10 reasons to build wordpress website

If you are planning to build a website, but have no experience yet, or you have been building websites but never used WordPress before, here are ten reasons that will spur you choose WordPress for creating your next project.

Here is the list of 10 reasons that I will describe in this article:

  • Free to download and use
  • No programming skills needed
  • Build any type of website
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Extend functionality with ease
  • Constant improvement and updates
  • Out of the box search engine friendly
  • Responsive and ready for mobile
  • Great and helpful community
  • Top websites are also using it

WordPress is a Free Software

You might say that free stuff usually don’t worth considering, especially if you want to build something professional, in this case a website. There might be cases when choosing a free service or software is a bad decision, but not in this case.

WordPress is a great software and it is free because it is Open Source. This means that its code is publicly available, and can be modified as per user preferences. The WordPress core has been developed since 2004 by thousands of skilled programmers, contributors and volunteers. This type of software development is more efficient and reliable than a software developed by a company (where only couple programmers will have access to the code).

Using a free software such as WordPress, can save you a significant amount of cost, while most commercial content management or website builders are expensive and limited. You can download WordPress for free at wordpress.org/download/

No Need to Know any Programming Language

WordPress is easy to use, anyone who has some basic IT knowledge (working with a computer, creating a text file or Word document, working with emails, etc.) can use WordPress. You don’t need to have any experience with coding or designing.

It might help, though, in customizing the software if you know PHP and HTML, CSS, however these are not required for setting up your website and creating pages. There are many pre-built components for WordPress, such as themes and plugins that can be installed with one-click to your current WordPress site. With the help of the pre-made themes and plugins you can basically built any type of website.

Make any Type of Website with WordPress

Initially, WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg, to serve as a blogging platform. Over the years, with the involvement of many great contributors, WordPress has become a highly versatile software, serving over 75 million websites worldwide (at time of writing), including membership sites, online shopping sites, social media and auction sites, business and news sites, blogs, directories and more.

For instance with the use of WooCommerce plugin, it is possible to build a fully functional ecommerce website. The good thing about this plugin is that many websites are already using it, so it is reliable and it is also free to use. So basically it is possible to build an online shop with absolutely free, only have to pay for web hosting.

Unlimited Customization Option

thousands free wordpress themes

Using a free software that is used by millions of other websites might make you think that you will have a website that will look similar to others. Probably you want to avoid having the same design, especially if you want to stand out online as well.

The good thing is that on the official WordPress website there are over 2,000 free themes available, and thousands of premium themes on different marketplaces and theme designer websites. For instance on ThemeForest, there are almost 6,000 premium WordPress themes for sale priced $30-$70 each.

Most of the themes come with customization options, so it is easy to change colors, backgrounds, layouts, font styles to fit your business needs. By changing a theme for your preferences and uploading your own unique logo and images, will make your website unique and stand out from the others.

These themes are usually built as anyone can customize them without the need to know any coding or have prior experience with WordPress.

Easily Extend Website’s Functionality

The standard WordPress installation allows you to create pages, upload media files, create custom layouts, categorize your content etc. These are standard features that might be available with other content management system. To extend the core functionality of WordPress, you can install plugins.

Just like with themes, plugins can also be installed with one-click. On the official WordPress website, there are over 40 thousand plugins for free download, and thousands of commercial plugins on different websites all over the web.

With the help of these plugins you can easily add a contact form, insert a Google map on your site, add slideshow or image gallery, create a shop, directory or a forum, and a lot more. So if you are planning to build a website that needs some advanced functionality, first, take a look to the plugins directory, most likely you will find a plugin that has that special function.

Regular Updated and Improvement

Abandoned software are the nightmare of each developer. Building a website with an outdated system will not only lead to errors but will also increase the risk of getting hacked. Using WordPress to build websites you can easily avoid this problem. The core developer team of WordPress releases new updates every month, fixing all kind of problems such as security bugs, speed problems, etc. Beside this, they also pay much attention to the community feedback and implement new features that are very often asked by the users.

WordPress sites are highly targeted by hackers, but keeping the system updated will help you secure the website. The update process is extremely simple: when a new update is available, you will get notified in the WP admin area, where with a press of a button your system will automatically update. Still no programming is involved.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

Getting traffic to your website is one of the most important factors of a successful online business. Making your website search engine friendly will help a lot to rank in Google and other search engines. WordPress was built with this concept, so it is SEF out of the box.

With the activation of search engine friendly URLs in the WP admin panel you can easily turn any WordPress site to be indexed easily by Google. You can also easily set meta data for images as well for articles.

With the help of Yoast or other SEO plugin, you can optimize the pages for the keywords you choose, creating a friendly and well optimized website without the need to know much SEO.

Responsive and Mobile Ready

According to a report found on Cisco, the global mobile traffic have grown by 69% in 2014. The company also estimates that by 2019 the globally 54% of all connections will be smart devices. What does this means to website owners? It simply means, that more and more website visitors and potential customers who come to your website will be browsing on a smart phone or a table.

Having a website design that is ready for mobile and changes its layout to be easily accessed from any device is a huge advantage. WordPress is built to be responsive. Here and there you might find themes that where built back in the days that are not responsive, however all new themes are 100% ready for mobile. Beside this, the control panel of WordPress is also mobile friendly. So updating your website from any smart device will be easy.

Strong and Helpful Community

Getting help from experienced user is better than figuring out everything by your own. If you want to learn WordPress, there are thousands of resources, blogs and websites that have lots of great tutorials and guides for both beginners and expert users.

You can also ask for help on the official community forum on WordPress.org, where usually you will get an answer in less than an hour. Before you ask any question, you should first browse to the forum, while probably you will find posts of other users facing the same problems as you.

Browsing through our blog, you will find many articles that relates on how to use and build a website with WordPress.

Top Websites also rely on WordPress

best websites using wordpress

If you are not convinced yet, just check out few of the top websites that where built with WordPress. News websites such as Forbes, CNN or The New York Times, or Fortune 500 companies such as eBay, Sony, BestBuy or UPS are using WordPress.

Wrapping it all up!

So, these are only 10 reasons to consider WordPress for building your personal or business website. WordPress is easy to use and does not require and programming skills to create a website with. Many web hosting providers including BlueHost or InMotion hosting offers one-click WordPress installation software. This means, that setting up your website with WordPress from the start to the end takes only several clicks and a bit of time.

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