How to Personalize Your eCommerce Website & Build Trust with Your Customers?

The most effective technique in gaining popularity and trust as a brand is to get closer to your customers. Shops and big brands have been doing this for decades by giving away products to lucky customers, new ones or to people buying for a certain amount of money, having unexpected sales, offering vouchers for written reviews, offering bundles and many others. This went further when shopping by phone from a catalog and online stores became popular.

Ecommerce websites had a massive disadvantage by being far from the client. The possibility of making everything more comfortable, by allowing people to order from home and have merchandise delivered to their door has its many perquisites, but also weak points. The fact that the online stores imply no actual interactions between the clienteles and the salespersons, leaves the buyer not necessarily free to buy whatever they want, but actually quite misguided.

Without a real person to convince them about the benefits of the product, there is a high chance for the potential customer to empty their virtual basket, leaving the website without buying anything or even cancelling an order. This can occur especially if the description is poorly written and gives little to no information, not managing to persuade the visitor.

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Build Trust & Credibility With Your Customers

The issue with the lack of interaction between buyer and seller was slightly solved with friendlier product descriptions and online chats. Be it directly on the online shop or on a social network, clients can now communicate with someone from the team or with the merchant himself. This way they can have their questions answered and doubts cleared, while the site enjoys good reviews and sales, gaining more popularity and profit.

However, with the large number of online stores offering customer support and amazing sale, it is quite a tight tie between merchants and it is difficult to make a difference anymore and dive further in sales. Though, there are some tricks of over passing these problems. There are other eCommerce problems you want to avoid, that we presented in one of our other articles.

Do you want to discover some of the ways you can add a personal touch to your online store in order to become more popular and loved by customers? Check out these 7 techniques and you might actually learn something useful.

Present the Production Process in General

Some online stores satisfy their possible clients’ curiosity by having an introductory video or at least a section with text, photos and graphics dedicated to the entire process of producing an item, packing it and sending it.

The presentation can begin with the team receiving an order. Then it could include short videos or photos of how a t-shirt has the funny message or image printed on it, how the homemade fragrance has its essences added in a pretty bottle and box, how a statue is being molded and polished or many other items. Later, the video, text, graphic or photos should focus on the process of packing the item. In case the store has return and resale policy, this should also be mentioned if and how it affects the price. Finally, a short glimpse at the transportation of the goods is necessary in order to convince the watcher that their porcelain statues are unlikely to be broken on the way to their home.

This glimpse at the insides of your business, as well as some mentioning of legal bills and insurance, make you and your business trustworthy and even more popular among buyers.

Show Details of the Production Process

If the presentation mentioned at No. 1 should pop either when accessing the website or put in a special tab along the website’s description and frequently asked questions, the presentations of the actual item production process should be on every or at least most item’s pages.

Ignoring the other aspects, the video or images should focus only on how the seller creates what they sell. Therefore, the t-shirt with the funny message or image printed on it should not be shown only when being printed. Illustrate how the t-shirt was sewn or chosen. Focus on details about material and how it should be washed and ironed. The image, logo or message should also have its special time in the video. Show how you write or design (or mention the place from where you took the photos and logo) and then how you print it on the cloth. Again, mention what materials you use.

The same process applies to homemade fragrances and statues. Instead of just pointing out the mixing and packing of the perfume, show how you work with the essences, say from where you purchased them or how you made them. Also, show your inspiration for the statue (maybe a sketch), mention what type of clay or other material you use, how much it is left inside the kiln, what you used when painting or polishing it and eventually how the one purchasing it should take care of it.

Of course, not everything enumerated must be filmed or photographed, but what you consider necessary. Just keep in mind that people like being made part of the process and understanding how much work is behind the object they are about to spend money on.

Share Your True Story

People like sticking their noses and find out as much information as possible about anyone. Your face on a page or your hands working is not enough for some people. If you have a story worth reading and even if not, just write at least a paragraph on what made you start this business. What are your reasons for making and selling these products? What made you open an online store instead of working in an office? Is there only one person dealing with all the hard work and that explains why it takes quite some time to receive the order and why the shipping is so expensive?

So many questions you can anticipate. Just write of your time in college. Write about how making and selling seashell jewelry paid for your meals for four years and now it pays for your taxes. It is your online store! It is your decision to share personal information, but otherwise, there is no reason why you should not win some hearts and popularity with your path towards success.

Bonus: some customers might contact you or leave reviews in which they say how life changing your product is. Make them public and available to visitors to persuade them to give you a chance.

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Show Your Affection – Give Something Back!

It would not hurt anyone adding an ad on your website or sharing interesting stories or donation links on your site’s Facebook page. This shows your affectionate side and that your interests do not include only making profit. Proving that you care about others and about important causes breaks once more the barrier between visitors and clienteles, and the merchant. You are not just the face behind an online business, but you are an actual human being. And this strengthens the bond between your clients and you. Even discussing the topic in comments might draw other people into discussion and later checking your merchandise out.

However, do this considering who and how your visitors are like. Politics are no and also religion. Instead of getting sympathy for both the shared story and you, you might get a bad reputation.

Share Your Accomplishments & Failures

Again, focus on the human aspect of your business. You have a baby, you managed to finish college, or you had that expensive surgery that pushed you to start the business in the first place. Let people know some of these things. Let them know again, that you are not a greedy corporation, but someone doing this lead by passion. Point out that you could have not managed this entirely on your own, but only with their help and support.

In case there are more employees, pointing out their accomplishments is also good publicity. It shows evolution and a healthy work environment, which allows people to focus on personal things too and that you are a team.

Be Fun & Creative

Make use of holidays! Not only with promotions and sales, because that would look desperate. It is Halloween – add some bats on your banner, change the colors of your theme in black and orange, add a pumpkin to your logo and make the products relevant to the holiday stand out on the first page or add a special tag for them. It is Christmas – snow falling on your page, a random Santa flying with his sleight from time to time or some snowflakes or Christmas balls playing Christmas tunes when the cursor touches them. Add some pranks for April’s Fool’s Day, organize an online egg hunt for Easter, make an advent calendar, but for Valentine’s Day. You can make use of so many things.

Also, if the team is bigger, you can post some of your team picnic photos or you getting together as pals, not only coworkers.

Create Interesting & Useful Content

Advertising can be often too pushed down people’s throats and it can get annoying, leading to people blocking the ads and you wasting money in vain. Instead, do what so many others do. Share your content! Make social network accounts to target more people and start sharing your website’s items. Let people on Instagram know that you have the best homemade sweaters and that they can personalize it at request. Let people on Facebook know that you are responsible for creating the most innovative toys for children with special needs. Let people on Twitter see the great gadgets you invented. Let people see you though your work!

People will start asking questions by leaving comments and you can engage with them, gaining sympathy and proving that you are a professional. Between your stuff and self-promotion, you can also share other people’s items and do some promo for promo. Alternatively, you can share some DYI videos that helped you or eventually ask your followers if you should add this as new manufactured goods in your store. Just keep your page active and keep reminding everyone that you are there and you have amazing products.


Following the above mentioned tips you will be able to get closer to your customers, build trust and credibility. Now you know that adding a personal touch to your online store is important so go ahead, gather your team and make a plan on how to personalize your ecommerce site. If you don’t have an online store yet, I recommend reading our guide on how to start one.


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