millions of queries that most likely have the solution to your problem.

11. Builds Fully Responsive Websites

More than half of online traffic is done with mobile devices and that number will only increase year after year. This means that it’s already evident that every website should have a mobile version.

WordPress builds mobile friendly websites that perfectly accommodate mobiles and smartphones. This fully responsive design makes sure that your webpage looks awesome no matter what screen size it is viewed on.

12. It Continues To Get Better

WordPress’ large community continues to develop their software day by day, to improve the user-friendly interface and all of its features.

It has already proven over the past years that it is capable of developing exponentially. We’ll probably see a lot of future developments, such as even more optimized SEO or more convenient features.

13. Creating, Adding and Editing Content Is Made Easy

Once your website is done, it’s easy to manage and keep it updated with content regularly. Thanks to its outstanding user-friendliness, even a non tech-savvy person can add and edit the website’s content without having an expert take a look at it.

You no longer need extensive coding skills to make the major changes regarding your content. You can use Ms. Word or WordPress itself to write your content and edit it. The content you post on your website is also made a lot more usable. WordPress will index your content, add navigation links and make it more searchable without you having to tinker with it.

It also helps with managing and tracking users, which is a challenging task for website administrators. Once again, you have the simple user-interface to help you with that.

14. Schedule Your Blog Posts and Social Media Posts

WordPress makes running a blog or an online business a lot less time consuming. You can write your posts and schedule them in advance, ensuring that your content will always reach your visitors on time. If you know that your visitors are most active around 10pm and 12pm, you can schedule your posts to be published in that exact time.

What makes it even better is that you can set WordPress up to publish your new content on social media sites as well.

15. Has Solid eCommerce Solutions

As I mentioned, WordPress is great for running an online business. There are a quite few eCommerce solutions that make this possible. They will convert your WordPress website into a fully functional digital-store, capable of processing payments and currencies, managing products, managing taxes and any other task related to running an online store.

Plugins such as WooCommerce, Shopp and WP eCommerce are all great solutions for you to build an online store.

16. You Can Create A Membership Service

If you want to build and grow a fan base or offer some kind of service or exclusive content to gain some money, creating a membership service is highly advised. You can convert it to a full-fledged membership site right out of the box or make it even better with a plugin like BuddyPress.

17. Tons Of Professionally Designed Themes

You can always keep your website looking fresh and unique and change how it looks if you get bored with it. There are hundreds of professional looking themes that you can download for free. There are two thousand themes available for free at the official WordPress theme directory and even more on third-party websites.

You can also find an incredible amount of premium ones as well that even have a strong support team behind them who are willing to help you make the necessary tweaks that make your website look exactly the way you want it to.

18. Easily Add Complex Features Without The Help Of a Developer

The insane amount of plugins that WordPress has is one of its most compelling features, because you can basically add any feature to your website by clicking install. You don’t need the help of a professional to use and make the most out of them.

19. It’s Very Mature

More than 14 years of constant service made WordPress mature. During these years, it has been tested, refined and developed into the world-class content management system it is today.

It is stable and won’t let your site crash or lose its data. You don’t have to mess around with any bugs either.

20. Has a Solid Reputation

WordPress has become the most popular content management system and website platform for a reason. It is trusted by big names such as CNN, BBC America, Beyoncé,, The New Yorker and even government organizations. It’s simply a go to solution for anyone who seeks to build a website.

21. It’s Universal

The easy user interface and the comprehensive design came into play once again. If you have hired a developer to create and manage your professional WordPress website and the two of you part ways, you don’t have to start from scratch again. Your new developer won’t have as much work on their hands as they would when starting a fresh website, saving you a lot of precious time and money.

This is because any web-developer with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP or MySQL can get used to handling a WordPress site and manage it accordingly.

22. Offers Great Communication With Your Visitors

All you have to do is enable blog comments to receive your visitors’ opinions and to interact with them. You can learn a lot more about what they want and like and manage your website accordingly. This will also make your website a lot more trustworthy and a much more reliable source of information.

Encouraging your commenters to include your targeted keywords within their comments will also give a boost to your SEO.

23. Support For Multiple Users

If you’re running a company website with multiple people you’ll probably want to give each of them access to the website, according to their positions. WordPress kept this in mind and made it possible for you to assign different privileges to different users. Some of these include:

  • Super Admin: The individual who has ultimate control over the site network’s administration features and all of its features.
  • Administrator: An individual who has access to the administration features of a single site.
  • Editor: A person who has full access to the website’s content. This user can manage and publish all of the website’s posts.
  • Author: Someone who is writing for the site on a regular basis and can write, manage and publish their posts according to their will.
  • Contributor: A role given to guest bloggers and anyone who is temporarily working with a website. A person who is able to write, edit and manage their own posts but can’t publish them.

24. Protected From Spam and Malicious Behavior

WordPress not only has a powerful security that can fend off brute force login attempts but can also block spam and protect the site from hackers and malware. It can also block spammy comments and protect you from any other kind of harmful behavior. Hacking and spam happens quite often on open source websites, which is why WordPress has great security right out of the box.

25. Offers Many App Integrations

Integrating apps like SoundCloud, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is an easy and straight forward process for all WordPress websites.

You can also add plugins for contact forms and email marketing to make collecting information and communicating with your customers a whole lot easier.

The End

As you see there are too many reasons why you should consider using WordPress for your website. There are also cases when you should not use WordPress, but there are far more reasons why you should choose this CMS for your website.


David Cross

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