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Marketing has become such a diversified field today. Inbound campaign, traditional advertising, guerilla marketing – there are so many possibilities to choose among. If you’re making your first steps in the world of marketing, however, you probably know that finding the right niche is incredibly important (regardless of the channel chosen).

Niche marketing helps for the generation of qualified leads. Finding the right niche is essential but that’s far from an easy task. Doing research, being a bit business-savvy and understanding the specifics of the respective niche will all be of key importance.

1. Use Keywords

Carrying out an online search makes it easy to pinpoint what people are interested in and what traffic volume you could expect.

There are dozens of keyword tools you can use for the purpose. The Google Adwords keyword planner ranks among the most popular.

Through the use of such a tool, you can assess the traffic volume for a certain topic of interest. Also, you can find out whether the competition is severe. Keywords that are in high demand indicate a niche that’s too competitive. A newbie will find it difficult to get established there.

Instead, you may want to opt for something a bit more specific that features less competition. A highly specific niche comes with the added benefit of a crowd that has a particular interest in the topic. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Focus, Focus, Focus

Effective campaigns have focus. You need a pretty good idea about what you’re going to sell, how it will appeal to the effective crowd and what it will take to get the message across.

Making a campaign focused and specific is one of the primary concerns of successful marketers. In order to accomplish the goal, you’ll need to attempt the following:

  • Understand your target audience
  • See what the competition is doing and how it’s addressing prospects
  • Make a list of the things that you do best, the things that make you different from everybody else
  • Identify the strongest, most important selling point
  • Come up with a customer persona – knowing who you’re talking to will make it much easier to get the message across

3. Choose a Niche That You’re Interested in

Niche marketing is all about profitability but in order to make the most of it, you have to choose a niche that you’re interested in.

Being passionate and knowledgeable about the topic will make your message organic and exciting. It’s all about coming across as an authority, someone who’s genuine and well-informed. A highly profitable niche may not be the right one for you, if you approach the possibility with uncertainty.

4. Look for Inspiration

As already mentioned, doing research is imperative.

Once you have some idea about niches that you’re potentially interested in, it will be time to test their potential. Luckily, there’s a ton of online information that you can rely on to figure out whether the idea is a good one.

Visit Amazon and look for the best-selling products. From there, you can access different product categories and see whether people have an interest in those.

Just like in the case of doing keyword research, it’s important to pinpoint red-hot niches that don’t feature a ton of competition. Otherwise, you’ll have an incredibly hard time getting established there.

5. Go on Social Media

Find out what’s trending on social media for some more niche ideas. Such websites give you access to tons of useful information. You can easily identify the hot topics of the day and rely on this information to make your marketing campaign sharper.

Go to your Twitter account and look at the trends column in the left column. There, you’ll see some of the hottest hashtags. You can tweak the trending hashtags on the basis of your interests. Set a general theme and you’ll get specific suggestions.

6. Experiment with Writing Styles

Finding your niche is also about identifying the most effective way to communicate with prospects.

Memes, insider jokes and certain writing styles will help you establish an emotional connection with the people that will potentially become your customers. This is why copywriting is one of the essentials that marketers have to market.

If you’re new to the world of copywriting, consider getting professional services. Working with some of the Topaussie writers, for example, can give your campaign the flying start that it deserves.

7. Develop a Killer Niche Site

Every marketing campaign needs a niche site as its anchor. This is another aspect you should consider investing money on. A high quality website sets you apart from the competition and shows your audience that you’re serious.

8. Always Offer a Solution to a Problem

While finding a great niche is the absolute essential for marketing success, you’ll also need a clear definition of how the product you’re offering is solving a problem that the prospect has.

Successful marketing is all about addressing an existing need or creating a new one (the second being much more challenging). When defining a solution for a problem that your audience has, it’s very important to make the proposition unique. Competition research will be the key to making sure that what you have to offer is one of a kind.

9. Invest in Advertising

Can’t find a niche market that doesn’t feature intense competition? If so, you’ll probably have to invest some money in ads.

Paid campaigns carried out on Facebook or Google, for example, will make it easier for you to surpass the organic popularity of competitors. In addition, such campaigns happen to be budget-friendly and perfect for startups.

10. Analyze Results

Tweaking your niche is an ongoing process.

Carry out a campaign and dedicate some time to analyzing the results. Online marketing gives you dozens of tools that you can rely on to figure out whether you’ve reached the right crowd and if your message has been effective.

Such promotional campaigns can also be adjusted to become more targeted and specific. Tweak the message, the channels that you use and the unique selling point. Experimenting with different strategies will make it possible for you to identify the strongest niche and focus your efforts within it in the future.

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