Pinterest Marketing – All About Boards, Pins & Images

So far, we have covered certain sections of Pinterest, and left off at creating new boards. This is why this would be a perfect place to continue from last time.

How to create a new Pinterest board

Creating new Pinterest boards is actually really easy. All you need to do is to log in, go to your profile and click on the “Create Board” button to get started. After that, you will have to fill out the dialog box, but this should not be too difficult of a task. You need a fitting name for your board, as well as a suitable description.

If you want to keep it to yourself, you need not bother too much, but for public stuff you might want to invest some time and resources into this step. For one, your description needs to be just long enough: too short and you’ll seem like a pushover, plus it won’t clarify anything. Too long and you’ll bore people away. If you can make it catchy and interesting, go for it. No harm there, right? And make sure to pick the right category.

If you want to make a secret category, this is where you do it – no way to convert a public board back into the secret one, so keep this in mind. Also, if you wish to involve any collaborators, this is where you would add them. After all of this is done, just click on the “Create” button and you’re set.

How to edit a board

Once created, boards are not exactly set in stone or anything like that. In fact, many of them can be edited just fine, provided you know how. If not, pay attention: Under the board in your profile section, there is the “Edit” button. Alternatively, you can use the “Edit Board” button on the board itself, like we usually do. This will enable you to make the changes on the spot.

How to add a new board

You can also add a new board from your profile by clicking on your name, then “Create a board” box and then you need to pick the name and category for your board. Boards can be designated as group or secret here. After you are done, click on the “Create Board” button and you are set.

Alternatively, you can add a board while pinning, by clicking on the “Pin It” option on the pin you want to save, and then click on the “Create a Board” button. After that, you enter all the important stuff, like name category, whether you wish the new board to be secret or available to a group of users etc. After you are done, click on the “Create Board” button and it will be done.

How to optimize a Pinterest board

What many users are not aware of is that they can actually optimize their Pinterest boards. They can do all sorts of things: they can type out all sorts of information, or pin images of high quality in order to make things more aesthetically pleasing to their followers. Also, group boards are not getting the attention they deserve, as many people simply forget that they are even a possibility.

If you cannot make your own boards, you can simply join up with other people. Alternatively, “secret boards” can be a lifesaver for those things you do not want others to know about – or at least not until you are ready. Stuff on your board can be rearranged by left-clicking on it and dragging the mouse around while the left mouse button is still being held down. After you position whatever you are trying to move, release the left mouse button and it should remain where you left it. This also includes pins themselves.

How to make a secret board

Making a secret board is not nearly as tricky as it might seem. For one, you need to log in, go to your profile and click on the “Create a Board” button. This should get you the menu that is identical to the regular one – mostly because it is the regular one. The only difference between creating a regular board and a secret one is that a secret one has to be marked as such as it is being created. Otherwise, you need to name it, describe it and pick a category same as with other boards.

If you have any collaborators you want involved, do so now and after you are done simply click on the “Create” button. You have created a board that is visible to your chosen collaborators, yourself and hopefully nobody else – until you make it public. Keep in mind, though, that once this is done you cannot make it secret again. All you need to do to make a secret board visible to your followers is to edit it and move the slider button into the right position in the “secret” section.

Pinnable Websites

In case you did not know, you can actually link sites with Pinterest. This means you can bookmark stuff with your Pinterest browser and pin them so you can access them at a later date. However, not all websites are pinnable, so keep this in mind. Most people pin images from other sites, but there is a certain limit. Usually, Pinterest does not support images that are smaller than 100 x 200px.

How to pin an image

Pinning an image is not exactly rocket science, but if you are not comfortable exploring this process by yourself, here is how it is done.

First, you need to find a picture on a site that is Pinnable, and click on the Pin It button in your Pinterest browser. This should pull up an image that you can pin. You need to select the one you wish to pin on your board and click on the “Pin It” button again. This should bring up another dialog box complete with all your existing boards. This is where you choose the board you wish to pin the picture on, as well as type out any fitting description. After the process is over, the picture should be pinned on the board you have selected.

How to edit a pin

Boards are not the only thing on Pinterest that can be edited. Pins are there, too. The first thing you need to do is locate the board that contains the pin you wish to edit. Once you have located the board and the pin in question, simply click on the pin to make it bigger. This should also enable you to see relevant information about your pin. You will be able to see the description, the date when you pinned it and other things. To the right, there are even suggestions made by Pinterest concerning the board where it is pinned, but this is not what you seek.

Simply click on the “Edit” button and you will be able to change any number of things regarding your pin. If you have changed your mind about the description that you have written, this is where you can alter it or enter a new one that is more fitting, according to your tastes. Alternatively, if you have changed your mind regarding the Pinterest board where your pin is located and think it and its description are needed elsewhere, this too can be changed in the edit section. In fact, you can edit just about anything about your pins out here, before placing them in the appropriate locations of your choice.


Until this point, we have given a lot of thought to the usage of social networks as advertising tools that are fit for a small business in the new millennium. After all, those glamorous marketing agencies of all, like we see on TV shows are a thing of the past. Nowadays, if a business owner wishes to get in touch with their consumers, they are going to have to make the effort and do so on their own, using different means compared to newspaper ads, commercials and old bill boards.

Now the social networks are the battleground where business are made and unmade. Those who are willing and able to harness the power of this new instrument will reach their customer base, and if they are good enough at what they do, they just might even prosper. The others, however, will not be so lucky. Even if you are the best in your business branch, it will not matter if your clients cannot reach you and pay for your goods and services.

Pinterest offers a perfect solution as it is specifically made to cater to new business ideas and small business owners who are looking to generate more traffic on their websites, blogs etc. Furthermore, it gives them a perfect starting point for their original customer base, which will later expand on its own. However, they need to learn as much as possible about Pinterest and all it has to offer before they can learn how to use it effectively in their marketing scheme.

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